Friday, June 30, 2017

Girls Night Out

Well yesterday was a fun day.

I went to the thrift store on my lunch. Thursdays seems to be linen sale days so that's a good day for me to go.

Lots of fun stuff to resell yesterday!  Still need to take it out of the car and wash it and take good pictures. I need to work on my Etsy store, I haven't added anything in there in awhile.

After work I went straight over to meet up with my friends in Manteca at Pete's Restaurant and Brew House. They have a nice bar area there so we like to go there for drinks and then go across the street for Sushi.

Hate how round my face is but the food & drinks sure were good haha.Somehow our pre-dinner cost double what our actual dinner bill was. Funny how that happens.

Onto dinner! I got a kitty bowl lol

My friend Dee always wants to be adventurous so here is the eel she ordered. It was actually really good.

Go Go Roll on the left and spicy tuna on the right that was REALLY spicy.

Italian Roll

Puff Daddy, the best of the night

After dinner we sat and talked forever, then went outside and talked some more and played with some goofy app on my friends phone that puts make up on you. I think I'm too old for that one haha.  I didn't get home until after 10. No one left ANY lights on in the house so I tried not to kill myself when I came in. I think I may have watched about half an episode of American Crime but maybe not lol. Always fall asleep when I watch it in bed!

Today's plans are to swing by the grocery store on the way home, we have nothing to eat in our house. Poor Trevor is going to waste away.

Then I have to go down and help set up for the 4th of July party tomorrow down at the clubhouse.

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Well I didn't win BINGO last night, I only needed one more number on 2 cards for black out too. DARN!

When you buy your bingo cards they give us a red raffle ticket and then at the intermission they get pulled for the white elephant gifts people donate.  I've been trying to remember to bring something for the table each week. It's great for getting rid of stuff that someone else might want. This week I got this plant. Hopefully I won't kill it lol.

Last week my friend won a plant and the gal that donated it was telling her that her mother (maybe it was grandmother..) is sick and they had to get rid of her plants. The mother is dying but she's more worried about her plants than anything else. Maybe knowing that will help me to not kill it.

After BINGO we were hanging out. I told you I'd probably have a story so here you go!

You have to remember I live in a "club" area that is like a trailer park with houses (easiest way to describe it) and everyone knows everyone and you have to be a member (supposed to be anyways) to live there.

So this guy's son who has been in and out of jail apparently was in the bar and all tipsy and then went down to someone's dock and pulled his pants down. Then he came back to the bar. The people who have the dock weren't too happy with this and called the sheriff.

My friend Ginny is the President of the club at the moment so the girl working in the bar (attached to the kitchen area where we were playing bingo) comes and gets Ginny when this is all going down. She comes back and I was like well did he wag it at anyone? Everyone laughed. I was like if he didn't wag it at anyone I doubt they will do anything. Sure enough, since no one actually saw the beast and he didn't wag it at anyone they just gave him a ride home and told him to keep his pants on.

Gotta love small town drama haha.

Looking forward to drinks and sushi tonight with my buddies Carolyn and Dee. Dee is the one who adopted 3 boys so she doesn't get to go out without them much. Her daughter is home from college so we have bribed her to watch the boys so we can go out!
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Laundry Maid

I was super annoyed when I got home from work yesterday. The kids are on summer vacation and Scott did not work Monday or Tuesday and there was STILL a giant pile of laundry to be put away. Scott did make dinner and wash some dishes but that's all that got done ALL DAY around the house.  I guarantee that if I was off for 4 days in a row some shit would get cleaned up around the house. I'm about to reach the lose my shit point.

So I washed my own clothes and put my own clothes away and then I resigned from doing any one else's laundry.

When I went to be last night all that was left was Trevor's clothes. He told me he's going to leave the stuff he doesn't want anymore. (Half his clothes are too small since he's grown about 6" in the last year.)

I spent the rest of my evening watching American Crime and playing with some old yo-yo's I had started a long time ago. Some of the fabric in here is from when I made Scott pants back in the 90's lol. Kind of fun to look at it. No idea what I'm doing with these but I'm enjoying some little hand sewing. Years ago I made pillows for Christmas presents with some. Somewhere I have pictures of those. Maybe I'll make something like that for my craft booth.


Tonight is Bingo night! Maybe I'll win a couple dollars. I'm sure to have a few good stories from there if nothing else. One of my friends used to do theater and she's always saying "this is a skit" when funny stuff happens. I say or good blog posts maybe!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Drunks and Crafts

Last night before Bunco I had about an hour and Scott was making us some gourmet frozen pizza (ha) for dinner so I prepped the last bag I had to sew up. I got it all ready to zip around on the machine and then I was off to Bunco.

Bunco was fun. We only play once a month or so and it always feels like it takes a couple rounds of playing to get back in the groove. After we play 2 of the 4 games we take a break and have snacks that everyone brings. While we were having snacks it became apparent that one girl was definitely either on drugs or drunk or both. This gal has been known to get out of hand when she drinks so it's always like "be careful" around her. I have personally seen her flip her switch and go from nice to crazy. So that was fun. She was so squinty she could barely see the dice. They were talking afterwards about how to kick her out for the next time. I'm glad I'm not the one that has to deal with that.

When I got home I sewed up the bag I needed to finish. So I'm all done with my orders for my friend. There is one fold up bag, one mug cozy and one key fob for reach. They are gifts for the preschool teachers where her twin sons go to school.

