Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! Other than going to Bunco last night I sewed cross body bags all day!

I pretty much love them all. Alexander Henry prints are so fun! This fabric was in the stuff I got from the neighbor for free. I have enough to make a couple more bags if this one sells.

other side

Pocket inside

I sold this one to my neighbor 

Other side

inside pocket

and this beauty!

other side

pocket inside

I have one more almost done with just green string strips and then have a blue patchwork type fabric one cut out to sew together. 

Then I might just make up a few zip bags of fabrics I had pulled out before I went to the big bag side.

I took my St Patrick's garlands to bunco last night and sold a few more at $10 each. They are definitely more work than $10 each but I don't want to get stuck with them all. I still have 9 I think. I should keep one for myself too ;)


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