Monday, October 31, 2022


Good morning Happy Halloween! I was a post slacker this weekend so I have a long one!

Friday night we went to sushi for dinner. So yummy! We went to Baskin Robbins after and there was a guy laying with his head on a shopping cart right by the door. I wonder how many people tripped on him. Instead of 31 flavors of ice cream they had about 12 with 2 of their freezers empty. Daniel's sister was working though and she waited on us so at least that part was nice lol.

Saturday I worked on Star Wars bags, got these all done. I have a stack of ones that need piecing to work on still.

I ended up going down to the Halloween Party for a bit but mostly just hung out in the bar. I spent $1 on a water and everything else I had was bought for me. That was nice lol. Buttt I should have went home earlier since I had to get up early and load my car still!

Sunday I was up early and got my car loaded with only a bit of unpacking/repacking to get it all in there. My mom came with me and we went to the event. I had to use my wagon to get everything in and it took several trips through a winding walkway with stuff stacked along the edges. What a work out! 

They had tables inside, out front and then I was back in the courtyard

I just brought one of the spinner racks 

and put the cup cozies in the boxes on the table

The set up worked out pretty good

The girl next to me on the left had incense burning ALL day and it started bothering towards the end and I'm still a bit messed up today.  How does everything annoying always end up blowing into my booth lol. I messaged the gal in charge for the next event and asked if she could put me so I'm not downwind of incense at the next one and she said she can't control the wind but she has me out front next time lol. Like obviously you can't control the wind..

I sold some stuff but not as much as I would have liked to make it worth going since it was an hour away. Hopefully the next one will be better being out front and closer to Christmas.

They had a Lobster food truck there! I got us 3 shrimp tacos to share, they were yummy

When we were packing up some guy out in the parking lot was yelling so loud. I was hoping someone wasn't going to get shot or something. The guy continued to be loud talking/yelling for at least half an hour, the whole time I was loading up. It took me three trip to the car with my wagon and the last one the security guard helped me hold boxes so I didn't have to go back a 4th time lol. I think I was the last one to get their stuff out of there. I am so sore this morning.

My mom wanted to stop at Jessica's work to have dinner. We didn't get there til 8 so we were the only ones there in the tiny place lol. I got a western burger and fries, yummy! I took 1/2 of it home for Trevor. 

I was so exhausted when I got home I went right to bed. I should have taken some Motrin or something before that though since all night I woke up hurting a bit. Definitely out of shape!

I was debating leaving my stuff in the car until Saturday for my next show but I need a few things out of there so I'll probably bring it in. 

AND tonight is Halloween! I just ordered some pizzas from Instacart lol. Need to clean up the house a bit. Have to get my vacuum back from Jessica since I still haven't taken her broken one back to Costco. Maybe I'll get that done this week.

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Friday, October 28, 2022

 Good morning happy Friday! Sadly I'm in the office today. I have a couple applications I saved to work on here and then what? I don't know lol. If I get bored I guess I can clean up this mess they left on the desk next to me. Or not. 

I did a ton of sewing yesterday but I didn't feel like cleaning my desk off to take pictures so I'll have to do that later. 

Last night I watched Sins Of The Mother on Netflix, It is about Lori Vallow. What a sick puppy she is. I didn't know that her craziness came from a religious root. People are freaking nuts. 

I guess my dad is feeling great and went to pick up his coffee and paper yesterday like he always does. He picks up my niece from school every day and did that too. My mom was like flabbergasted that we all thought he might die a couple days ago and now he's back to normal. He just has to wear a sling for a few weeks for everything to heal inside. Amazing.

Ok guess I should do something productive today. Blah. 

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Thursday, October 27, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday!
I didn't have any sewing pictures so here is Tubby being cute. I think I am going to leave the baby bassinet out until after Halloween then I will switch it out for the little portable crib my mom gave me. The cats haven't slept in it as much this time (I change the sheet/pillowcase before the baby comes over). 

