Thursday, August 4, 2022


Good morning happy Telework Thursday! So happy to be working from home today yesterday was brutally boring at work. At least here I have something I can do while I wait for an email.  Although the animals are super annoying in the morning. Rusty has already forgetting he went out to do his business already and Tina is beating up Simon. 

I went to the Teriyaki Bowl place for lunch yesterday and they gave me this tiny spoon instead of a fork. That was fun! Nothing like a little challenge with your lunch. I need to get back to taking my lunch now that we can use our break room again. I was just thinking this morning I can't even remember the last time I cooked lol. I think it was throwing stuff in the crock pot last Saturday.  Last night I had a corn dog and a slice of frozen pizza, super healthy ;)

After work I got busy right away working on my Frozen bags. Finally got them all sewn out to the correct sizes and now I can get them assembled. First up is ironing on the fusible fleece. 

After Frozen we have the Incredibles. I mostly just have these strips that I had bought off someone. I sewed a bunch of them together before and made at least one bag I remember out of them and it is not on my inventory list so I must have sold it. I pulled them out so I can see them while I think about what to do with them next.

Ok off to find some coffee and take care of the 2 emails that I have to work on this morning!

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