Tuesday, November 27, 2018


For Thanksgiving I made a Turkey to take to my brothers as a back up, peanut butter pie and little smokies wrapped in bacon with brown sugar for an appetizer.

We were supposed to eat dinner at 4 so we left around 2:30 to pick up Scott's mom and sister Suzie. The kids all came in the girls cars. We had Scott's mom's walker in the back so I rode with a turkey between my feet lol

We didn't end up eating until about 5:30 or so so it was a good thing I made the little smokies! Next year we need more appetizers we were all starving since we had only had breakfast.

These two were too cute. I got all the kids the little marshmallow turkeys at the sip n shop event I went to.

My sister in law does a great job decorating. Look at my place setting!

Even the baby had a spot :)

After dinner Melissa playing with the little cousins.

Trevor and Tony

Our whole group for Thanksgiving. 

The kids took some more pictures, I'll have to get some from them. The family pictures is a lot of fun though!

I can't believe we are already done with Thanksgiving and Christmas is almost here. I don't even have a spot for a Christmas tree so I need to get busy figuring things out lol.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Craft Show Trifecta

I survived my 3 days of craft show but just barely. Actually Sunday wasn't all that bad but Saturday night I was totally exhausted and went to bed at 7:45 pm.

Of course the first morning I'm always up crazy early and like OMG I have to get there on at such and such too early time!  Scott is such a morning person so it's amazing when I'm having to load the whole car up and he's magically sleeping in. Like how are you sleeping with me getting ready and back and forth in the bedroom looking for stuff. And the HAIR DRYER. How can you sleep through me using the hair dryer? I wake up when he rolls over a certain way lol. So anyhow, I was out in the garage getting the VERY LAST thing to load in the car and he runs out like he was going to help. Yeah thanks buddy!

He made up for it later when he brought my 2 side walls for the canopy though. Damn it was freaking cold and rained a bit on Friday. The 2 walls helped a bit.

Before he brought those this was my set up for Friday. (I know these are probably boring for other people but I like to go back and look at them)

Friday was my best sale day but that was also probably because 2 of my friends came and bought from me :)

Saturday I got up a little later, I started off with the 2 walls up and then took the side one down after a bit. Later I took the back one off because the wind was blowing and I was afraid it was going to take my tent. I do like the the way the walls close in my booth so you can see things better. I'd like to get a couple more of the gray walls (got that one at Wal Mart a few months ago and it was the only one they had) so they all match. The gray is kind of nice, different from other people.  I do feel anti social though having it up, I actually took it down so I could see the guy next to me. He was a cute collage kid with a great personality. Fun to talk to. I told him he could sell ice to Eskimos!

The booth 2 over was selling mini donuts they made right there in front of you while you wait. So cute. I may have had these 2 days in a row.

Saturday I almost made the same as Friday, just $20 shy. I sold a ton of wine bottle bags. $5 is the magic number to sell those apparently. I have a couple I have had since the first round I made. I'm starting to think I'm just going to cut the fabric and make them into something else if I don't sell them by my last craft show. No point and carrying them around for years.

Like I said before I was totally exhausted when I got home Saturday. I probably would have just went straight to bed but I told someone I'd make them a mug cozy for the next day. I had a drink and made that and then went to bed. 

Sunday I was dragging ass and waited as long as possible to get up and leave the house. When I got there we had to figure out how to squish another gal in between me and the people to the left of my booth. I had to set up a bit different since I was losing my corner.

This really is a great way to set up when you don't have 2 open sides. It works really well!

Oh look more donuts ;)

I sold a ton of the sunglasses cases that I made. Probably at least half. I had one person buy 5! People love them in the Disney prints. 

I marked down what I had left of the zippered bags to $3 and still only sold 2. I'm about ready to cut those up and make them into something else lol. I've been debating on making some more of the rounded bags but I'm not sure. It's so funny how usually if I have a ton of an item I sell that item better. Although I think I only sold 2 of the treasure bags all weekend and NONE of the Christmas ones. What the heck! Hopefully I can sell some at the next 2 events. If not maybe I'll be giving them to coworkers lol.

Ok off to bed. I went to Bunco tonight. I had a great time but didn't win any prizes darn. We did do an ornament exchange so that was fun too. My mom got the one I brought. Man I look horrible. I should probably do something about that.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


I'm free I'm free! Four whole days of no work people. So ready for the break!

Today was filled with some fun stuff but my favorite of the day is when one girl came over with a file and was like "did you send this letter?". I was looking at the letter and I was like I think maybe but I'm not sure (I do a lot of letters). This one wasn't signed and was obviously the original and not the copy that we would usually put in the file.

