Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Got up this morning and did the rush for work and getting the kids out the door. Took Sarah her birthday cupcakes which were a hit with everyone of course! Our server was down at work so there was pretty much nothing we could do today except get on the internet and email. Hopefully they will get the problem resolved so we can actually do something except busy work tomorrow. If not I can see a short day because I don't want to hang around for nothing.

We went to La Mornita's for lunch today. Carmen C., Maria, Julie A. Sarah and I. We had a nice lunch although the waitress wasn't so nice when we asked her to split up the check. Ended up taking the cash that a couple people had and putting the rest on my card. What a PITA! I need to remember to get cash when we are going to be doing things like that.

Picked up Tony on the way home to play with Trevor. I was so exhausted after work today! I came home and put the turkey I had defrosted in the oven, layed down and took a nap. Or at least I tried to! I think every time I fell asleep it lasted about 5 minutes then I'd have to get up and take care of someone or something. Finally got up around 5. I made some coffee and did some of the dishes. Made up a generic Turkey dinner and made more dishes of course! Dinner turned out pretty yummy!! Of course now that it's 11:45 I'm thinking it wasn't such a good idea to have 2 cups of coffee with dinner. I put all the food away and boiled the turkey bones in an attempt to make soup. Finally got it all taken care of and put away and washed up the quizillion dishes. Going to add some stuff to it tomorrow to get it finished up.

Let out the stupid dogs to go potty. Had the little dog on the leash. She saw the cat and woosh pulled the leash right out of my hand and took off running. Of course Tabbie went with her. Little dog came back after not too long but Tabbie finally came back about an hour later. I think I remember why I don't like dogs so much! At least I didn't have to go out and chase her and she did eventually come back. She's still panting from running around out there.

Trevor's asleep in the recliner. He's coughing so probaby not going to be sleeping too well. Hopefully he'll be ok tomorrow.Pin It

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