Saturday, January 30, 2010

Leap Year

Two of my friends and I went out to lunch today and then to the movies. We saw Leap Year. It was pretty dumb. The guy wasn't even very cute and what's up with the scruff on the neck??

Ewww totally grosses me out. 

My friend actually made gagging noises at the end when they.. oh guess that would be a spoiler. Anyhow, wait for the Redbox! Don't waste your money!

Although the scenery was BEAUTIFUL! 
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey batter batter

Trevor had his first baseball "meeting" today. It was at 4:00. I'm always amazed when people have meetings at times like that and expect parents to show up. We live in a community that is more "bedroom" than not. Most parents have at least one if not two working "over the hill". (Ours included) We're lucky if he's home by 6:30 most days. Usually it's much later than that.

We made it to the meeting in plenty of time, sans dad. The guy that is coaching the team is a farmer/rancher. I think the only thing they probably farm now is housing developments but they have a NICE spread for their shop, complete with their own little baseball field. It should be great for practices with out outside distractions and a BATHROOM right there. What a plus.

Yes, amazingly we've done softball practices at parks without bathrooms! When Melissa was playing a few years ago they practiced at a park that didn't have any bathrooms and the closest open fast food & gas station was about a 5 minute drive down the road. More than once I had Trevor peeing in the bushes! I'm sure the local homeowners loved that. But seriously, a park without a bathroom is like a movie theater without popcorn.

Anyhow. It was fun checking out the other parents. I'm pretty sure I've picked out the "asshole dad" and the "uptight mom" or 2 or 3.  We'll see how it goes! It should be interesting! This is his first year playing. My nephew who is the same age will be playing his 4th year! Crazy. My boy is a little less coordinated though. I think he got that from me. My mom still says she is missing corners in her house from me running into them all the time!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday!

If Mondays can be happy. They used to be really happy for me back when everyone was going to work and school and I had the house to myself. Now, not so much! My little kids have the day off of school today. They are having a teachers inservice day. They sent the kids all home with a small packet of work to do on their day off. I guess I'll be forcing them to start finish that tonight.

So we had a pretty good weekend. Friday night Jess went to the movies with her "friend". The same "friend" that she assured me that was just like her "girlfriend" and there was no reason I shouldn't let her go to his house a few weekends ago (to spend the day) when his parents weren't home. She went to see Avatar, which I already saw. I asked her how the movie was and she couldn't tell me much about it. Yeah "friend" indeed! Mommy is not as dumb as you think she is.

While I was waiting to get the pick up call a friend called me up and asked me to go hang out at the bar with her. So I went down and had a drink and visited. There sure are some WEIRD people out there. Just add some booze and you can see how REALLY WEIRD they are. This guy started rubbing my hair. ICK so gross. Really wanted to just sock him in the gut! Nasty drunk old man.

Saturday Scott and I went to a wedding for a guy that he used to work with. I actually wore heels! I can't remember the last time I dressed up to go anywhere. I think it MIGHT have been when my baby brother got married the first time, which was at least 4 years or so ago. The wedding was nice but I didn't really know anyone there. We still had a nice time visiting with some of the people at our table. Before they got smashingly drunk.

Yesterday I just worked on bookmarks and laundry. Not too exciting!Pin It

Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't roller skate in the living room

So when you are roller skating in the house,
and you fall down and hurt your arm this is what happens.

And mommy's wallet?
It's about empty.
I had to pay my % that the insurance doesn't pay up front for an x ray.
After she got the cast they made the appointment for next week
and told me that she needs to get another x ray.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stormy Mess

It's been storming like crazy here!

Yesterday I got to work and the computer system was down. It was down all day! Luckily? we had something we could work on. We all sat around a table and worked on the project and chatted. It was kind of fun actually!

At lunch time the rain and wind had stopped and a co-worker asked me if I wanted to go for a walk with her real quick so we went out and ended up doing a little running too. Glad I wore my tennis shoes to work.

After work I went home and made the one pot pasta beef skillet. It was ok. My oldest said it tasted like hamburger helper. I used mild salsa, I think it would have been better with a little bit hotter salsa in it. I also made a green salad. Melissa and Trevor were fighting over cutting stuff up for it. I swear my kids fight about the dumbest crap!

