Wednesday, January 31, 2024


Good morning happy Wednesday!

Here is our new baby Nathaniel Paul. He's so cute! 
He was born at 8:01 8 pounds 11 ounces and 21" long. 

My  mom came and brought us lunch and then later watched the kids so I could go see the baby. 

They are doing really good. I braided Jessica's hair before I left. It is so long!

When I went to get on the freeway to come home the exit I needed was closed then I took the next one to circle back to go south and that one was closed too! TG For GPS to get me to finally get on the right direction. I know that area pretty well but not the little section where I ended up. 

Little D was sleeping when I got back but Rosie was wanting to party lol. She finally fell asleep with me around midnight. Little D came in at like 2:30 and then we all slept til 9! My phone had died so my 7am alarm didn't go off. 

The weather this week is gong to suck. Look at all that rain. I hope it's not as bad as they are saying. 

I got Trevor to bring me over some coffee this morning. I don't think they have a coffee pot here anymore. I never had any coffee yesterday and I was dying lol. Maybe in a bit we'll go over to my house. 

Ok off to fold some laundry and play with the kids some more!


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Tuesday, January 30, 2024


Good morning happy birthday day to my newest grandson! He is here! I got to facetime this morning with him :) Just waiting for mom and dad to share him with everyone before I do ;)

Got to the kids house a little bit before 4 am this morning. Little D woke up when they left and ran and jumped in their bed and went right back to sleep. Sheba kept him company.

Rosie and I saying good morning

Moose! He loves me and wants to chew on me like a puppy. 

Peeking at Grandma

Might go see the baby later today if Daniel's grandma comes to watch the kids. My mom said something about bring me lunch but it's already 11 lol. 

The kids and I had eggs and a sausage link for breakfast. Now to wash up the dishes! 

I'm off work for two weeks to help with the kids and I'm so glad I don't have to log on for awhile!

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Monday, January 29, 2024


Good morning happy Monday!
Reporting from Jessica's house. She's off to get her blood work done for her c section tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't take too long for her. Tomorrow morning they have to be there at like 5:30am and it's 1/2 an hour away so we'll all be up early.

Yesterday I got 2 rag quilts started! I need to get more backing material for both of them. to finish them up. I cut one set of batting. I'll have to buy more batting soon too. I think I have enough for one more to cut out. 

This one might be for my friend Carol if she likes it.

and this one I am going to donate to the car show to raffle. 

I cut out some squares of my remaining "truck" fabrics so I might play around with those if I have a little time here and there between watching the kids. We'll see!

Snookie is living her best life in this dog bed. She's so funny all stretched out. She can't hear anything anymore so unless she notices I get up she's sacked out a lot.

I made a big pot of white girl pasta last night. Also slightly burned my sourdough but it wasn't too bad lol.

Last day of working today and then I have two weeks off of being tethered to this lap top. TG I need a break. It's been since June last year that I've really had any time off, other than a day here and there. 

I was maybe going to go to New York in April but now that's moved to September. We'll see if that happens or not!

Ok next post we might have a new baby! Still don't know his name :)


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Sunday, January 28, 2024


Good morning happy Sunday! 

Here is my truck quilt all done! I sold it already too.

The kids came over so their parents could do some cleaning in prep for the new baby. First job for them was to empty the book case shelf lol.

They put themselves in the dog pen and had a great time playing in there 


When your drink becomes their drink

Good way to get them to drink some water I guess haha

Rosie took a pretty good nap. That turtle blanket was mine when I was a baby.

Trying to get him to take a picture with me. He looks so big! He looks a lot like Trevor here.

The kids went home and then we went to the crab feed down at the club house! I was a little disappointed that I didn't end up sitting by either of the people I had attempted to sit with. Someone changed the arrangements around. I told Scott I should just carry in my own table so I can get to sit with who I want. (This happens a lot at these events).  I knew the people we did end up sitting by I know Scott was disappointed because we weren't sitting by his friend.  

I may have cried several times through out the night missing my friend Traci. She was the club party girl. Missed seeing her bopping around :( Part of why I wanted to sit with certain people. First party I went to without her. 

It was fun seeing one of my quilts being raffled off! I think I will make one to donate to the St. Patrick's Day party.  I had several people tell me they were sad they didn't win. 

