Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey batter batter

Trevor had his first baseball "meeting" today. It was at 4:00. I'm always amazed when people have meetings at times like that and expect parents to show up. We live in a community that is more "bedroom" than not. Most parents have at least one if not two working "over the hill". (Ours included) We're lucky if he's home by 6:30 most days. Usually it's much later than that.

We made it to the meeting in plenty of time, sans dad. The guy that is coaching the team is a farmer/rancher. I think the only thing they probably farm now is housing developments but they have a NICE spread for their shop, complete with their own little baseball field. It should be great for practices with out outside distractions and a BATHROOM right there. What a plus.

Yes, amazingly we've done softball practices at parks without bathrooms! When Melissa was playing a few years ago they practiced at a park that didn't have any bathrooms and the closest open fast food & gas station was about a 5 minute drive down the road. More than once I had Trevor peeing in the bushes! I'm sure the local homeowners loved that. But seriously, a park without a bathroom is like a movie theater without popcorn.

Anyhow. It was fun checking out the other parents. I'm pretty sure I've picked out the "asshole dad" and the "uptight mom" or 2 or 3.  We'll see how it goes! It should be interesting! This is his first year playing. My nephew who is the same age will be playing his 4th year! Crazy. My boy is a little less coordinated though. I think he got that from me. My mom still says she is missing corners in her house from me running into them all the time!

It should be cute though!Pin It


Grand Pooba said...

Well I can't live without my popcorn at the movie theater so I can imagine how serious it is to have a bathroom in a park! That and I got to the bathroom too.

I left you a surprise on this post:

Grand Pooba said...

"go" I meant I have to GO to the bathroom too.

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