Thursday, August 11, 2022


Good evening! Another late day post! I just got all the dishes done and fed the animals. I picked up a chicken enchilada thing from Costco and that just came out of the oven. Hopefully it is good. I had to take a pair of my glasses (of course the ones I really like) into Costco because the lens was cracking. I have never had that happen before. So weird. They will fix them for free so that is good. I was telling her how it didn't seem like they put the bifocals in my other glasses and she was like lift them up a little and bam I could read. So she adjusted the nose piece so they would sit up higher.  

Back to our Reno Trip! Tuesday we got to sleep in and it was so nice. I don't think I've really slept in since Simon joined our house. She likes to jump all over me in the mornings. We ended up going to these crepe place for brunch. It was called Kaffe Crepe and was yummy. Probably should have got the savory one instead of the sweet though so it wasn't just like having dessert for breakfast lol.  We both got the "Sweet Tooth" which was Nutella, bananas and strawberries. Definitely sweet. 

After we got sugared up we went to the 2 antique stores I went to with my mom. This little picture was just a print out sadly and taped to the wall lol. It would have been cute in my sewing room.

Poor Woody was not only missing his hat, his hand was missing too. His pull string still worked though. 

This was cool, it said propagation station. Tons of little vases all connected. I probably would have bought that if I had somewhere to put it where the animals wouldn't break it. 

Here is the pretty blue egg plate I bought

After the antique stores we went to the big fabric store (Mill's End) that I always go to. Here is what I got. Not too much, just a few different pieces I don't see every day. They had scissors for $4 and I keep forgetting to buy a new seam ripper so finally got one.

By the time we were done with all those stores we worked off some of our sugar and found a place for dinner. Redwood Rotisserie & Grill and it was yummy. We got pepper jack cheese sticks,

Raspberry Lemon drop for me

Steak tacos for me and trip tip, mashed potatoes and veggies she didn't like for Melissa. 

I saved a taco so I'd have some room for dessert and promptly forgot it on the table when we left. Somehow we ate this. Then we went into a food coma and just laid around and slept the rest of the night. Kind of a waste of an evening. Punishment for gluttony haha.

Back to  last night after I got home I had a few hours before bedtime so I finished sewing up these bags. they were all pinned up so just had to be sewn around the edges. 

All done with Lilo & Stitch. A girl from work saw them on Instagram and gave me money for one of the zip bags. I have to remember to take that to work tomorrow. 

Next up is LION KING! This is all the fabric I have for that. The one piece on the left and I think I have 4 of the small pieces on the right.  That won't take long to sew up. 

Off to try my chicken enchiladas, hopefully they taste ok!


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