Monday, December 30, 2019

Weekend Fun

Did you all have a good weekend?

driving home Friday night

I had to "work" (hardly anyone was working/coming in/calling) the 26th and 27th. I got home on the 26th and took down all the Christmas stuff and packed it up. Sadly the boxes are still in the living room since someone only did one of my two honey do's this weekend. I did get rid of about 4 boxes of stuff though. Well I will have gotten rid of it after it actually leaves my car at the donation center haha. I tried to take it Friday after work but they closed it down before I got there.

Friday I got home and Trevor decided to rearrange his room and kicked out furniture into the kitchen/living room. So much for getting stuff cleaned up. I wasn't too happy. I spent all weekend answering YES this dresser is still available to my ad on Marketplace. It's still here on Monday. People are so flaky.

Friday night I went to meet my friend down at the little bar and hung out there for a bit. Scott came down too and we visited with the neighbor friends.

My neighbor brought over some goodies for us. Buster is like are these for me?? You can see how well his face is healed up now.

He mostly sleeps on his old man chair. Tina decided she wanted to sleep there too. Doesn't he look like he's saying "MOM she's in my spot!"

I spent the rest of the weekend working on my little sewing projects and listing some stuff on Etsy & Ebay. I sold 13 items over the weekend so that was a good motivator to list some more! (all books & patterns)

All 4 cats came into sew with me at some point. Tubz (Tubby)  was pretty much with me the whole time. She's about outgrown her basket lol

Fits better in this one (her foot was cracking me up)

Watching the wild cats outside & birds

Tina on the right

I actually got caught up with all the You Tubers I like to watch. I somehow got hooked into watching people who buy & flip stuff (go figure). I mostly watch Blue Bus Dave (favorite), Paper & Moose, Bargain Barron's, Crazy Lamp Lady & Gemini Thrifts.  Now I just started watching a few that do some sewing stuff too but I can't remember their names.

I also finished watching Season 3 of Outlander (anyone else wonder why they don't all just go to 1960? less people trying to kill you...) and Season 2 of "You" which is disturbing and I probably won't watch if there is a season 3.

Oh HI, I'm up as high as I can get now. 

New wild cats, I pretty much see the same 4 or so but there were these 2 out there. My neighbor feeds 1000 cats I think and tries to get them fixed but can't catch them all.

Look at these cute fabrics. This one is vintage, came out of some scraps I bought somewhere. It was a partially made dress.

This one is funny!

I had went through all my animal fabrics a couple weeks ago and wound them on boards for my little fabric store set up I'm working on and cut some for little bags and mug cozies.

I finished up these key chains I had started too. I had hoped to get them done before Christmas but that didn't happen so we'll just have them for the next craft show. 

I finally called it quits at like 11:30 last night. I was matching up inside fabrics and zippers for the little bags. Started to feel a bit cross eyed so figured I should call it a night!

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Christmas Day

Brace yourself for all the pictures!

Mom's house, we open presents youngest to oldest. You must pose with your presents for pictures before opening lol.

The tree with everyone's presents from everyone lol

"Little Joe"

Vincent (when being the younger twin comes in handy!)


had to throw this one in, love it! Emma and her daddy.


Adrian was sick with a fever so my brother ran her presents over and she face-timed with us!







Joe (missing Maegen since she was home with Adrian)







Scott went and picked up his mom and sister between presents and dinner. Love his mom's crocheted sweater.

Ann & Suzie

Furry babies

My "babies"


Some of these pictures are from Jessica and my mom :)
After dinner I helped clear some plates, then everyone made to go boxes. I wanted to stay and help clean up more but we had to take Scott's mom and sister home. We were so funny all trying to get into my little car. I sat in the middle in the back between his mom and sister. At least I could see out the window ;)

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Christmas Morning

We had our little family for Christmas morning at our house. Scott had to fix something on Jessica's car for her so he spent the morning doing that while we were waiting for Melissa and Eric to get here.

Ready for the crew! My tree is only partially decorated. I was afraid the kittens would knock it over and break all the glass ornaments so there isn't much on there. At one point after it was up I looked over and Tubby was half way up the tree looking out! PS getting new curtains soon..

Taking a 5. I never sit in the living room anymore so the dogs were super stoked to sit on my lap lol

Trevor (notice he cut all his hair off)

Poor Melissa with her ear infection





This is what happens when I ask someone to take my picture...


Tubz! She put herself there, so cute

Tina helping with the wrapping

I think next year I'm going to try and have less trash. More reusable bags. Dumb we just buy stuff to throw away! Although I still have all the rolls left I just bought!

After opening gifts Scott went out to finish up Jessica's car and then we were off to my mom's house.

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