After dinner Melissa was playing in the house with her roller blades on and fell right on her wrist. It's still really hurting her today so I think we are going to have to go in and get it checked out. Sucks.Pin It

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My attempt to be a good wife and mother

I've been so bad about cooking again lately!
So I decided I needed to plan a week of meals and you know my favorite way to do that.

I went last night with my shopping list that you can make right on their site
(can you get any easier??
maybe if they did the shopping for you too
 and delivered it!).

Here is what we are going to have this week:

Last night we had Quick Taco Salad.
I added some
and olives.

It was pretty yummy and my kids were excited to see chips on the dinner table.

Here's what I have for the rest of the week

Mini Pizzas (need to make these quick before everyone eats the english muffins!)

Wish me luck!! I also bought a bunch of soup for lunches.
Hopefully I will cut down on how much money we spend on fast food this week.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010


I've been in puppy bliss the last few days
seriously, does it get any cuter??

well maybe a new born baby.


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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meet Rusty!!

I went to another animal shelter yesterday. They had about 5 German Shepard pups on their website around lunch time. By the time I got off work a few hours later one was already gone! I went down right after work and adopted this adorable little guy!

His name WAS Comet but we've changed it to Rusty. He's 2 months old and so stinking cute!! He slept almost all the way home but as soon as he saw the kids he was so excited. They just love him.

(I still really need to get a new camera obviously!) He's a little wiggle worm so he's just a blur most of the time lol. After the kids went to bed he climbed up next to me and crashed out!

So stinking cute!! Of course when I was ready to go to bed he was all ready to play. I put him in the bathroom and put up a baby gate (which by the way is the worlds most stupid baby gate ever and I will be taking it back!). He cried for about 15 minutes or so and then gave up and went to sleep. He didn't cry again until the man left for work. The kids all didn't want to go to school today.

The cats on the other hand, aren't quite sure what to think about all this!

Sorry for the mess in the picture, my room is the catch all!
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pound Puppies

So since we were all bummed yesterday we went over to the animal shelter to see the ONE German Shepard Puppy they have there. It was the first time I've ever been there. It's REALLY small, but nice and clean and they were pretty friendly in the office. After we checked in we went to go check out the dogs and puppies. You start off in the cat room, which of course most of them are like PICK ME PICK ME!!! They also had a rabbit and some finches, which is kind of funny since that is my step mom loves and raises. I need to call her and tell her they were there!

So then it was onto the dogs and puppies. Here is the one that we went to look at.  She's 3 months old? or so I think. Super cute!  Love the big floppy ears. She's obviously some kind of mix. She's not available until Thursday at noon. Who ever shows up gets her and if more than one person they draw a name out of a hat and that person gets here. Wish you could just put your name on a list! Trying to decide if I should take the day off work to go?

Trevor was in love with this puppy. It's a Pitt Bull though and I can't get past the "bad rap" even though I know it would probably be fine. Super super cute and pretty little.

This one is about a year and a half old, if I wasn't so set on a puppy I'd settle for him, he was pretty cute!!

Look at these cute little ones!!  If I was in the market for a small dog! The white one was begging for us to take it home.

Rottie mix, so so cute. Very playful! It's a "teenager"

When we got there they had this one in the office taking pictures of it. It was rolling around all playful loving the attention. It's 7 years old so hopefully someone will adopt it.

There was a few more but I didn't get pictures of them. I spent a few hours last night looking at Craigslist again. I don't get the whole "flagging" thing that goes on there. People post puppies, people get pissed and flag them, person that got flagged gets mad and comes back and complains. It's all kind of dumb. Maybe they should just make a section for people that breed animals. Even though you should get your animals spayed and neutered (I always do), lets face it some people are always going to breed them or have one jump over the fence before they got their cute little girl in. The whole flagging game just seems silly to me.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well that sucks :(

Not getting the puppy now. The guy that flaked on them last week showed up so they gave him the puppy. My kids think I'm coming home with her. I'm sure it's going to be FUN when I get home telling my 6 year old that someone is an asshole and gave it away.Pin It

I'm so excited!!