After the dinner we went into the bar and Scott wanted to go home. He was being a bit of a stick in the mud so he went home and I stayed and hung out (and cried a bit) with some other friends. I got a ride home so it was all good haha. 

No plans for today yet but I think I might end up with the littles at some point. Jess is supposed to go get some blood work done so not sure if that will happen before or after Daniel gets home from work. 

Time to pick out some new fabrics for a new quilt. I asked my FB friends what theme or color I should do next. Here's the answers so far:

Mermaid cats 
Country Themed
Winnie The Pooh (Classic)
Old car theme
Lipstick (this girl always wants lipstick stuff lol)

So guess I'll go rummage in my fabric cabinet and figure out what I want to do :)
Two more sleeps before baby!

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Saturday, January 27, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday!

So far Jessica is still pregnant so we might make it to the crab feed haha.  I bought this new bed for Simon since she was laying on Snookies. Snookie got to it first and thinks it's the best!
So funny. She was sacked out in it all day yesterday.

Simon said that's ok yours makes a good pillow.

I went through the stuff I got at the thrift store the other day. There are a few things worth a bit! The stocking is so cute. Wish I had the patience to make it up but I know I don't lol. I but them finished off eBay. That is worth maybe $30 and then there is a set of cross stitch books that have went for about $50 and I got the whole set for $1. Score! 

I finished up the truck rag quilt last night and put it in the washer this morning. I like the bright colors! Now to figure out what to work on next.

The kids are asking me to babysit so they can clean before the new one comes today. I said just for a couple hours since we have the crab feed later. I'm also dying of cramps today. I need to do laundry too. 

Scott had to go get water to make coffee. I'm ready for a cup! 

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Friday, January 26, 2024


Good morning happy Fri-Yeah!!

Yesterday I went into the office and did letters. I spent the rest of the day just uploading the letters to the document website. While I was doing this I was reminding myself how much I was getting paid to sit there and be THIS bored. OMG it's the worst!  They really need to come up with something less time consuming. 

I also managed to have this fall off my desk chair when I was trying to adjust it.  I did figure out how to get it to lean back a bit finally. It was like a tip you out angle.

After work was FINALLY over I went to the thrift store and picked up some stuff to use/resell. Then I went to the grocery store and got a few things for over $200! I had just enough time to come home, bring the stuff in, put the fridge/freezer stuff away, give the animals their dinner snacks and make it to darts.

I won two games and we won 5 out of the 7 so we won!! Woohoo. Afterwards I hung out with my friends Dawn and Sheryl for a bit. 

Just have today and Monday to work! Four more days til baby if he doesn't come sooner. She went to the doctor yesterday and everything is fine. 

Tomorrow night is the crab feed at the clubhouse. Should be fun and I don't have to worry about cooking dinner lol. Hopefully the baby waits to come until after that ;)

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Thursday, January 25, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday! 
Getting ready to go into the office in a minute. Letters day!
I have darts tonight too so a busy day. 
Today is my prediction day for the baby lets see if I'm right haha.

Simon is happily outside this morning. She was not happy being in the house all day yesterday. Here she is taking over ALL the sleeping spots that Snookie likes lol. I gave her a chew thing so she'd be happy for a minute. 

I spent all work day yesterday just uploading letters to the online website where they are stored. Took forever! The website is so slow and you have to check out each person's file and then check it back in when you're done.

After work I went to Joanns to get backing fabric for the quilt I'm working on. It took me awhile to find something that wasn't too expensive, matched and had 4 yards. 

This is what I got!

 I got it all the back pieces cut out and the batting all pinned together ready to sew now.

I picked up Panda for dinner. It was good! Sometimes they are better than others.

I picked up a little piece of this fabric at Joanns too. Reminded me of my mom. She loved it but was like you only got 1/2 a yard? lol.

I had a lot of fabric mail! I've been having fun on Whatnot again. I'm like it's so cheap I can resell it if I don't use it ;) The middle box was disappointing. It was vintage scrap pieces but they look like they've been washed 100 times. Definitely didn't look like that on the screen. The bottom box is beautifully packaged and made up for it! The top one was so so lol. 

Last night there was a gal selling mixed fabric by the pound. Great deals!  I may have an addiction haha.

