Friday, March 31, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! Still off work today so booyyaaaa it's a great day. Hopefully haha.

It's the last day of March already. Time flies I tell ya. Unless I'm bored at work then it's long lol.

Yesterday I hit some thrift stores and scored big on some sewing supplies.  Here is my next flipping adventure lol. I need to go get some sandwich bags so I can sort them by color then I think I will put lots of them up on the FB group and then eBay. Fun fun. 

A few people went through my FB group post yesterday and claimed almost everything I had posted so if they all actually pay that is fantastic. I think I have 4 things left. 

I hit the grocery store that was next to the last thrift store I went to since I was running out of time and of course they did not have dog food so that is first on the list of things to do today. 

maybe get change for my booth at the bank (need to check what I have),
 pull out my stuff for my booth out of the shed, go through my stuff to take to the craft show and figure out how to get it all in the car. 

Just a few things.

I barely made it back in time for darts last night. I had to go in and play the first game then run home and throw the groceries in the house (Trevor put them away) and then back to the game. I made it back before it was even the next game I was in so go me haha. 

My stomach was bothering me a bit after darts was over so I just came home instead of hanging out.

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Thursday, March 30, 2023


Good morning happy no work Thursday! Woohoooo

To start my day I went out and put soap in the washer to rewash whatever is in there lol. Just about out of clean clothes I like to wear so need to wash some. Of course I had to move Trevor's new bike out of the way first. The garage has so much CRAP I need to work on cleaning it up since no one else gives a f*ck. I would so love to get rid of the GIANT car that never moves in there. At least push it outside or something so we can move in there. 

Need to pull out my rugs, Simon is finally not peeing in the house all the time. Occasionally she does a poo but not as bad as she was.  Might have to get a carpet cleaner to see if I can save them, otherwise off to the dumps. 

I just made a menu for a week and a grocery list. Even got it printed out. I picked all crock pot recipes for fun. We'll see how it goes lol.

Yesterday I went and picked up an order of steak fajitas for myself from El Jardin. God their meat is SO GOOD. Totally worth driving there and the expensive price tag lol.

FINALLY there is no rain in the forecast. I hope it stays that way. I need to pull my craft show stuff out of the shed and check my tent to make sure it didn't get moldy. Trevor had brought in a table awhile back and he said it had mold on it. Hopefully it was just dirt, I didn't look at it too much before he cleaned it. 

I did a Whatnot auction last night. It lasted about an hour before I was the only one in the room. I made about $60 before fees so not too bad. I'd say not too bad for an hours worth of work but I put a lot more time in there than that. Now to post what is left on the FB group. Some is the same as before but there are thousands of people (like 90 thousand!) so not everyone sees things when they get posted. I put a bunch of things in lots too so that might help move them out. I think that the FB group is a better place to sell but it is kind of fun to do the Whatnot auctions. I watch a few people that do storage unit stuff on there and that is definitely where the money is at on that app. Although they could probably get more for what they are selling on eBay, it moves faster through Whatnot. It's a good place to source too I think. I bought a couple large Strawberry Shortcake cut outs to sew and stuff on there last night. Need to look up how much those go for on eBay lol. If not much I will sew them up. Might cost a small fortune in stuffing though ;)

Might go do a little bit of thrifting before I go to the store. I have darts tonight. Need to pull out my tax stuff and work on that too. Boooo Hissss.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Good morning! Happy Wednesday! 

Today is my Friday since I took the next 2 days off. No plans but not having to log into work and keep the stupid thing on all day why I wait for an email or message sounds good. Thinking about maybe going thrifting but not sure. I have darts tomorrow night so I can't do anything too far away.

Yesterday I worked on cleaning out my animal fabrics some more. I still have a ton to go through. I put them on the FB group and sold some and the rest I put in my auction for Whatnot tonight.  I made some lots with the smaller pieces, which most are.  We'll see how it goes! Anything left will go back on the FB group in a new post.

I went through my bias tapes and put these in the store on Whatnot. I will put anything that doesn't sell on the FB group later. I'm just going to go around my sewing room and keep getting rid of stuff I don't use lol. 

I worked on some more buttons last night and am working on them again this morning. I sold most of the ones I had sewn on the little cards. It is relaxing to do while watching something. Until my hand starts to hurt then I have to stop lol.


