Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bits and Pieces make a day

My Google Reader seems to be messed up. It's showing I have new blogs to read but I have to actually click on them on the left than on "show all". Annoying!! Hopefully I didn't mess something up.

So last night the man and I got in a blow out over a Scrabble game on Facebook. Stupid I know!! So I went for a walk and tried to do the Couch To 5K thing on my iPhone but I don't actually have any music on my phone and when I switched over to the Pandora App I have it kicked off the Couch thing. So I guess I need to actually put some music on my phone. We have several iPods on our computer so I'm kind of confused and worried I'm going to mess up one of the kids (Jessica's-she'll FREAK if I make her music disappear). Thinking I'll just download straight from my phone for awhile :)

So I went and walked-ran around one lake and it took me about 40 minutes. I only coughed for about half of it and thought I was going to have to amputate my right leg at the calf (calve?)  for a few minutes.  But I survived.  WOOT

Today I went to Home Depot and got some cute little daisy flowers, than Target where I found pots on sale! I got 2 cute clay pots for $7 each and they are a good size. I'll have to take a picture tomorrow. Tempted to go back and get some more. Then I ventured over to OSH where they didn't have much. I was really looking for a splash of color for the yard but just about the only thing out that is bright is cyclamen and they are $3 something each at Home Depot, which is the cheapest place I found. I'd need quite a few to make any kind of impact in the yard.

Picked up some Little Caesars on the way home for an early dinner.

Got home and finally had it out with the man. Whatever we are speaking again, although I will never play Scrabble with him again. Freaking sore loser!!

Got my pretty little flowers planted and my pots filled up!

Tomorrow it's back to the grind. I'm finally feeling better so I might actually get something done at work  without feeling like I'm dying all day. Kids go back to school so I have the washer going. Three weeks of being sick means lots of laundry!Pin It


Sara Strand said...

I'm going to do the couch to 5K thing too (in the spring). I can't do any kind of exercise outside because dang, it was -11 this morning. Getting to my vehicle is about all of effort I'm willing to put into outdoor activity. :)

Chris H said...

I simply can't run, so I'll pass on the couch to 5k thingee!

I'm looking forward to seeing the pretty pots!

Susie said...

You are killing me! The whole leg thing did have me rolling! Glad you got some work done in your yard too!

honkeie said...

From the couch to 5K, man that sounds like me right now! I have to get off my butt! But it is too cold, I have other things to do, man does that cake look good, oh look i have laundry to do.....yeah yeah I need to just do it and get it over with lol. good luck with yours!

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