I went and looked in my emails and my boss had asked the girl that sits next to me to "prepare the letter and put a copy in the file". So she wrote the letter and just put it in the file! Like um maybe it needed to be signed and mailed out??? LMAO. She was like well she didn't say to mail it. aye aye aye are you kidding me? Luckily there were only 2 of the letters and still time to address what they were for.

A bit later the other girl was like SPIDER and gets up and backs away from her desk. I went over and tried to shoo it out with my folder so I could step on it but it went into the crack of her cube.  She spent the rest of the day freaking out that it would come out and trying to force it out with canned air. Freaking hilarious.

So last night I didn't get to any actual sewing I just ended up cutting the rest of my pile of scraps and sorting them.

Now I have the measurements for the bowtie I need to make so I'm going to do that as soon as I get off here. Hope it turns out ok! Just going to make soup and sandwiches for dinner later since I'm not very hungry and don't want to cook (and just spent 1/2 an hour washing dishes already).

They've been cleaning this area up that I drive by 2 times a day. Before you couldn't even see the buildings over there because of the giant trees and junk around it.

I'm guessing they are going to plant almond orchards all around it. They have been working the soil behind the shop (there is lots of land back there) and on the other side of the street too. Today I noticed they knocked over an older orchards a little bit down the road. I think they are probably going to plant it all at once. We shall see!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Just another venting session

Just a quick blog post then I need to work on some key fobs. (waiting for measurements to make the bowtie)

OMG I should get an award for not going off on someone today at work. I just don't understand why the 2 other girls at work have to be so stressed out about everything. Like hello we have plenty of time to get this little project done, just take your time. Instead the girl next to me is freaking out. Just chill just chill. Also she has done this thing several rounds now and she keeps asking me stupid questions. Can you really not remember? Jesus. I thought she typed herself up a whole manual on everything and she still has to ask me over and over.

I listened to podcasts all day with my headphones on and still was annoyed lol. I wish I could move into one offices.

Just took a giant cat turd away from the dog. HORK HURL SO GROSS. Dogs are disgusting.
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Monday, November 19, 2018

3 Day Work Week

I'm so exhausted. I had to go to the grocery store after work and everyone else had the same idea. Of course I was by myself and they had their extended family all standing in the way.  I literally had to dodge people several times when I went to get something off the shelf and they'd dart in front of me. Also, like why didn't they stock the shelves when it was slower and not at 5pm and it's obviously super busy? I don't think that's the time to bring out 2 big carts and park them in the dairy aisle. So $340 later if we need anything else we'll be getting it from the Mexican market by my work or the gas station.

Work was pretty busy today, partially because I wasn't there on Friday and people are returning documents that I requested in the mail. I had to explain to an elderly lady today that her trust paper didn't say that her property was no longer in her trust, but that once she dies THEN the trust goes away and it goes to her son.  She thought for sure she paid someone to change that. I was like uh might want to call that person and check up on it just for your piece of mind.

I spent almost all weekend sewing. Since I had all the stuff pulled out for the sunglasses cases I just sewed up a few more to use the batting I had on hand up. So I'll have a lot of those for my upcoming events.

Yesterday I worked on making some little Christmas Treasure Bags. Someone pointed out that they are a good size for gift cards so I thought I'd make up some Christmas ones.  These basically cost nothing to make (except lots of time lol) since they are all scraps and ribbon I've had forever.

Next I'm going to work on some more key fobs, some 49er's ones to start since everyone keeps asking me for those. But actually first I have to make a man's bow-tie out of Toy Story material. I had to order the material and it just got here today. The event they need it for is coming up quick so I need to make it tomorrow. I need to figure out what pattern to use for it. Once I'm done procrastinating haha.

I'm currently waiting for all my bedding to get washed. I don't think I'm going to be able to stay awake for the last load in the washer to get done. Have to wait for the stuff in the dryer at least though. 

Oh also wanted to comment on a show I watched on Netflix this weekend. I watched Wanderlust while I was sewing. I know the popular opinion is probably that it's trash but I thought it was pretty good and thought provoking Have you watched it? What did you think?

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Sip N Shop

Yesterday I finished my little pile of sunglass cases in time for my show.

Then I had to repack my boxes since it was inside and upstairs in a building and I knew I would have to get it all up there myself. I got it down to my 2 big boxes and threw in my fold-able wagon "just in case". 

When I got there there were no signs, no one standing outside, no one at the table to check in. I don't think people realize how nice that would be. Like ok I'll just figure it out on my own and walk around for the person in charge. Glad I know what she looks like lol. 