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Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! 

Yesterday I made a mug rug set with these cute bears. I got bored with them after 4 so that's all there is lol. Put the rest in a baggie for another time. 

Rusty and I went for a ride to In & Out to pick up lunch. He loved it and his hamburger on the ride home. I should have put a sheet in the car though because now it's got a lot of dog hair. 

If I'm in my sewing room they are on the floor here in some kind of configuration. 

Couldn't decide on what to do last night and was bored so I started cutting out some more cross body bags. I hope they sell at the craft shows. 

The wind is blowing and the rain is coming in today. Weather report 100% rain for today. Boooo. Go away rain. Jessica's power is out for some kind of scheduled maintenance so I imagine they'll be over later. Too bad they got rid of all the play places at McDonald's and such. They were always good for days like today. 

I need to go through my animal fabrics some more, maybe just do a group at a time for my whatnot show I have scheduled for tomorrow. I thought about changing it but I think I will keep it. If I do one a week or so I can keep cleaning stuff out. They have them for handmade things too although I don't know how much people really sell. 

Almost time to go grocery shopping again. I pulled out the last pack of meat and we have 2 more rolls of toilet paper!

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Monday, March 27, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! 

I'm exhausted.
 I just figured out why my back hurts, I forgot I used my Chirp roller yesterday. I haven't used it in awhile and it makes me sore when I haven't apparently.

We survived another babysitting Sunday. Once again, anyone who has babies in their late 40's-50's is insane. I cannot wait until Rosie is bigger and can just talk instead of screaming :) She's so dang cute but she screams/cries a lot. She took two little naps while she was here TG. She was about ready for a 3rd when she got picked up lol. Look at Rusty all cute in the background. All the dogs love when the kids are here.

Oh look now he's squishing us out on the little couch lol.

Look at the dogs this morning. So cute! You'd never know they tried to kill each other over a piece of cheese yesterday. Simon is really food aggressive with people food. I've never had a dog do that before. It is a bit scary. I've started putting her in her kennel with the kids are eating at the table but Daniel likes to graze in the living room so that's a bit difficult. Once she gets her cone off and heals up she can go outside again for awhile when they are eating.

Not sure what I am going to work on today. I should be doing taxes and laundry but I don't wanna. If I get Thursday and Friday off like I asked (still hasn't been approved by my supervisor) I think I will try and get them going on Thursday. I need to get all my money out for my side hustles into a spreadsheet and then I'll be good to go. Let's pray I don't have to pay as much as last year. I'm amazed how a friend of ours makes almost 3x the amount of money and doesn't owe. How does that even work? I probably need an accountant to figure that one out for me.

Nothing to work on for my day job so guess I'll sew. I am bored of pulling fabrics out to sell. I did that all weekend.  I think I will make some mug rugs out of this cute little bear fabric I came across when I was going through them. Bears and daisies, so cute!

Ok I think I should take a shower so I can go down and meet the mail mail later. Still need to get my mail box lock fixed up. 


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Sunday, March 26, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! It's babysitting day so I have to clean soon. My house is a wipeout again. How does it get so bad in one week when I mostly just sit in my sewing room?  Must not be ME making the messes eh?

I don't have any cute pictures from yesterday so here is one Jess sent of the kids playing. So cute!

I went to the post office yesterday morning and mailed off my whatnot packages since I had a box too big for my mail slot box. 

I put the left overs onto the Facebook group and sold a few things. I started going through my animal theme fabrics and was like might as well try the FB group for those and sold a bunch. I think the FB group is the best way to sell since you get the money right away and the only fees is Paypal. Way less fees. So I think I will go back to selling there first and then maybe put what didn't sell on whatnot. Or just forget about whatnot all together lol. It is a good place to buy from though. 

Here's some of the pictures I took while going through them. I have been cutting most of the pieces I have in 1/2 and selling 1/2 of them. I don't need much to just make some cute bags or whatever. A lot of these got collected when I was making mug cozies and wanted all the different prints but I don't think I'm going to make those anymore. 

One more hour of screwing around then I need to clean. I actually slept in this morning which was so nice. Simon is finally feeling more like herself and perked up a bunch. I'll be glad when we can take the cone off. Poor thing!

