Wednesday, October 12, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! Made it into work today. Just got done being blinded by the sun coming through the window sheesh. 

Jess sent me these pictures yesterday. Gah so cute!

I got all my scraps cleaned up yesterday. I'm supposed to clean my room and get ready for the garage sale now BUT someone ordered a bunch of the little coin purses I made and wants one more so I guess I'll have to make that up. 

I went down to the kitchen/bar last night and got their dinner special. Tacos. Disgusting tacos. Why do people order those they were horrible. Last time for me. 

I didn't win any games of darts last night so that was disappointing. The team we were playing was pretty good too though. 

I'm deep into watching that show Alone. I need to figure out where I fell asleep last night. I was cracking up at the beginning of season 2 when this guy just saw bear poop and then tapped out. Like I don't even think he set his back pack down. I'd probably be the same but I wouldn't sign up in the first place haha.


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