Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bunco-how not to play

I went to Bunco last night. We have one gal that came TANKED. Or maybe she was tanked and stoned. She could barely open her eyes. She is like this a lot but she was really bad this time. Last month she was surprisingly "normal" and was actually fun to talk to.

She started off semi ok and then as the night progressed she just got worse. Like shouldn't you be sobering up after 2 hours?

So I've now played bunco with a drunk 3 year old. Or the likes of it. She lost her score card during our break. Someone even looked through the trash but couldn't find it. She seemed like she didn't even understand what we were all talking about.

We have food for the break and she went all in. Then she continued to go back to the food and eat for the rest of the night. At one point someone was like "good God!"  She spilled food all down her top and onto the floor so the game had to be paused so that could get cleaned up.

Eventually the gal in charge told her not to get anymore food but she didn't listen. So bizarre.

I think they've finally decided that she is going to get kicked out of the group. I don't feel bad for her but I do feel bad for her two boys she has at home still. Must be the shits to have a mom like that.

On the flip side I won for the most "wins" and got $20! Pin It

Monday, September 11, 2017

4 Days Til Friday

Does anyone else feel like they just live for the weekends?

This weekend we had Adrian's birthday party on Saturday.  My mom wanted to get Robert so that he could come so we arranged for me to pick him up after work. Him and his mom are currently homeless and living either at motels or shelters. Anyhow, I picked him up and took him over to my mom's cabin.

We ended up working on this puzzle that we started a couple weekends ago. The puzzle is "bits and pieces" and OMG is that hard! Robert was all excited to be the one that put in the last piece so he got to put in the last 2 pieces.

We finally finished it about the time Scott told me "dinner is done" (he picked up you bake pizza on the way home from work).

Saturday we had Adrian's 8th Birthday party! 8 years goes by fast! I was blogging back when she was born so I have all her birthdays on here :) 

Here's a sideways video of her birthday cake

For the rest of the weekend I mostly worked on making these wine cork key chains for my craft booth. 

I have an area work meeting this week so I get a night in a hotel. Woohoo! Still debating on driving my own car or carpooling with like 5 people. Leaning towards my own car...

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Friday, September 1, 2017

3 Day Weekend!

I'm so glad it's a 3 day weekend. I forgot all about it until a couple days ago. So far I only have plans for Saturday. We are having a "Hippie Party". The party was originally going to be outside but it's supposed to be 110 or some death heat  so it's been moved inside. Which means it will probably be over pretty quickly after the food comes out at 2.  Inside parties never seem to last very long.

So here is my latest little project. Button key chains. I was looking on Pintrest the other day for ideas using key rings. I have a bunch since they came with the little clips I bought for key fobs. I found this cute idea so thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm hoping they aren't too delicate and fall apart when I use them. I need to put a trial one on my key chain. I have never really made any jewelry type things before so using the little rings was interesting. That barely made dent in the little buttons I have too. I was thinking I can make some little cards to put them on for my next craft show.

Of course I also found a lot MORE cute ideas so now I have some beads coming. I've never worked with bead other than the big pony beads so wish me luck. Guess I can always resell the crap I buy later right? lol

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