Friday, October 14, 2022



Good morning happy Friday!! I took a sick day today to go to dentist. 

I went and got that done. There is a new Dr and he was a bit weird. I don't think I got a very good examination. Usually they go through all your teeth. Nope he barely looked in there and just used the water pick a bit in the front. I got my teeth cleaned and x rayed and was told I'm doing a good job. Which is funny since the last time I was there last year they were like your teeth are just f&cked haha. See what difference the dentist makes? Also it cost me $56 but Scott didn't have to pay anything for his visit for the same thing. I asked why and it is because I had a "periodontal" cleaning (bullshit) but I'm flagged that way in the system so even if they don't do that deep cleaning like that I still have to pay for it. I call scam. Poor girls at the counter having to explain it to me. I was nice and didn't tell them it was a scam since it wasn't their fault.

So now I'm home and we are getting ready for the big community garage sale tomorrow! I'm so glad they are doing these now since usually we don't get much traffic out here but because the whole neighborhood is doing it people will come. 

I couldn't even walk in my sewing room without having to brace myself since the dogs lay in the walkway. But I cleaned it so now they call all fit lol. Hopefully I'll sell this stuff (or give it away) so it doesn't come back in. 

I pulled out 3 boxes of my too small clothes out of the shed and a box of 4th of July stuff that I never put out. Scott is out cleaning up the yard since he is also off from going to the dentist today. Once he's done I am going to wash off the porch and make sure all the dog poopies are picked up.  I think I might have us set up more in the side yard but we'll see. My mom is bringing a truck load of stuff. Please God let my sell her stuff, she really needs to get it cleaned out.

We are going to go get something for dinner tonight after she gets here.  She's going to sleep in her little trailer.

Look at our cutie skeleton girl, my friend Dee buys the kids little outfits for the holidays. 

Jess finally took in all the recycling she's been collecting. She said it was $127 worth. Woohoo! 

Hopefully tomorrow won't be windy. I will probably put some of my craft show stuff out too.

Oh and I finished these cat coin purses yesterday.

I started making some horse ones and zip bags. They are all cut out and any piecing done, ready for the batting to be cut. Probably won't get to those for a bit though. 

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