Tuesday, August 23, 2022


Hello happy Tuesday! Done with work for the day so it's like the day is over haha.
Look at these bums. The whole house and they all have to squish in right next to me all the time. 

Today's leg picture. I shaved for you. It is SO ITCHY today. OMG just want to scratch at it but I know it will be a bloody mess if I do.

Wouldn't this be nice? If he did this I'd be done. I have 3k left on my parent loan and it is the bill I'm working on paying off now. I just have that and my car left to pay off (oh and a loan off my New York Life Mutual Fund I need to pay too). Almost there. 

I saw this on Marketplace yesterday and posted it to my FB saying if anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present. This morning my mom was like I bought it for you go pick it up. WHAT? She's crazy lol. It was not cheap. Trevor and I went and picked it up, it has a base too but it works better at the moment without it. Just put it on my desk for now. I like it here so far I can see all the colors. I will probably never have to buy thread again (except maybe white or black lol). I put in the ones from my own stash that had the same numbers and just have a handful that have like older numbers or special ones (recycled spools have different numbers and the colors are slightly different). I think I will work on using up the ones that don't go in the organizer first when I need thread.

Trevor and I had KFC for lunch after picking up the thread. I got a chicken sandwich and it feels like a lead weight in my stomach so probably won't cook dinner until late tonight. 

Ok off to work on my "mixed character" Disney bags. Need to do some piecing to start with. I have all the ones that don't require piecing pinned already.

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