Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! Trevor just left with the pooper to go camping. I might have a couple days all by myself! Bra? What bra, we don't need no stinking bras.

Yesterday my boss told me I need to telework until I'm not contagious with my ringworm so who knows how long that will be. Although I went to the Dr yesterday and got an oral medication. I took one and my stomach has felt like it has a brick in it every since. Awesome. But I will have to endure if it gets rid of this crap. They are way less red already and so far haven't found any new ones.

Does anyone else's Dr office promote Botox? I find it so strange. 

I spent most of yesterday cutting out fabric. Went ahead and cut up all the Princess & Tinkerbell fabrics since I had them pulled out. I think I got all the linings cut out too except for a couple scraps to make keychains. I'm sure I will run out of batting before I get through all of these. 

Look at our weather for the next week. Good God. Please little wall air condition don't decide to crap out. That would be miserable. My friend has a wall air conditioner that isn't working and she makes excuses on why she can't get a new one (and it is not that she can't afford it). I just don't understand lol. I'd die.

I somehow ended up watching all these videos on FB called Audit the Auditor. They are mostly a person getting stopped by the police and their interactions and then they go through and say like what was legal/correct etc. I find them fascinating. Yes I know I'm a weirdo lol.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! Is this not the cutest picture ever? Jess sent it to me yesterday. She said she's trying to get him to sit at the table instead of the high chair lol.

and of course, she's adorable!

I got Peter Pan fabrics done yesterday! 

I have one piece of Pinocchio I didn't even know I had so that is next. Then Princesses! I have a lot of Princess fabric.

and when I was looking at what I had left on the book case I found these that I already did the themes. Darn it! Going to work them in with the next couple batches.

I have a Dr. appointment at 10:45, praying they can give me some kind of oral medicine for this stupid ringworm. I had a couple more little spots pop up yesterday. It is going to be never ending at this rate.

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Monday, August 29, 2022


Good morning happy Monday!
Still working at home since I have rings on me. 2 new spots on my face. I hope I can keep them small and get them to go away quick. Trevor found where the apple cider vinegar got stashed to so I'm doing some swabbing with that in between the meds. Hopefully it helps.

Of course yesterday I mostly sewed all day. I got Nemo done

Next up is Peter Pan, got those cut out, next is to cut out the batting.

left to do:
Mixed Princesses 
Toy Story
Villain's and Winnie The Pooh.

I did the last bag of scraps. I thought there were 2 but the other has silky type scraps I have no interest in playing with those those will go in the donation bag. 

Lots of small pieces went into the over flowing coffee can.

Next up is this big box. 

Rusty keeps trying to off himself with my iron. He has free roam of the whole house but has to sit in this narrow area and try to off himself. Silly dog.

Scott came over to hang out on the couch and be sad I cancelled Direct TV yesterday. It was still working while he was here though lol.  $130 a month I can put towards my car payment. Should be debt free soon! I stopped my student loan payments since that will get taken off now. So just the car which is under $6k now and that NYL loan which is between 3 and 4. Going to work on the car first.  

I made the spinach lasagna roll ups for dinner last night. They turned out beautiful. I put the broiler on for about 5 minutes after I uncovered it.

Today's plan is work (booo), finish the Peter Pan, and then probably work on that last box of scraps.  Trevor is planning on going camping and asked me if I'd make him some potato salad. Not sure what day he is going but he said he was going to go to the store today. So I see making that in my near future.

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Sunday, August 28, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Why does the weekend have to go by so fast? I pretty much sewed and playing in my sewing room all day yesterday (surprise!)

Trevor got tired of hearing me scream when Tina jumped on top of the thread case and stuffed a box up there. So far it's working!

Finished up the "mixed characters" keychains

I worked on Moana at the same time as those keychains so those got done too

and then made up some of the Monster's fabric. I think I just bought this and ended up with a larger piece because it was the "end of the bolt" and I got a discount. Didn't use it all but they are cute!

I was using this fabric for the lining of those bags and noticed it was from 1961. 61 year old fabric! Not sure where I got that one from lol. Probably the thrift store.

Next up is Nemo and then I still have
Peter Pan
Mixed Princesses (I have a lot of these)
Toy Story
Villain's and Winnie The Pooh.

Aye aye aye that's a lot to go still. I thought I was out of fusible fleece but I just looked right and found the rest haha. Guess I'm good to sew a bit longer.

When I was selling all that quilting lady's fabric there were so many small pieces and I was tired of messing with it so I stuffed them by color groups into padded flat rate envelopes (and one box) and tried to sell them but I didn't get any bites. I want to use the box they are in so I've been working on "cleaning them up" but putting them on my small cards. The real small pieces are just thrown into the scrap can to go through later.

Doesn't this look like Jamba Juice?

Finished up the blue/purple bag I had

This was one bag of yellow & orange & cream and some white

all cleaned up (minus the coffee can haha)

and now onto the depressing. Ugh Ringworm wtf. Posting here to document.
Here is the one on my neck. I always have little red spots so I think I just have the one there but we'll find out I guess. 

These 2 on the back of my arms I thought were but bites and had picked at so they are scabby.

This bitch hurt so much yesterday. 

2 more on my left arm. Plus a couple small ones on my shoulders. 

Hopefully they go away without getting bigger and more disgusting.  My skin is so blotchy it's hard to tell if they are spots or not at first unless they start to itch or burn a bit. 

In other news my leg is healing up. 

BRB going to just put myself in a garbage can and put myself out on the curb. Sheesh. 

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Saturday, August 27, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! No birthday party for us since we have germs. Ugh. Always something. I have 5 spots between my 2 arms and I think one or two on my neck. 