I walked by her sleeping in this pile of laundry the other day. She was all intertwined. Such a goof ball. She is the most mellow of our three cats. I'm sure she is sad that Scott isn't here all the time now, she loves him the most. 

I worked on piecing some coasters together yesterday. I decided that I don't really like most of them but I'll probably just finish them off anyways. I was doing them very scrappy and I think they are a big blah. Might still toss the scrappier ones. Obviously I can't make up my mind haha.

Ordered some Instacart groceries this morning, you'd never know I spent $300 on groceries at the store last week and then another $70-ish from Instacart on the weekend. The fridge is bare. 


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Wednesday, October 26, 2022


Good morning happy Wednesday! 

I finished all my wine totes I had going yesterday, they went a lot faster than I thought. It had been awhile since I had made any. If I sell a lot this weekend maybe I'll make some more.

Today I am going to clean up my scraps again. I think I will make some Christmas coasters for the scraps. I have some animal scraps too I think so maybe some of those also.

I found a sub for myself for darts last night and left work early to go be with my mom while my dad has his surgery. My brother Louie came too and we went to a little Mexican place and had a meal and hung out while we waited. Everything went great and his heartrate went from being like 27 to 74 last night. Amazing! He was even texting me a little. Hopefully he'll feel so much better now. 

It is a bit chilly this morning. I put a towel next to Trevor's door because he has his window open with a fan there and it's like an artic blast when you walk by lol. Hope he doesn't get pneumonia with all that cold air. He probably has 12 blankets on in there. 

No plans for the rest of the week until Sunday for my craft show! Well unless I go to the party on Saturday night at the club. We shall see.


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Tuesday, October 25, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I almost got all my wine totes sewn up. 5 to go. I need to find another free collage thing. All the ones I used to use charge now.

Oh well here they are, Only a few that aren't Christmas. that I had cut out before and had in my unfinished projects box.

So news on my dad, he's maybe getting a pace maker at 3:30 today, hopefully he can make it through with the anesthesia. His heart rate was super low yesterday so I'm hoping it's not just going to give up.

He's been through a lot, he had really bad lymphoma over 20 years ago. Amazingly he has been in remission all these years.

The trip to Oregon for my mom and Trevor is off.  Not only because of my dad being sick but the friend they were going to move had to change her plans because her brother said at the last minute that she couldn't bring her dog. What a jerk. I guess she found some friends that will let her stay with them. Apparently she's trying to sell her house and move down here to be closer to the better doctors. She has cancer all over her body. I think she was being over zealous for how sick her body is. Would have been better just to stay put. I'm sure all the stress isn't helping her system.

I feel bad for Trevor but he took it well. If Scott wasn't busy taking care of his mom I'd say lets just go on a trip. Someone has to take care of the dogs though

Yesterday the soon to be boss sent out and email asking everyone what days they were planning to take off for the holidays. I asked her when she was going to be my boss? She said good question lol. Already worried about what days we are taking off and she's not even our boss yet :(

I only had a few days in for Thanksgiving time that already got approved so I should be good.  About to take ALL the days off lol.  If only we didn't need insurance. Scott has a really expensive blood thinner or I'd be tempted to just quit and get something on our own. I'd be dumb to quit though since it's so easy. We shall see how it goes when the new things happen. Currently my boss at the moment hasn't asked me to do anything in a week. I asked again yesterday about the letters and rolling apps (that will take me like a week to do probably) and she said no news on when to do them yet. I kind of think we are just supposed to do them and not wait for someone to tell us.. but I'll let her be the boss ;)

My house is cold this morning! Might have to clean out the heater soon so we can fire it up for a few minutes in the mornings to take off the chill. Or I can just put socks on, that might help. I already put a sweater on

Ok off to do something productive! Anyone watch anything good on Netflix or Prime lately? 


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Monday, October 24, 2022


Good morning happy Monday! 

Whew what a weekend! Three days of watching little ones. I remember why my kids are 5 and 4 years apart. Whoooweee that's some hard work. My body is even sore lol.

