Tuesday, January 2, 2024


Good morning! Another snotty, coughing Julie here. Ugh.
Sick again! Not dying too bad yet but I'm sure that will come later.

Yesterday Scott brought this home from his mom's for Melissa. It holds a roll of stamps inside. It always sat on top of the bureau in the living room and she liked it. Probably because it's a Dalmatian. Just goes to prove the kids don't want fancy stuff when you die they just want the stuff that holds memories :)

Yesterday I held my breath when I washed this quilt. I was so worried that the colors would run but it came out great! I put in two of the color catching sheet things and they were totally red. 

This one came out 47" x 58". I had one more row I was going to add to the side but the patterns didn't match up very well so I left them off.

Yesterday I made Valentine's Quilt #3. I like the fabric I used on the back with it. I just have to put it in the washing machine to get it finished up!

I MIGHT have enough for one more quilt. I need to count up how many blocks are left. Last night I was like I'm done making these but today I'm like I can do one more lol. If I don't have enough to make a while quilt then I will put them with the left over blue ones I made and just add to them to do a mixed scrappy quilt later. 

Darlene is doing a quilt of the month square today. Maybe I'll do these too. It is nice to have something to keep me busy and fun to use scraps up. AND it has a cat in the middle! Definitely have to make that lol. I have a quilting book that is all cats. I should make some of those one of these days. 

There is no darts again this week so just a simple week home being sick probably. Although I think I'm supposed to babysit tomorrow while Jess goes for a sonogram. We'll see if I'm dying sick then. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Gosh you're sick again, I'm so sorry. Hope you feel better soon. Not a great way to start out 2024. Your quilt is beautiful!!!

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