Saturday, January 20, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday!

Tina being on neighborhood watch duty yesterday lol. She's currently laying on my left arm while I type lol.

Yesterday I got all my rows sewn on the cat quilt now to fold over the edges and sew then clip the seams. Then off to the washer!! Going back to easy math for the next one lol. First I need to clean up my sewing room a little bit. It's a nightmare.

I had darts last night. I won one game. The other gal won a game and that was it! So we lost overall. Sad!! We have another game (make up) to do today at 4:30. Hopefully we do better. The older lady on our team got someone to take over for her so we have a new member on the team. Sadly he's not a dart pro lol. I ended up hanging out talking until 11. Scott had come in for a little bit but didn't stay too long.

Sadly my paycheck was only $40 more. I guess our big raise will show up on the next one. Now I have to wait 2 more weeks!

That's it for today. Sewing and darts! Scott is cooking breakfast and the sausage smells so good. 

10 days til the baby is here unless he decides to come early!

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