Sunday, August 7, 2022


Hello happy Sunday! I still have 3 more days off so I can say that haha. 

Yesterday I did a bunch of cleaning, a little sewing and had a little bit of time with this little guy! He was so cute he was so excited to come over when I got there. Scott picked him up a Happy Meal since he was on his way here and we were planning on going out to dinner later. I have hardly any food in the house, I should probably go shopping. It works well for me to not eat a bunch of crap though. Can't over eat if I don't have a bunch of junk around. 

We watched the new Buzz Lightyear movie. Well it was on but I thought it was kind of boring so I didn't really watch watch it. After it was over I took him home so we could go to dinner.

Jess sent me this picture of Lilly earlier in the little Pooh Bear outfit I had bought for Daniel when he was tiny. She's so cute!

Scott and I were talking about where to go for dinner and Trevor was like "so are you just going to leave me here?" lol. So here is our 3rd wheel date partner.

We went to sushi. This is the Philadelphia Experiment

Left is the "In & Out" and right is the "Rainbow"

We got one more but apparently I forgot to take a picture. The Albacore Roll which was hella spicy. The waitress forgot to put that down when we ordered it so it took a long time to get it. Then they took forever to bring us the check. They were supposed to close at 9. We thought we were pushing it getting there at 8:30 but they seated about 6 tables after we got there including a party of about 8 after it was already 9pm. 

Scott spent almost all day here and stayed the night too so that was nice. Almost like he lives here.  He went home to take care of his mom and said he'd be back but we'll see if he shows up or not.

Today's plan is to probably work on my Lilo & Stitch stuff some more and I should probably do a bit of laundry. Super exciting!

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