Tuesday, January 23, 2024


Hello happy Tuesday! 
I worked on straightening up my sewing room a bit more yesterday. You can't tell but this is way better haha. I need to work on those loose fabrics to put away next but I got tired of doing that. Tina's like oh we have a new configuration! 

Lucy was sad I messed up her nest she had going on and took over Snookie's bed. Poor Snookie back to the pillow lol. I went and got the little cat bed and brought it in but no one went in it.

Paused to make stew for dinner! There were some left overs but someone ate them while I was sleeping. 

New project! Someone had mentioned doing more little boy stuff awhile back and I found these that will be cute.

Everything is cut and pinned for the first round on the sewing machine.

I was going to go into the office today but I think I'll just go on Thursday. Then I should have enough stuff to keep me busy there all day. 

Listening to the state office teleconference. The leader has a thick accent so half the time I'm not even sure what he's talking about (and it's stuff I don't work on). I wish they could just do things in sections where you only had to watch what is part of your actual job. 

Simon's enjoying the outside air this morning. There is no rain in the forecast for today. 80% for tomorrow though!

That's all the excitement going on here. One week until baby boy is here!

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