Look at this little beotch. Sigh. Going to have to move the thread to a more secure area. I'm afraid she's going to tip it over if she kicks off too hard. 

Tina says "wha? I'm a good girl" yeah right.

Yesterday I ended up cutting out the Moana fabric and doing the some piecing. The fabric I have is dumb it has one picture one way and the next the other. I cut them apart and just used one picture by itself. I got the keychains almost all pinned up last night and just couldn't stay awake long enough to finish the last two lol. So that will be my project this morning.

Scott brought us KFC for dinner last night. He didn't get here until about 8:30 and stayed until after 11. 

I have 2 big bags of fabric I got from someone that I need to bring in and go through/put in boxes/maybe sell lol. I had them in my car for like 2 weeks and they made it to the porch. The goal this weekend is to at least get them in some tote boxes. 

Also got the laundry going again. Need to do laundry too since I never got that all finished up. Fun times! At least I have a good excuse to telework for a few days next week with the germs on me. 


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Friday, August 26, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! I am working from home again today because it appears we all have got a little ringworm from those kittens. ugh. I have a couple spots on my arms I started putting cream on yesterday. Hopefully that works and I don't have to go in and get a prescription. I was putting Band-Aids on them but don't want to go into work with 3 Band-Aids on my arms lol. I guess I could have worn a cardigan since it is cold in there sometimes. I need to get some of those little dot ones.

Went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my friend Cassi, she always looks cute in whatever she wears I definitely don't have that style haha. She'll give me stuff and I'm like eh won't look good on me ;)

She got a free blooming onion for her birthday so we had that

pretty blue drink 

steak, shrimp and loaded sweet potato. I took off about a CUP of marshmallows. Someone went a bit over the top there. I think they might have actually scooped out some of the sweet potato to fit all those in. After we went to Ross and I got a couple tops and then ran into the grocery store for creamer and new mop heads so we can continue cleaning up after miss poppy potty girl Simon. Maybe one of these days she'll stop going in the house. 

In sewing news I got all the "Mixed Character" Disney bags done. Just have to do the keychains that I had in that category too. 

Next up is Moana which I only have a little bit of so that won't take long. 

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Thursday, August 25, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! Today is my friend Cassi's birthday so the plan is to go out to dinner tonight. We'll see if she cancels before then.

Yesterday Trevor took Simon to the vet. Apparently she crapped and peed in his truck on the way home and got them both all gross and then at some point he stepped on a bee. He asked me to pick up Panda for dinner and then went into his room and went to bed. I think he was a bit traumatized haha.

I worked on my zip bags some more, everyone has a zipper and ready for top stitching. I didn't get the keychains all together yet so that will be the next step after getting these bags done.

Working from home today (thank God yesterday was so boring).  I some stuff listed on eBay yesterday. I was going to try some stuff there instead of Etsy since it is free to list there and they don't just steal $2 saying someone came to your listing from an ad. Hopefully I can sell some stuff. I need to start listing a few things a day again. 

ok that's all I've got this morning. Off to drink some creamer-less coffee since I'm out of creamer and milk. Boooo


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Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! I made it into work today. Not sure what I'm working on here since there isn't much to do. I did a few things already.

I worked on my mixed character Disney bags last night. I have on the right, the ones that didn't need piecing so I just put the zippers in, middle, pieced but no zipper yet and left still need some piecing and then zippers :) Getting to the point of how much more Disney fabric do I have because I'm ready to do something else haha. But it is good to use it up. I bought all these cute prints for a reason so I need to use them.

We had a late dinner of the Skinnytaste Sloppy Joe's. I was wishing I had bought nicer buns. These were the cheapies lol. I brought the left over meat and some rice to have for lunch.

Scott sent me this picture the other night. He said he went to wash his hands and found this in the sink drain (at his moms). So gross. Like how long was it in the drain and how did no one notice?

When he came over the other day he said his brother had finally came over and got the mail (always when he's not there). He had not got the mail for like 2 weeks so that means it had been that long since he went to his mom's. He's doing a great job in his promise to his dad to take care of her. Jerk. 

Ok off to find something to keep myself busy. It is so weird at work now since we have a new boss (which my boss is going to change to someone not even in this office October 1st) . She has no hustle to her, which is nice since she never panics but at the same time I'm like shouldn't we be stressed about things? Funny way of thinking I guess. 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022


Hello happy Tuesday! Done with work for the day so it's like the day is over haha.
Look at these bums. The whole house and they all have to squish in right next to me all the time. 

Today's leg picture. I shaved for you. It is SO ITCHY today. OMG just want to scratch at it but I know it will be a bloody mess if I do.

Wouldn't this be nice? If he did this I'd be done. I have 3k left on my parent loan and it is the bill I'm working on paying off now. I just have that and my car left to pay off (oh and a loan off my New York Life Mutual Fund I need to pay too). Almost there. 

I saw this on Marketplace yesterday and posted it to my FB saying if anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present. This morning my mom was like I bought it for you go pick it up. WHAT? She's crazy lol. It was not cheap. Trevor and I went and picked it up, it has a base too but it works better at the moment without it. Just put it on my desk for now. I like it here so far I can see all the colors. I will probably never have to buy thread again (except maybe white or black lol). I put in the ones from my own stash that had the same numbers and just have a handful that have like older numbers or special ones (recycled spools have different numbers and the colors are slightly different). I think I will work on using up the ones that don't go in the organizer first when I need thread.

Trevor and I had KFC for lunch after picking up the thread. I got a chicken sandwich and it feels like a lead weight in my stomach so probably won't cook dinner until late tonight. 

Ok off to work on my "mixed character" Disney bags. Need to do some piecing to start with. I have all the ones that don't require piecing pinned already.

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