I was able to get one big box in my wagon (perfect fit) and put the other box on top and it stayed there for the ride in. I'm glad there was an elevator, that made things much easier. 

Here is my stuff all set up. When the girl on the left of me got there she rearranged her table and I was kicking myself for not doing the same. I would have liked to put it so I could sit inside the L instead of against the wall. I'd say for next time but I'm not going to do this event again since I just barely broke even for my booth fee. I had to condense my cozies quite a bit to get everything to fit on the tables. 

The girl on the right of me was the same gal that was next to me last time I did the outdoor booth. She has bags and pillows she probably buys in bulk from china or something. Kind of annoying but she's nice enough. She sold like 3 $20 pillows and a couple little bags so she probably just broke even too. 

I think maybe a lot of people didn't come out because of the smoke. It's REALLY bad here. Everyone is hoping for rain. So far there is rain on the forecast for Wednesday.

While I was at the event Jessica called me to tell me there was a horrible accident right at the entrance to where we live. Two cars were obliterated and another truck involved. At the time she thought maybe one was a Jeep and Melissa's boyfriend has a Jeep. Melissa didn't answer her phone for about an hour so we were all just a tad worried it was her, although she doesn't usually come home on Friday nights (stays at her boyfriends). We were all relieved when she finally called us. 

Turns out the one vehicle was an old Dodge van, like the big old 70's ones. It was just a big pile of scrap.  The guy who was driving it is my neighbor about 5 houses down. Rumor is he has internal injuries. I hope he's ok. My kids always called him the dalmatian guy since he always has a dalmatian dog.  Hopefully someone is checking on the dog. 

Sounds like one of my neighbors was pulling out of the club, one was pulling in and this big truck came from no where and hit them both. I guess the truck guy fled the scene. Very scary. The girl in the car supposedly has a broken arm but is other wise ok. By the time I got home a couple hours later everything was cleaned up. 

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Coffee & Blog Time

Yeah it's Friday and I'm still in no bra mode woohoo. Dropped the kid off at the bus and came back home for some coffee and blog reading. Telling myself I can only do this for a little bit since I need to wash some clothes and get cracking on my booth stuff.

It is so smokey outside a lot of schools have cancelled school today. Trevor still has school but as of yesterday they are going straight inside when they get there and staying indoors for lunch. Although I did see one snarky comment on a Facebook post that said it doesn't do much good if they leave the doors open. Luckily Trevor isn't too asthmatic so he seems to be doing ok.  I am the one sucking on the inhaler. I just keep thinking if it's this bad here I can't imagine how hard it is to breath 2 hours north closer to the fire.

Here's a picture of the sky on my way home yesterday

It's supposed to rain Wednesday (just in time for my 3 days of selling outside lol) so hopefully that will help to clear the air.

Last night I got all these sunglasses cases or padded zip bags done. I have about 8 more in my pile to work on this morning.  One time about a year ago I had went through a box of fabric and cut it all into projects. These were all part of that box, although I did cut some down from larger zip bag size. It's funny how certain things sell. These do a lot better than the regular 9 x 7 zip bags I had made. I had one lady buy 3 at one of my shows. I have 2 in my purse that I use for just random stuff. 

Ok off to look at a couple blogs and refill my coffee cup. 

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Smart People

Pizza is the oven. Celebrating because I have finished my long 3 day work week and woohoo haven't killed anyone. Just kidding. Well not just kidding that I haven't killed anyone because I haven't but MAN.

Today I was thinking how ridiculous it is where I work. Like I'm usually complaining that I don't have enough work to do but I'm actually busy working on a couple different projects right now.  I spent quite a bit of time today helping customers. This coworker who works in another office asked me if I'd be able to scan some stuff for her. Thinking it was going to be several files I told her maybe the other girl would like to do it for her so she'd have something to do. You know, because she's literally just sitting there looking at her phone with nothing to do. 

So the girl gets the email asking for help and I'm like I can help you if you don't know what she's talking about (email literally had the name of what she wanted and what tab of the folder it's on). Girl walks to the large filing cabinet and then BIG SIGH and rolls her eyes because the file isn't in there. I'm like it's probably on so and so's desk, which it was. Then she's like dramatically flipping the file around and I'm like TAB 5 (at this point I'm at her desk with her because obviously this is all too difficult). She fans through all the papers on Tab 5 and I'm like hmm maybe a bit slower... oh there it is. After that she was ok but omg how hard was that? Took like 5 minutes and 10 times the drama.