Ok I need to get myself going! Have a great day! Only today, Friday and Monday to work then off for 2 weeks to help with the kids/baby!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2024


Good morning happy Wednesday! It is raining today. 
This is Simon telling me it's ok she still wants to go outside. Don't mind my hair lol. I gave her a chew stick thing and she finally left me alone. 

Jess popped over yesterday to get something and little man got a pop in visit for a couple hours. He's so cute although he's a little tornado lol. He saw the Barbie's I had in my sewing room so they got played with quite a bit. Everyone is n*ked lol. He also pulled the dog crate into the middle of the floor.

I took him home around 5 when his 2nd movie was over. Cleaned up and then made dinner.  Pepper steak and mashed potatoes. Trevor was sleeping and Scott wasn't home so I ate by myself. Would be nice to actually sit at the table and eat together but that hasn't happened since 2001 or something. Except special occasions. Scott didn't get home until almost 8pm.

I got all my squares sewn together. I was looking for some fabric to put on the back but I think I might have to go buy something. I don't have enough yardage of anything that matches. So either have to buy something or do pieced. Decisions decisions. 

Probably will cut out the batting and then set that aside until I go out and swing by Joanns.

Snookie's belly is making all kinds of noises this morning. We call it "icky belly" when she has this. It happens every so often. I don't know why she gets it. Sometimes I'll give her a Gas X and that seems to help. 

Scott's car broke down this morning but luckily he wasn't too far from home and Trevor was here to go pull him back. He took his truck instead. Guess it's a good thing to have extra cars. Trevor said the alternator went out. He just replaced that not that long ago so hopefully it has a warranty. It's just a matter of time til that car gives it up completely. I think it has over 300k!

Six more days til baby! Tomorrow is my guess on when he'll come. We'll see if I was right haha. Jess is just miserable and ready for him to come out!


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Tuesday, January 23, 2024


Hello happy Tuesday! 
I worked on straightening up my sewing room a bit more yesterday. You can't tell but this is way better haha. I need to work on those loose fabrics to put away next but I got tired of doing that. Tina's like oh we have a new configuration! 

Lucy was sad I messed up her nest she had going on and took over Snookie's bed. Poor Snookie back to the pillow lol. I went and got the little cat bed and brought it in but no one went in it.

Paused to make stew for dinner! There were some left overs but someone ate them while I was sleeping. 

New project! Someone had mentioned doing more little boy stuff awhile back and I found these that will be cute.

Everything is cut and pinned for the first round on the sewing machine.

I was going to go into the office today but I think I'll just go on Thursday. Then I should have enough stuff to keep me busy there all day. 

Listening to the state office teleconference. The leader has a thick accent so half the time I'm not even sure what he's talking about (and it's stuff I don't work on). I wish they could just do things in sections where you only had to watch what is part of your actual job. 

Simon's enjoying the outside air this morning. There is no rain in the forecast for today. 80% for tomorrow though!

That's all the excitement going on here. One week until baby boy is here!

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Monday, January 22, 2024


Hello Happy Monday!

Today would have been my inlaws 76th anniversary. This was from their 65th!

Yesterday I worked on cleaning up my sewing room a bit. Someone from Instagram sent me this box of scraps so I spent a huge chunk of the day cutting them into strips.

The results!

I also put the fabric that was in a crate from my friend Bernadette on cards and now I have these that were in a big under bed box to do. So glad to get that box out of my room since it was taking up a lot of space. Tina is holding them down for me.

This morning for work they made it official that they are switching our offices around a bit! I now have my old office back WOOHOOOO and kept 2 of the others. Currently still don't have any work to do but work on some letters though lol. Hopefully it will be a bit easier. Glad to be back to working on my home office though. 

8 more days til baby boy is here!

After I put away these fabrics I need to decide what rag quilt I want to make next. I'm just going to do another colors one. Trying to decide on which colors I want to do! I have so much green fabric but that isn't really a popular color that people want so probably not green unless I make something to donate to the St. Patrick's day party. 

Oh that reminds me I got Scott and I tickets to our club crab feed next weekend. Hopefully the baby doesn't decide to come then or right before lol. 

It's raining off and on here this morning. It looks like it rained all night. Simon was out for awhile this morning but now she's here chewing on her bone again. Hopefully she isn't too annoying wanting to go back out. Yesterday she was out there almost all day! She didn't even want to come in. Must be just the right temperature for her 20 layers of fur ;)


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