Wednesday, August 3, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! Made it into work again today. Blech. Going to ask if I can telework tomorrow and maybe Friday. Then I have 5 days off. Two for the weekend and 3 for a mini vacation to use my free hotel nights in Reno woohoo.

After work yesterday I went to take something to Jess and hung out to visit for a bit with the littles. Miss Lilly is getting in tune to what is going on around her. She likes to be able to see everything.  Sometimes she looks a bit like my baby pictures which is fun :)

When I got home I worked on my Frozen fabrics some more. All the pieces got a 2nd piece added to them and then trimmed up a bit. They are ready for another round when I get home today. I love working with these colors they are so nice. Also the colors I'm usually drawn to for clothing lol.

Not much else going on which is just fine by me ;)


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