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Saturday, March 25, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday!

I survived my first Whatnot sale! This is my sold pile of Christmas fabric

and this is what is left

Not too shabby. I think I made about $90 after fees. I only sold one thing of buttons and then I did sell a bunch of vintage trims. Everything went for my starting price though so that wasn't too exciting. I was just glad someone wanted to buy something lol. I have everything packed up and have to run at least one box to the post office. Unless I catch the mail man and he wants to take it. I think I'm going to try selling some the left over stuff on the Facebook group since I still have pictures of it. I scheduled another show for Wednesday but starting at 8 instead of 6. That was when more people showed up. Some people do two shows a day. Crazy.

My mom sent me this lol. They made it to their first stop last night. Hopefully they make it through the snowy areas today ok. 

Simon got spayed yesterday so now she is a lampshade. She is miserable and threw up twice this morning. Hopefully she doesn't keep doing that. Pretty sure she still is drugged up a bit by how she is acting. I feel bad for her. Hope she comes around soon. 

Today's plan? Not quite sure. Maybe starting with the FB group to try and sell some of this stuff and then go from there. Scott and I had talked about maybe going to the Good Guys car show but I don't think that is going to happen since he didn't bring it up again.

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Friday, March 24, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! Woohoo it's Whatnot sale Friday! Hopefully I can figure out how to do it right lol. People are super nice on there though so I'm sure it will be good.

Yesterday I went and got a cake for Scott's mom and then took it over to the house. Scott wasn't there yet but his brother's truck was so I left again for a bit. Scott said they were out of  ice cream so I went and got some and he was there by the time I got back. Didn't really feel like talking to him without Scott there lol.

His mom was in good spirits and only rambled a bit about stuff that no one knew what she was talking about. Scott said she has lucid moments so I guess that was it. That was nice. She ate her cake and ice cream and then we went and got something to eat. In the past we'd bring food but she's so weird about food now. 

Melissa & Eric came too

Scott and I went to Chili's and had dinner and hung out. The kids went to Dairy Queen since they had planned that already. 

He had bought some windshield wipers for my car and finally remembered to put them on. That was nice of him. I used to go bug my dad when I needed new ones but now he lives in Arkansas so that's a bit of a drive ;)

This morning Simon is at her spay appointment. I hope it goes well and she's not in too much pain. Trevor must have went shopping or something since he didn't come back yet. 

I've been playing with my scraps for my current sewing project. 

I got the 2" squares sew into 4 and stowed them away for now. I think I have more in another box. I didn't feel like rooting around for it. 

Now I'm working on the 1 1/2" strips. Quite a few are going into keychain lengths since they are cute prints.

My mom flew to Oregon yesterday and is helping her friend drive her car and her dog back to CA. This morning it occurred to me that there is a lot of bad weather so hopefully they make it back ok. Her friend has a metal hip and rod in her leg and has cancer working it's way all around her body.  Hopefully they make it back here without any craziness. Her friend has a husky too! 

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Thursday, March 23, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday! 

Today is my mother in laws 93rd birthday. Scott said she doesn't know it's her birthday even though he told her. I said then it will be a surprise when we bring her some cake lol. We'll go over tonight for a bit. 

Yesterday after work I went down to the levee watch center aka the musty board room down at the clubhouse. It took forever for the person I was relieving to leave and then I did literally nothing but sit at table and play with my buttons until 6 when my relief person came in. I won't be signing up for that anymore since it is DUMB lol. The idea is you keep the snacks and coffee going but these old ladies with nothing to keep them busy already did it all. Why they would need someone to be there the whole time is beyond me. 

Since the shift was only 2 hours instead of 4 I made the soup I had planned. Trevor fried some corn tortilla chips to go with it and that was actually the best part of the meal lol.

Other than that I worked on cleaning up my sewing room a bit and putting away all my fabric I had all over. Then I worked on my huge bin of scraps I had from doing the cross body bags and the last of the zip bags. They are cut all pretty now. Now to play with them or put them away...