This adorable little thing likes to be held all day. You can sit her down in the little bouncer thing for a few minutes and she takes 30 minute naps if you're lucky.  Also I think my arm still smells like spit up. Good thing she is so adorable. 

Grandpa makes a great jungle gym apparently. This guy took 0 naps yesterday. He also maybe ate 1.5 chicken nuggets and a few handfuls of crackers. 

Anyhow, done babysitting for a bit. That's some hard work.

I had my sewing room door closed so Tina was playing in this pile of boxes I need to break down in my room. She was sleeping but heard me coming. Cats are so funny with boxes.

This weeks plans are darts on Tuesday, there is a Halloween party on Saturday but I don't know if I'm going or not (leaning towards not) and then my craft show in Fremont on Sunday.  I am working on Christmas wine bags now so we'll see if I get them done. I don't think they take long once I get everything set up. yesterday I managed to get the interfacing cut out and ironed on the ones that didn't need any piecing. I started working on the ones with piecing but ran out of time before the kiddos came over. I just passed out exhausted after they left haha.

Trevor made breakfast with homemade biscuits this morning. Gah so good. 

No news on my dad yet this morning. As of yesterday he was still in the room before the ICU waiting for a bed and was probably getting a pace maker "early in the week". Not sure if that is today?  My mom was waiting to hear back from her friend she was going to go see since she hadn't answered her phone calls so not sure what's going on with their trip at the moment either. I hate when people aren't definite. Times and dates people! 

Ok time for more coffee..


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Sunday, October 23, 2022


Hello my name is Julie and I'm EXHAUSTED! It's been a kiddos weekend and will continue today.

Anyone that has kids in their late 40's is crazy.
Friday night I watched them while they helped big Daniel's dad move. A couple hours was more like six :)Then Scott and I went to the bar for a bit and played darts. He won both games, go figure.

Yesterday morning I worked on Christmas wine tote bags. My plan was to cut one bag out of each of my Christmas fabrics. After going through ONE BIN I have like 20 so that's enough for now lol. I didn't realize I had three bins of Christmas fabrics. Where does it all come from? No idea lol.

Scott came home before the kids got here and ran the vacuum for me so that was so nice. They were here from 3 until almost 9 while Jess worked. Their dad came and got little D and took him back to the house for like an hour and then I took the baby over there an hour later and hung out a bit longer after he went to work and Jess came home. 

Peeking in at Uncle Trevor, he knows he can't go in there lol. Trevor has too many dangerous things in his room. Also that shit on the table there is stuff Trevor kicked out of his room when he cleaned it and just left it there. I guess I get to figure out what do do with it next.

Yesterday my (step) dad went to the ER and got admitted. They already know he has congestive heart failure but he's been doing pretty good for awhile. He hasn't felt right lately so he went in. They are talking about getting him a pace maker. I haven't talked to my mom yet this morning but I figure no news is good news right? Or waiting around waiting for some news. 

Her and Trevor were supposed to go on a road trip to Oregon on Wednesday to help her friend bring her car to CA. We'll see if that still happens or not. Hoping for Trevor it does but it doesn't seem all that likely. 

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Friday, October 21, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! It is a little cold this morning. Going to have to break out my sweatpants and socks soon haha.

I have a bit of scratchy throat this morning, hope I am not getting sick. I'm supposed to babysit this weekend.

I finished up these dog bags yesterday. I still have a pile to finish up. This was mostly just pulling out small pieces of fabric I had to use it up and I ended up with so many!

I also finished up watching all the free seasons of Alone on the History Channel. Apparently the one that was on Netflix was Season 8 (could have sworn it said 6). I finished 7 yesterday and 9 is locked that you have to have some kind of streaming plan that includes the History Channel so not watching that one yet. 

Back to my You Tube people I watch until something else sparks my interest or I get tired of them.

I'm so tired today. I could crawl back into bed and sleep for a few more hours. I can't believe October is almost over. We go from June to Christmas in a blink now. 


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