I'm getting a puppy today after work!! Here's a not so great picture of her, she's 11 weeks and she's a German Shepard

Here's her mom

and her Dad

::sqeee:: so excited :)
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Holy Mother

F***er my legs freaking hurt!! I just went and did my little run/walk and OMG what the hell!??!! Isn't this supposed to be getting easier?? My calve cramped up so much I thought I was going to have to sit down but my daughter said she was going to go all "Jillian" on me if I did.  Amazingly that got me to at least keep walking. I had to walk through one run session because I could seriously hardly even get my foot up off the ground. And that was WITH some stretching.

Did I mention that both the girls went with me?? Jessica pretty much ran and walked with me but Melissa?? She freaking SKIPPED when it was time to run. I only bopped her once. Seriously, is it too much to ask to be 10 again?? Just for the exercise parts..

When we were almost done Jessica spied a neighbor boy (her age)  on his skateboard so she starts jogging again. He rides up to her and gives her a high five.


Me?? Barely walking wayyyy behind her.

Hello, My name is Julie and I'm a lard ass who can't run...Pin It

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Princess and The Frog

Wow I can't believe it's been so many days since I posted already! Guess I'll do a little recap since Wednesday.

Thursday, don't think we did anything other than work and then a trip to Costco. Have you had those little egg rolls from there? Trevor thinks they are THE BOMB and was rather upset when I told him he couldn't have a second sample. We ended up buying a box. It's Sunday and they were already gone yesterday so I think they liked them!

Oh and I went for another run/walk and did the week 2 day 1. I did ok other than the major calve pain again. I had to stop for a few minutes when it was over and do some stretching.

Friday after work I came home and fell asleep! How nice it was! Then I got up and got ready to go out to dinner with some people from work. They were having a little celebration for the gal that I share a desk area with. She passed this test thing and got some kind of license. I think it was an excuse to all go out :) We all met up at BJ's. That was the first time I've been there. It was SO crowded and even though they had got their really early it was about 2 hours before we got a table. Crazy!! Dinner was yummy though! It would be a good place to go NOT on a Friday night and NOT with 13 people and NOT at dinner time!

Saturday I slept until 11:00!! I was up for a little bit to help Scott get stuff ready to take Trevor for baseball evaluations, then went back to sleep. I woke up when they got home. I can't remember the last time I slept that long! I laid around in bed and Melissa was wanting to go to the movies so we went and saw The Princess and The Frog.

 It was pretty cute, although my teenager was busy flirting with one of the usher boys when she went for the popcorn refill. Ahh to be a teenager again lol.

When we got home I decided to go for my run/walk and Jessica wanted to go too. I had already asked Trevor if he wanted to ride his bike with me to burn off some of his extra energy. Next thing I knew everyone was going. Kind of nice to get everyone out of the house!

While I was running I was SO thirsty. My mouth was so dry I couldn't even swallow. It was kind of stressful! At one point I got a drink from a water valve thing along the lake and that helped quite a bit. I need to remember to get something to drink a bit before I go. Jessica did pretty good, she walked a little bit more than I did but then ran a bit more after I was done running. I did end up walking during one of the running sessions because it was when I found the water!

After we all got back and rested for a bit we decided to go get some Chinese food for dinner (I know not too healthy after all that!). We all ate at the table and after we were all done we decided to play a game. We settled on Yahtzee. We couldn't find any of the papers for it, but Jessica actually found one online and printed some out. Worked perfect! Isn't the internet amazing! Anything you want at the tips of your fingers.

We played two games before everyone got tired of it and by that time it was after nine anyways. It was a really nice family day. Today I need to work on the laundry. Blah.Pin It

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Run Run as Fast As you can..

Well I did it again today!! I actually made it around the lake and almost home before the program was over so I did the whole thing in 1/2 an hour!! I'm pretty impressed with myself!  Although about 1/2 way through I felt like someone had a vice grip on my calves. WTH is up with my calves hurting so much? That's really the only thing that is giving me trouble so far. Hopefully they will adjust and stop hurting so much.  It was actually quite a bit easier today even though I went farther. I didn't lay around moaning as much when I got home either hehe.

So I finished the Week 1 runs, there are 3 for the first week.

Week Workout 1

Brisk five-minute warmup walk.
Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and
90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

So since I'm going every other day I'm trying to decide if I should repeat a Week 1 or go onto a Week 2, which is

Brisk five-minute warmup walk.
Then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and
two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes

Hmm decisions decisons. I guess I'll decide on Friday when I see how I feel. I got some music uploaded to my phone finally so I did the run/walk with the music and the program on my phone. Pretty cool actually! The cues to walk/run go right through the music.

