Monday, January 22, 2024


Hello Happy Monday!

Today would have been my inlaws 76th anniversary. This was from their 65th!

Yesterday I worked on cleaning up my sewing room a bit. Someone from Instagram sent me this box of scraps so I spent a huge chunk of the day cutting them into strips.

The results!

I also put the fabric that was in a crate from my friend Bernadette on cards and now I have these that were in a big under bed box to do. So glad to get that box out of my room since it was taking up a lot of space. Tina is holding them down for me.

This morning for work they made it official that they are switching our offices around a bit! I now have my old office back WOOHOOOO and kept 2 of the others. Currently still don't have any work to do but work on some letters though lol. Hopefully it will be a bit easier. Glad to be back to working on my home office though. 

8 more days til baby boy is here!

After I put away these fabrics I need to decide what rag quilt I want to make next. I'm just going to do another colors one. Trying to decide on which colors I want to do! I have so much green fabric but that isn't really a popular color that people want so probably not green unless I make something to donate to the St. Patrick's day party. 

Oh that reminds me I got Scott and I tickets to our club crab feed next weekend. Hopefully the baby doesn't decide to come then or right before lol. 

It's raining off and on here this morning. It looks like it rained all night. Simon was out for awhile this morning but now she's here chewing on her bone again. Hopefully she isn't too annoying wanting to go back out. Yesterday she was out there almost all day! She didn't even want to come in. Must be just the right temperature for her 20 layers of fur ;)


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