Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My attempt to be a good wife and mother

I've been so bad about cooking again lately!
So I decided I needed to plan a week of meals and you know my favorite way to do that. www.kraftfoods.com

I went last night with my shopping list that you can make right on their site
(can you get any easier??
maybe if they did the shopping for you too
 and delivered it!).

Here is what we are going to have this week:

Last night we had Quick Taco Salad.
I added some
and olives.

It was pretty yummy and my kids were excited to see chips on the dinner table.

Here's what I have for the rest of the week

Mini Pizzas (need to make these quick before everyone eats the english muffins!)

Wish me luck!! I also bought a bunch of soup for lunches.
Hopefully I will cut down on how much money we spend on fast food this week.

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Sara Strand said...

Seriously, I plan every dinner every day and it has cut my grocery bill in half. I only spend $55 per week on groceries for 4 people. I? Am a shopping rockstar at this point. BUT, we do eat breakfast one night a week, one night is leftovers, and then the rest are meals I make. Every Saturday we have either spaghetti or lasagna. Tonight we had chicken and salsa quesadillas. YUM-O

Alicia said...

i used to be SO good at meal planning...i don't know what the heck happened! OH YEAH i had kids!!! lol....those pics look yummy!!!

Mary~Momathon said...

We've been in a "same ol' thing" dinner rut lately. This is just what I need! My husband thinks 5 fend-for-yourself nights is too many in one week. Hmmmph. Last night I made my awesome Taco Salad. I'll blog the recipe - it's so good!

Grand Pooba said...

Maybe one day I'll try to be a good wife too....someday.

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