Wednesday, January 24, 2024


Good morning happy Wednesday! It is raining today. 
This is Simon telling me it's ok she still wants to go outside. Don't mind my hair lol. I gave her a chew stick thing and she finally left me alone. 

Jess popped over yesterday to get something and little man got a pop in visit for a couple hours. He's so cute although he's a little tornado lol. He saw the Barbie's I had in my sewing room so they got played with quite a bit. Everyone is n*ked lol. He also pulled the dog crate into the middle of the floor.

I took him home around 5 when his 2nd movie was over. Cleaned up and then made dinner.  Pepper steak and mashed potatoes. Trevor was sleeping and Scott wasn't home so I ate by myself. Would be nice to actually sit at the table and eat together but that hasn't happened since 2001 or something. Except special occasions. Scott didn't get home until almost 8pm.

I got all my squares sewn together. I was looking for some fabric to put on the back but I think I might have to go buy something. I don't have enough yardage of anything that matches. So either have to buy something or do pieced. Decisions decisions. 

Probably will cut out the batting and then set that aside until I go out and swing by Joanns.

Snookie's belly is making all kinds of noises this morning. We call it "icky belly" when she has this. It happens every so often. I don't know why she gets it. Sometimes I'll give her a Gas X and that seems to help. 

Scott's car broke down this morning but luckily he wasn't too far from home and Trevor was here to go pull him back. He took his truck instead. Guess it's a good thing to have extra cars. Trevor said the alternator went out. He just replaced that not that long ago so hopefully it has a warranty. It's just a matter of time til that car gives it up completely. I think it has over 300k!

Six more days til baby! Tomorrow is my guess on when he'll come. We'll see if I was right haha. Jess is just miserable and ready for him to come out!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Your dog is so beautiful.
I'd take her out - bring her over. :-)

Julie H said...

@Peg, she loves being outside!

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