So I've decided that if I'm going to continue to run I need the following:

new sports bra
more tight fitting pants to run in
arm band thing for my iPhone (sticking it in my bra currently lol)
new running shoes

I think I'll give myself another week before I go out and spend money, unless for some reason we end up at the mall or a shoe store before then.
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The Biggest Loser, My opinions, because you know they count!!

So did you all watch the new season premier of The Biggest Loser?? I was in freaking TEARS right in the beginning when that poor lady was on the bike and having the stomach cramp and everyone was crying and they were tearing her off the bike. Ugh I just felt SO bad for her. And then to see that father-daughter team not make it too. SO SAD. These people get their hopes up that the show is going to totally change their life and then they aren't even on campus for a whole night and they send the home. I think it's so not fair. I was hoping they would wisk them away to a secluded area with their own personal one on one trainers or something.

Is it just me or do the pink team look so much like Helen and her daughter from a couple seasons ago??? I think they should retire the pink shirts! Come up with a new color like lavender or something. Oh and while I'm on the colors, NO ONE should have to be white.

So what did you all think about the twins? I was like, sheesh it's so early in the show and neither one of them even show a personality. I'm glad the one guy is successful at home though! I'm sure they are going to totally look like new people by the end of the show. And maybe shave their necks. ICK that was gross.

When we were watching the show last night I told the man that I figure if someone that weighs 500 pounds can work out like that I think I can push through this running thing. He actually said he'd try it with me!! I'm hoping he'll stick to what he said. He desperately needs to change his eating habits and get some exercise. Not that I'm a saint at all, way way far from it but I worry about his health.Pin It

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The most AMAZING thing has happened!

You're not going to BELIEVE it!!

I can hardly believe it MYSELF!!

Are you ready??

Ok here goes!

I haven't had ANY pimples on my face for


It's a freaking MIRACLE

Finding some wood to knock on  rub my face on!!

Guess that round of antibiodics did a little bit more than help stop my coughing!
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Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm definitly on the couch end of the c25k

Zup Peeps?!?!? First I bring you the cutest little punk

And here's my "pots" ($7 each at Target-course it cost a bit more for the plants!)

I went to work (on time today since the kids are back in school!) and put in my time then it was home, then back out again to get ink for the printer so Jessica could do her homework. Finally paid for Jessica's driver's ed class online too. I think my parents had it easy! We did all our work on paper or the typewriter and went to the library and spent maybe .10 cents on copies. Drivers Ed was free at school!! I wish it was still like that here! Oh you can get the class for free, if you go for 0 period, which by the way there is no bus for.

Got back and went out and did my Couch 2 5K  for the day. Week 1 day 2. This time I didn't worry about the music and just did the program on my iPhone. It tells you when to walk and when to run.  This is this weeks:

Brisk five-minute warmup walk.
Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging
and 90 seconds of walking
for a total of 20 minutes.

Last time I didn't have it working right so I ran a bit and walked around the lake for a total of 40 minutes. This time?


I could barely move my legs by the time I got home!! And that was stopping and turning around when it told me I was at the half way mark. I'm thinking I got a much better work out in that 20 minutes than the 40 last time. I'm definitly seeing why they say only do it 3 days a week and only for the time they say so you don't hurt yourself and wear yourself out. So I'll skip tomorrow and do it again on Wednesday.

I've told a lot of people that I'm doing this now. People are asking me when and where I'm going to run my 5K. I guess that's a good thing so that I don't give up!! I'm planning on

The City of Dublin Shamrock 5K Fun Run and Walk on March 14, 2010

That is if I don't die first. I have a friend that lives close to there and she said she will run it with me. She's also a friend that takes boot camp classes and is a total gym rat so I better get in shape or she's going to have to drag me!

Don't forget the new Biggest Loser starts tomorrow! See you later :)
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bits and Pieces make a day

My Google Reader seems to be messed up. It's showing I have new blogs to read but I have to actually click on them on the left than on "show all". Annoying!! Hopefully I didn't mess something up.