Another time when I was busy I asked the other girl if she could get a signature on a paper since the guy was at the counter. When I look at it later the guy had like scribbled on the month part of the date since he wrote 10 instead of 11 then wrote over the top of it. I thought for sure it would get kicked out when it got reviewed but the reviewer must not have been in a bad mood today and it made it through.

While I was helping the drama girl with the file the new girl in the other department was like hey come over when you get a chance. I go over and she's like so I have ALL this stuff for these 2 guys applications so we can see if I have what you need. Turns out she had NOTHING and was completely confused after looking at it all with me because I pointed out that everything appeared to be for John Smith III instead of John Smith IV? 

So I earned my wages today. I swear I feel like I'm trying to teach frogs how to walk on a leash or something. Training people how to do things isn't even in my job description and I feel like I'm the boss who can't fire anyone.

The good thing is that I'm off work tomorrow since I'm doing the "Sip n Shop" event I better at least make my booth fee back lol. Supposedly this is a great event with hundreds of people coming to shop but I've heard that before at events that didn't turn out that great.  All I know is there will be wine so there's that!Pin It

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Day Craft Booth

I'm sure you're all sick of seeing my craft booth set ups but it's nice for me to have them to go back and look at.

Earlier this week I decided to go ahead a do a booth on Saturday since it was still nice weather. It was supposed to be a high of 73 or something. Since there is that big fire up north it's smokey here  (so so horrible, I can't even imagine what those people are going through) so it was actually pretty cold all day. TG Scott told me how cold it was when I was getting dressed. I still could have used another layer on. I had soup and coffee for lunch from Subway since I was trying to warm up. I realized at the end of the day I forgot to drink any water (too dang cold!) I need to get a thermos for when I do the Black Friday event.

This is now going to be my set up if I'm not on a corner. It worked out really well. Originally the person to the right of me in the picture had their tables set up as a U but then they changed them. I was already done setting up when I realized. I would have done it in reverse if I would have noticed and there would have been a lot of room for people to walk in our booths. It turned out fine though.

I made about $100 profit so not too bad but could have been better. 

There sure are some weird people. People also say some of the strangest things.

But there are some really nice and fun people too. I like those ones haha

I just ordered one more rack for my key fobs. Trying to get everything uniform looking, plus they stack nicely in my boxes.

Scott went to the Raider's game today. I have book club at 2 (once again didn't read the book I should just stop going!)  I'm going to put a roast in the crock pot for dinner. I need to go through my cozies and make sure I don't have any of the ones I sold on Etsy. I've finally started to sell a few on there!

So nice to have tomorrow off too. Tomorrow will be a sewing all day day I think! Well sewing and laundry probably.

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Away In The Basement

The play we went to see last week was called "Away In The Basement"

But first we went to lunch! I volunteered to drive since I don't like riding on the winding roads. The lead car took the longest back way to get there. I was like we are so not going home this way! We had 4 cars I think. I just had mom and one other gal with us in my car.

We stopped at the 50's Roadhouse in Knights Ferry for lunch. I've been there a few times. The food is pretty good if you aren't in a hurry. I think we had 16 of us and I didn't hear one person complain about their food. That's pretty good odds lol

After lunch we got back in the car and finished our backwards way of driving to the theater. I haven't been to Columbia since I was a teenager. We had a piece of crap station wagon and went for a "day trip". I remember sitting on the side of the road when it was like 150 outside waiting for the car to "cool down". Then when we got there my mom wanted us to go on a stage coach ride (still 150 outside). The only other thing I remember about being there is that we got sarsaparilla in the old canteen. On the way home we stayed in a motel that didn't usually allow children but my mom knew the owner so she let us stay but we had to be "quiet" so it wasn't any fun. I was also a teenager so everything was probably not as bad as I remember haha

So anyhow, we didn't really walk around much because half the group can't breathe or walk. Scott said the decorate for Christmas so maybe we can go back and check it out.

The play was inside the old theater. We had 3 partial rows. The play was SO GOOD. You can check it out here. It has a church theme but it's not churchy if you know what I mean.

It just amazed me that people can act and sing like that. Makes me want to go see all the plays haha.  After the play my mom and I got ice cream and then the other gal was ready to go so we did. I debated going to bingo when I got back but the girls didn't want to go so I ended up just going to bed. It was a long fun day!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Play Day

Woohoo I'm off work today! I took the day off to go with the new "Ladies Group" that someone made out where I live. We are going to go to a play. I volunteered to drive one of the cars since I get car sick in the foothills, and lets face it, I have control issues haha. My mom is going too so she can be my co-pilot.

Last night after work I went and got a car wash and vacuumed my car out. I should to that more often since I park in dirt spaces all the time and it gets tracked in onto the mats. It's always so nice when it's clean but it doesn't last long.

