Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! Made it into the office today. Hopefully I stay busy!
Yesterday after work I worked on my Mickey fabrics a bit, but not for long since Jess called and asked if I could go help Daniel's sister babysit while her and Daniel went shopping. 

I got one side of the zippers sewn on these and pinned for the next round

Lilly was awake almost the whole time. She is getting so big and strong for 2 months old already. She was holding her head up and looking all around.

I said she's our little goth baby in a black onsie haha

Daniel was bobbing around. He's watching Coco here and eating otter pops lol.

I played with the kittens a little bit too. They are playing with each other now so that is good. I came home and made some tacos and then went to bed! I actually fell asleep pretty early too.

The plan is to go grocery shopping after work. I have my menu made and the ingredients on a list I just need to organize them a bit and then I'll be good to go. It is supposed to be 107 today so I brought some shorts to change into after work.


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Chris H said...

Baby is just gorgeous and her brother's hair is a riot! 107? Stuff that!

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