Friday, November 23, 2007

So Thanksgiving was fun. Went over to my brother's house. Mom actually did all or most of the cooking, she just did it at their house. It was my SIL, her Mom, Dad and 2 brothers, which sheesh those kids sure did grow up since last time I saw them. They went from nice looking boys to thug looking teenagers. Mom, Step Dad, other Brother and his Girlfriend, and the 5 of us.

Food was great of course, had a few drinks. SIL's family left right after dinner. We sat around talking and SIL's 2 friends came over. They crack me up! We left a little after 9. DH wasn't feeling well and was ready to go home.

After we got home I went to bed since I had plans to get up early and go shopping. I slept for about an hour and then had a raging stomach ache. Finally gave up on trying to sleep and just got up and looked at the internet and sales papers for awhile until it was time to go.

I was a little early to pick up my friend so I went through a drive thru for Starbucks. I went to pay and OMG no ATM card. Did a slight freak out and then remembered that I had used it at our little corner store 2 days before and figured they didn't give it back to me. I called the bank to make sure I didn't have any huge charges and then tried not to think about it anymore! So I had to use my CC to do my shopping (although I was a good girl and already paid what I charged today off my bill!)

Had a great time shopping with my friend Heather but I wish I had been more organized. Next year we'll be the expert Black Friday shoppers!Pin It

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