And now the dog is whining like he has to go out. Scott takes them out in the morning before he leaves for work at like 5:45 am. Usually they don't go out until after I get home around 4:30. But since I'm here he thinks he has to go out again 2 hours later. So rude.

The weather if finally changing a bit, at least in the morning it's cooler. I just had to go find some socks. I swear the kids get so excited to turn on the wall heater when it starts to get cold. I have to admit I kind of like standing in front of it in the mornings to warm up.

Monday was my niece Ava's 7th birthday. They did cake and ice cream on Monday night which was a bit of a challenge since I work in Modesto and they live in North Stockton. I had to come home, let the dogs out, pick up Trevor, find something to eat for dinner along the way and fight all the commuter traffic.

Her mom made her pretty cake!


I finally got to see the baby! This is baby Joey. He was asleep the whole time and his mom wouldn't let me wake him up. So unfair ;) He looks just like his big sister Adrian.

Well have a good day everyone, off to read a few blogs before I have to get ready. 

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Handcrafter's Boutique

Well yesterday went pretty well. It was a bit exhausting loading my car up though. The great thing about this event is they get a lot of volunteers to help you unload/load your car up and set up. So I didn't have to carry too much stuff over to my spot by  myself. My car was definitely FULL though. Need to work on that. I think I want to get one more folding 6' table so my tables are all the same and will stack better in the car. I have a really old card table I use for my corner piece. I'm pretty positive it's older than I am. Actually maybe a 4 ft table would be better to fit the 10x10 spaces. 

The only bad thing about this spot was the dirt right in front of my table and on the inside area. I'm still wearing sandals since the weather has forgotten it's November and was 80 plus yesterday. My feet were rather dirty.

Thinking of getting 2 more racks for my key fobs so they'd go across the whole table

I made the little treasure bags $2 and sold several, the tissue packets are usually a huge. I sold a few but when I went to walk around I saw someone else was selling them for $1. I only do that when I'm down to a few that don't sell and I'm ok with that lol. 

The people across from me to the left of this picture were in full sun almost all day. I'm glad I wasn't on that angle. They kept standing over by my booth because it was shady. That was a bit annoying when people were walking by and couldn't see my stuff. 

I marked all the wine bottle bags down to $5 and they finally started to sell. They really don't use much fabric or time so even though it feels like I'm giving them away I'm not really losing any money on them.

Didn't sell any tooth fairy pillows. Towards the end of the day I put them on the table and they got more attention. I think I'm only going to use the screens if I'm not set up on a corner. I think they'd be better closer to the tables.

This wreath is going on my front door now lol.

All in all it felt like sales were slow but I did make a bit of money when I counted it all up! Jess came for a bit to hang out with me so I could go to the bathroom and walk around a little. The only thing I bought was food though!

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Craft Show Tomorrow!

OMG I have headphones on at home because some people are so annoying. Seriously.

Just about got all my stuff ready for tomorrow's event! Went through my box that has become the "junk box" and cleaned it out. Just need to load my stuff in the car.

Last night I went to bed at like 7:30 lol I think I stayed awake for about 2 more hours watching Netflix and playing the "lightning" games on Words with Friends. Jess told me about those and OMG that's got my competitive spirit going. I'm like I need to get the MOST points on the team.

I've been watching many many episodes and seasons of Midsomer Murders. The episodes are really long, like an hour and a half and I think I'm on season 11 and there are TWENTY seasons. That'll keep you busy for awhile! Usually I'm watching it while I'm sewing. Which I haven't done much of this week even though that was my goal. Oh well I have plenty of stuff to sell still. I'll try again next week ;) Sunday maybe!

Today on my lunch I went over to the flea market and walked around. I got 2 grocery bags of stuff from one vendor I go to a lot. $7! I'm pretty sure these people just buy storage units and then just unload it all at the flea market. They put everything in messy rows and you just walk up and down and pick through to find stuff.

I'm always looking for sewing stuff to keep or resell. This little tin is full of buttons and other stuff.

I had to get this book because it peaked my interest. Who knew they did calorie counting in 1923? 

I just had to laugh though since it's about being healthy and the first thing you see when you open it is recipes for junk food.

What's for dinner? Looks like a good place to put your favorite cream puffs recipe!

Too funny. I'm totally going to read this whole book. I love nutrition stuff when people aren't forcing me to see their side ;)

Ok I'm going to go lay on my bed and watch some Netflix. The craft show tomorrow doesn't start until 10 so I'll probably leave the house around 7:30. 2 hours is more than enough time to set up.

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