Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday!

If Mondays can be happy. They used to be really happy for me back when everyone was going to work and school and I had the house to myself. Now, not so much! My little kids have the day off of school today. They are having a teachers inservice day. They sent the kids all home with a small packet of work to do on their day off. I guess I'll be forcing them to start finish that tonight.

So we had a pretty good weekend. Friday night Jess went to the movies with her "friend". The same "friend" that she assured me that was just like her "girlfriend" and there was no reason I shouldn't let her go to his house a few weekends ago (to spend the day) when his parents weren't home. She went to see Avatar, which I already saw. I asked her how the movie was and she couldn't tell me much about it. Yeah "friend" indeed! Mommy is not as dumb as you think she is.

While I was waiting to get the pick up call a friend called me up and asked me to go hang out at the bar with her. So I went down and had a drink and visited. There sure are some WEIRD people out there. Just add some booze and you can see how REALLY WEIRD they are. This guy started rubbing my hair. ICK so gross. Really wanted to just sock him in the gut! Nasty drunk old man.

Saturday Scott and I went to a wedding for a guy that he used to work with. I actually wore heels! I can't remember the last time I dressed up to go anywhere. I think it MIGHT have been when my baby brother got married the first time, which was at least 4 years or so ago. The wedding was nice but I didn't really know anyone there. We still had a nice time visiting with some of the people at our table. Before they got smashingly drunk.

Yesterday I just worked on bookmarks and laundry. Not too exciting!Pin It

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Chris H said...

Ahh ya gotta love kids who think we know NOTHING eh? lol
Ikkkkk to drunk men, one of my major HATES in life is a drunk man. If that man had stroked my hair I would have whacked him! IKKKKK.

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