Monday, November 26, 2007

another day another failure!

So this morning I told myself, ok you need to stop eating crap. Made it until I dropped Trevor off then it was one hit after another of crap crap crap!!

First I went through the drive thru for some breakfast.
Then Gardettos at a gas station when Sarah and I went on field checks.
Followed by a non light Starbucks mocha at Hilmar Cheese.
Soup for lunch with some crackers.
Some wafer cookies while dinner was cooking.
Ice cream.

Sheesh and I wonder why I'm getting fatter!! Really I do know why. But why can't I stop??? Is it just not having will power or just not being prepared? I know the breakfast thing was because I didn't make myself anything in the morning before I left. I should go back to doing the oatmeal thing at work, that was working well. But then that's carbs and I should probably try to do protein in the morning until I can get myself under control again.


Tomorrow is Sarah's birthday. Picked up a Starbucks gift card and made her some cupcakes for her birthday celebration at work tomorrow. Nice that she is the same age as me for a few months :O)Pin It

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