So last night the man and I got in a blow out over a Scrabble game on Facebook. Stupid I know!! So I went for a walk and tried to do the Couch To 5K thing on my iPhone but I don't actually have any music on my phone and when I switched over to the Pandora App I have it kicked off the Couch thing. So I guess I need to actually put some music on my phone. We have several iPods on our computer so I'm kind of confused and worried I'm going to mess up one of the kids (Jessica's-she'll FREAK if I make her music disappear). Thinking I'll just download straight from my phone for awhile :)

So I went and walked-ran around one lake and it took me about 40 minutes. I only coughed for about half of it and thought I was going to have to amputate my right leg at the calf (calve?)  for a few minutes.  But I survived.  WOOT

Today I went to Home Depot and got some cute little daisy flowers, than Target where I found pots on sale! I got 2 cute clay pots for $7 each and they are a good size. I'll have to take a picture tomorrow. Tempted to go back and get some more. Then I ventured over to OSH where they didn't have much. I was really looking for a splash of color for the yard but just about the only thing out that is bright is cyclamen and they are $3 something each at Home Depot, which is the cheapest place I found. I'd need quite a few to make any kind of impact in the yard.

Picked up some Little Caesars on the way home for an early dinner.

Got home and finally had it out with the man. Whatever we are speaking again, although I will never play Scrabble with him again. Freaking sore loser!!

Got my pretty little flowers planted and my pots filled up!

Tomorrow it's back to the grind. I'm finally feeling better so I might actually get something done at work  without feeling like I'm dying all day. Kids go back to school so I have the washer going. Three weeks of being sick means lots of laundry!Pin It

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Surveying The Damage

I finally got some time to go out and work in the yard when it wasn't raining, freezing, or othewise craptastic weather. So many of my poor plants froze.

This was once a pretty hibiscus, I haven't pulled it out YET.
It's not mushy so I'm hoping that means it's not totally dead.

This geranium just had some sad looking leaves on it.
I cleaned it up and it looks ok now. I just love the verigated leaves on it!

There was a sage bush here, you can't really tell in the picture, I just cut it back since the bottom of it seemed like it wasn't all dead. I had 2 and they both look the same now.

There was a plumbago here, once again you can't really see it.
I pulled that one out.

After I got done surveying the damage I got to work and cleaned everything up. Cut back the alysum quite a bit and cut some other things back a bit. I spent the whole day out there and pretty much collapsed after I came in. My inner thighs are still screaming!

I think a trip to the flower shop is in order to bring back some color to the yard!
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Happy New Years!!

So did you all have a great night out with friends? Have a few cocktails? Stay home and play games with the kiddos? This year I THOUGHT we weren't going to do anything but my brother invited us over kind of last minute like. We had a quick dinner before we left to go over there, stopped at the store and spent $60 on booze and snacks and then headed over. We decided to spend the night before we even left to go over there so we were loaded down with blankets and pillows.

When we got over there the kids all played and us adults (my Mom & Dad,  2 Brothers, Niece aka Brother's Girl Friend and occassionally my SIL, oh and Jess) hung out outside on the patio. We just sat around and had drinks and talked. It's always fun hanging out with all of them!

My parents left around 11:30. SIL, my Brother and the baby brought in the new year like this

That is not staged, they really were sleeping like that! I guess the baby has an ear infection and is teething. I'm sure they are blaming me for the ear infection since I was sick and held her on Christmas. :( SIL wasn't too friendly. I'm hoping she was just tired.

Other than that the only picture I took was of Zoey, she was so cute the whole time we were there, I know she just loves the attention.

Trevor and Tony eventually crashed out on their little pull out foam couch things and the girls went to bed in one of the spare rooms. The rest of us finally limped off to bed around 3:30 am! I got the little bed and hubby slept on the floor. Surprisingly he didn't complain too much the next day. Probably because he was too hung over to tell what the pain was from!

I got up around 9 because I was so warm, I'm not used to that central heat and air stuff and our house temp is way cooler. Whenever I stay somewhere that has a heater running I wake up feeling  all stuffed up and claustrophobic. I went down stairs and everyone was still sleeping so I just quietly played on my phone until my niece came down. I mentioned coffee and the next thing I knew we were on our way to Starbucks. (my brother doesn't drink coffee, I don't know how he functions)

After we got back she disappeared upstairs again and slowly all the kids woke up. I ended up cleaning the kitchen because I was bored eventually we left because it was after one. I don't know what time my brother finally got up but I'm thinking  it was one hell of a hang over!

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