Tuesday, August 30, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! Is this not the cutest picture ever? Jess sent it to me yesterday. She said she's trying to get him to sit at the table instead of the high chair lol.

and of course, she's adorable!

I got Peter Pan fabrics done yesterday! 

I have one piece of Pinocchio I didn't even know I had so that is next. Then Princesses! I have a lot of Princess fabric.

and when I was looking at what I had left on the book case I found these that I already did the themes. Darn it! Going to work them in with the next couple batches.

I have a Dr. appointment at 10:45, praying they can give me some kind of oral medicine for this stupid ringworm. I had a couple more little spots pop up yesterday. It is going to be never ending at this rate.

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