I am all ready for my Whatnot sale tomorrow. I think I will schedule another one for the next week, maybe. Thinking of doing some animal print fabrics and then whatever doesn't sell this week we'll add to it.  I'm all about the themes, you know?  Maybe I'll do one for Wednesday. That will give me something to do for a few days.

Next week I have darts on Thursday and Saturday is a craft show! I'm scared to look at the weather! Okay I peeked and it says a little cloudy and a high of 63 and no rain! I hope it stays with the no rain.

Tomorrow Simon is getting spayed in the morning. I hope it all goes ok! I'm having to change over the dogs food because it appears they no longer make the one I used to buy them. Luckily I realized that before I was completely out. Their bellies are not totally happy with them being mixed. Hopefully eventually they will be ok with a new one.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday!

Look at our cute binky bear. She went to the Dr. yesterday. No ear infection, just teething. She has a bump on he back of her head and they said it is fine just a nodule. She got two shots while she was there. 

I had darts last night, here is our updated team. The gal on the left is the new player. I got 3 low tons and won the last game so that was exciting. I think our team won 5 out of 7 games. 

Tonight I am going to the levee watch command center aka the board room from 4-8. Duties include making sure there is coffee in the coffee pot lol.  Last night I had a can of soup for dinner, might end up doing the same for tonight.

Today's plan is to finish cleaning up my misc pieces of fabric all over my sewing room and finish putting my listings on Whatnot. I was missing a picture last night when I was working on it so have to pull one thing out again.

It is raining AGAIN this morning. Ugh. Go away already. So sick of the rain. 


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Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! I have darts tonight so something to get out of the house for.

Yesterday I finished up the last 3 bags I had cut out.

I love this one, it started it's life as a pillow sham. I bought it when I did my Goodwill shop after my Davis training.

Tina helping me sew

When I was done with that I worked on some more listings for my whatnot auction on Friday. I emptied out 2 shoe box tubs of Christmas fabric from the book shelf, ironed, measured, took pictures and put in my notebook. Then I went to start uploading them to the site and a bunch of pictures are missing. DOH! So have to go back and take some pictures that I thought I had taken but I guess not. 

I had these in with my Christmas fabrics, I think I am going to make them Giveaways. The bunny I dated 2000. Back when I did a lot of cross stitch. Now I'd have to use a magnifying glass I think. 

This one was a stamped one I believe. It's pulls into the center a bit but ironed out pretty good.

We had a fancy dinner last night. It was good! I'm not a huge hot dog fan but they hit the spot every so often.

Trevor has a lunch date so I'll get the house to myself for a little bit today. It's raining outside again. I'm so over rain. 


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Monday, March 20, 2023


Good morning happy Monday. As happy as a Monday can be eh?
My dart partner Lana just called and said something happened at the bar with one of our team mates and now she will not be playing so we have to get someone to take her place. Fun. Wonder what the rumor mill will dig up on that one. 

Yesterday I worked on my whatnot auction stuff a bit more and sewed up one more bag. I have 3 more to sew up in my ready to sew pile.  I want to get one of those ham ironing things to help iron the edges. Next time I go to Manteca I'll stop in Joanns and see if they have one. Might be faster to just order one off Amazon though. 

After I was done with my bag I cleaned up the living room and the kitchen. It is amazing how much stuff ends up on the kitchen table in a week. Definitely a dumping grounds. 

Look at Tubby she is so funny. She climbs in the bouncer chair all by herself. 

The kids got here around 2:30. Rosie is almost crawling. She'll probably be zooming by next weekend. She will go about one crawl step and then lay down. She will roll if she wants to get somewhere faster lol. Look at her nanny dogs. They take their job seriously!

Trevor was getting her to crawl to the ball.

She took a nap and woke up fussy and rubbing her ears so hopefully she doesn't have an ear infection. She stopped after a bit but she seemed like they were bothering her. 

I made this for dinner thinking Daniel would like it but he didn't even touch it. He buried it with his top ramen noodles from earlier. I just used ground beef so it wouldn't be too spicy for him. Oh well we all ate it besides him lol.

Jess ran to the store after work so they got picked up around 10. I cleaned up the toys and went to bed lol.

Today is staff meeting day for work. One down one to go in 5 minutes. They ae so blah since I'm just this annoying background girl now that no one cares about. I miss being important. Oh well so is life.


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