Monday, January 15, 2024


Hello happy holiday Monday!

I stayed up super late last night/this morning til about 2 am. I was watching an old Survivor on Netflix. It was almost over and I was almost done working on the butterfly quilt and that's how it was 2am when I went to bed lol. All I have left to do is the cutting and then this one can go in the wash.

I have another set of fabrics all cut and sewn into their 4 squares. I had to get some more batting today to finish those off. I need to cut backing fabric too. I pulled out a couple options to see if there is enough yardage on them.

I slept in super late today and had just enough time to take a shower and get ready to meet my mom for a late birthday lunch. We went to El Jardin. So yummy. I got the steak fajitas. They are so good there and I have most of the meal still to eat for dinner. 

After my mom and I went into the worst Wal Mart around. I got a couple cans of cat food to fill in until my Amazon order gets here and she got some Valentine's stuff. The checkout lady was Soooooo sloooow it was like watching a sloth. I was trying to decide how old she was. I'm thinking maybe early to mid 80's although her hands didn't look as old as her face so maybe she wasn't that old. I told my mom she should be out in the garden center watering the plants or something sheesh. Sad people have to do jobs like that when they are older (unless they like working I know some people do). 

After we went to Joanns and that store is just a disaster. I think it was worse than the last time I was there. There were like 2 carts because they are using them all to hold their inventory that isn't being put on the shelves correctly Boxes and piles everywhere. I hope they aren't going to go out of business soon. They definitely have cut too far back on their employees. 

I went and dropped off a pack of diapers to Jess before I got home and hugged the littles. They are so cute! I'll be getting more time with them soon when Jess has the baby. 15 days til her c section date if she doesn't go before. 

Now I'm ready for a nap haha. I think I will cut the seams on the quilt then maybe take one. 

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