So now I'm all caught up on my projects. What to make next...

Oh and I finished watching season 2 of American Crime last night. Now onto season 3! I can't talk about it because it will just create spoilers if you haven't watched it yet ;)

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Random Week Catch Up

Well it's funny to say but I'm relieved that the weather is only supposed to be in the high 90's this week. We had triple digit weather for over a week straight. Talk about miserable.

I did have one pool day at my friends house though (and took no pictures!)

I finished up the last of the little bags I was making ( I don't know why it rotates my pictures they are the right direction before I upload..)

and made some potholders out of scraps. I have a few potholders like this that someone gave me but mine turned out like crap. Not a perfect circle and bias tape, yuck.  I tried a couple different ways of making them for the binding but they just look crappy. Might have to find an actually tutorial that shows how to do them better for next time. At least I used up a bunch of scraps and I won't care if they get dirty in the kitchen lol.

After I finished those I started making some more teacher's presents for my friend. I have all but one of those things finished but haven't taken any pictures yet. I have Bunco tonight so not sure if I'll get to it or not but I would like to get it done tonight.

When I wasn't sewing this weekend we went to my brother Joe's house for a belated birthday party and father's day BBQ.  The kids swam and I sat around drinking Smirnoff Ice and put my feet in the pool.  My sister in law got 2 little bunnies. They put them out on the lawn for a bit and the dog on the outside of the little pen lol. She SOOO wanted to "just chew on their neck a bit" (name that movie).

Sunday I had book club. We haven't met in months since Tom passed away the day before the last one. It was nice to finally get together again. This month's book to read is called "A Thousand Days In Venice: An Unexpected Romance". I think I'll actually try to read this one, I haven't been reading much lately.

Probably because I'm addicted to Netflix series. I just finished watching Bloodline, which was sooo good until the last few episodes. I read somewhere that it was originally supposed to be 5 years and it got shortened to 3 so that is why they wrapped it up so quick. I finished that one and then started watching American Crime. The first series is set in Modesto, which is where I work so that is interesting. Now I'm onto the 2nd season which has the same actors with totally different parts and story line. So weird! 

Here's my plans for the week so far:

Thursday-Girls night out
Saturday-4th of July Party

Sometimes it feels like I'm never home..

Anyhow, that's what I've been up to, how about you? Watch any good shows lately? Read any good books? What projects are you working on?

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tom's Service

Tom Passed away at the end of April but the didn't have a service until the beginning of June (the same day Trevor graduated) since so many of the family members live in Minnesota, and to be able to get the church and the hall booked.

We got to the church a few minutes late so we missed the slide show, which was probably a good thing since I started bawling (I thought I was over that!) when we got there. There was a woman singing and playing the piano and she had the most beautiful voice.

My friend Traci got up and read something she wrote. Such a strong woman. I know I never would have been able to do that.

After the church service it was back to the clubhouse which was PACKED with people paying their respects.

Traci made such great displays of all his fishing shirts and hats. Our friend Ginny painted a picture from a picture and then ended up making up this fabulous hand out.

Traci's daughter in law made this "candy bar" with his favorite candies

We had to leave a little early since we had Trevor's graduation to go to, but it sure was nice to see how many people loved Tom.
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Friday, June 23, 2017

Jessica's 23rd

Still working on catching up old pictures!

After the car show we went out to dinner for Jessica's birthday. She had wanted to go to one restaurant but they couldn't seem to reserve a table for a large party (wth is up with places now?) so we ended up going to Chili's. Works for me!

Jessica's friends Alex, Iris, and Chelsea joined us (and my mom) for dinner.

Iris is a balloon artist and brought her balloons to entertain us with. She made me a flower but I forgot to take a picture of it.

and a hot dog on a hat for Jess haha

The waiter was like can you make me something (super cute kid lol) and she was like what would you like? He said anything so this is what he got.

He was totally impressed haha

When dinner was almost over I started getting some sad messages on my phone that my friend Traci's husband had been in some kind of accident and something bad happened. On the way home it was it was confirmed that he had passed away. We went over Traci's house when we got home since we were all so devastated. I stayed for a couple hours until after he was taken from the house (he was in a car accident which he walked away from, then came home and had a massive heart attack). So much sorrow. I think Tom is the first younger person I've been really close to that has passed away. Someone I spent time with multiple times a week. So so hard. He was really a big part of our community too.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Graffiti Night

I don't know why, but I love going to the Graffiti night every year. This year Scott was working but the kids wanted to go with me, so I was happy I got to go. Melissa brought her hula hoop and hooped for over an hour without stopping. Crazy girl. It was funny too because some of the people driving cars took pictures of her lol. Trevor decided about half way through the time we were there that he was bored and wanted to go but we had to wait for Melissa to finish... so he because a bit annoying.

This is the first time I've seen the cars just sitting. Maybe we usually get there a bit late and it's already going but they seemed to be sitting quite a bit even after I started. Usually they get to kind of wizzing by.

Not wanting his picture taken..

My mom had one of these dogs and he was a terror of a terrier lol. I can't imagine 4 of them.

People from the movie American Graffiti

It was so cold by the time we left, which was odd, and a week later we are having a heat wave with triple digits. I stopped at Starbucks after we left so I could get a hot drink to warm up!

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