Friday, August 19, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! I woke up feeling like I'm getting a cold ugh. Hopefully it passes and doesn't actually go full blown.

Yesterday I finished all the Mickey & Minnie bags. I just have some keychains to sew up and then onto the next Disney grouping with is "Mixed Characters". I might take a break and do some scraps clean up to work on something else for a little bit. I need to order some more zippers anyways, running out of a lot of the colors.

Big Daniel ended up taking the kittens to the shelter yesterday. They were going to need some vet care since they were having too much poop everywhere and it was all just too much for their house with the babies too. Hopefully they all make it and at least they aren't getting run over and starved to death in a parking lot. Another reason they need to bring back more affordable spay & neuter programs. It is so expensive now.

Anyhow, for dinner last night I made this Chicken & White Bean Enchiladas we were either starving or it was really good or both since there was no left overs lol. I have dinner for tonight in the crock pot already. I put it together last night when I was making dinner so I could just plop it in the cooker in the morning. Probably going to die smelling it all day. 

No plans for the weekend. Hopefully I'm not going to be spending it sick :(


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