Thursday, March 30, 2023


Good morning happy no work Thursday! Woohoooo

To start my day I went out and put soap in the washer to rewash whatever is in there lol. Just about out of clean clothes I like to wear so need to wash some. Of course I had to move Trevor's new bike out of the way first. The garage has so much CRAP I need to work on cleaning it up since no one else gives a f*ck. I would so love to get rid of the GIANT car that never moves in there. At least push it outside or something so we can move in there. 

Need to pull out my rugs, Simon is finally not peeing in the house all the time. Occasionally she does a poo but not as bad as she was.  Might have to get a carpet cleaner to see if I can save them, otherwise off to the dumps. 

I just made a menu for a week and a grocery list. Even got it printed out. I picked all crock pot recipes for fun. We'll see how it goes lol.

Yesterday I went and picked up an order of steak fajitas for myself from El Jardin. God their meat is SO GOOD. Totally worth driving there and the expensive price tag lol.

FINALLY there is no rain in the forecast. I hope it stays that way. I need to pull my craft show stuff out of the shed and check my tent to make sure it didn't get moldy. Trevor had brought in a table awhile back and he said it had mold on it. Hopefully it was just dirt, I didn't look at it too much before he cleaned it. 

I did a Whatnot auction last night. It lasted about an hour before I was the only one in the room. I made about $60 before fees so not too bad. I'd say not too bad for an hours worth of work but I put a lot more time in there than that. Now to post what is left on the FB group. Some is the same as before but there are thousands of people (like 90 thousand!) so not everyone sees things when they get posted. I put a bunch of things in lots too so that might help move them out. I think that the FB group is a better place to sell but it is kind of fun to do the Whatnot auctions. I watch a few people that do storage unit stuff on there and that is definitely where the money is at on that app. Although they could probably get more for what they are selling on eBay, it moves faster through Whatnot. It's a good place to source too I think. I bought a couple large Strawberry Shortcake cut outs to sew and stuff on there last night. Need to look up how much those go for on eBay lol. If not much I will sew them up. Might cost a small fortune in stuffing though ;)

Might go do a little bit of thrifting before I go to the store. I have darts tonight. Need to pull out my tax stuff and work on that too. Boooo Hissss.

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