Thursday, January 4, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday!

I got almost nothing done on my animals quilt yesterday other than pairing them up for the first round on the sewing machine. I need to add some fabric to a few here on the top to make them the right size. Trying to use up smaller pieces.

I actually had a little bit of work to do yesterday so that kept me busy for a bit. The kids came over at 2:30 and I was feeling tired and happy to go sit on the couch. 

Only one book shelf was cleared in the pursuit for lion books.  I got smart when I put them away and left the lions out and in front of the rest of the books lol. We'll see what he does next time. I don't mind if he pulls them all out anyways though since they like to look at them. 

This was kind of funny. She wasn't upset about him closing the door on her. He didn't latch it though ;) 

He got upset trying to pick a movie. I finally picked something that was good enough for him and next thing I knew he was sleeping. 

After the kids went home I made a frozen pizza they picked up for us and washed the dishes. I had my pizza then got really cold feeling and went to bed. I had a little fever :( I fell asleep for a bit and then when I woke up it was gone. I still felt crappy but I feel a lot better now that I'm up this morning. My throat still kind of hurts though. In my FB memories I'm sick almost every year at this time. It's official I'm allergic to winter. And yes I've been taking vitamins!

Work is dead today so far. Apparently this is the time of year we should all take a vacation but who wants to go anywhere when it's cold and you might have to deal with snow. Blech. 


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