Monday, March 6, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! I logged into my email and there is nothing to do yet for work. Sounds like a fun day!

I finished made this bag last night. LOVE it! The colors are so fun. I already sold it (although she didn't pay yet but I'm sure she will). 

other side

pocket inside. I have a little bit more of the fabric but think I'll have to fussy cut it to make another one.

Simon rolled in poo yesterday so she got a bath. Yucka. Glad she's Trevor's dog for that haha

I drove my work way to go to lunch yesterday. The almond trees are in full bloom although some are losing their petals. Hopefully they aren't all getting damaged from all our rain and HAIL yesterday.

I met my friends Kristin and Joanne for lunch yesterday. I had a great time except my blended margarita had huge chunks of ice in it so they kept getting stuck in the straw and then my food had a long black hair in it. So gross. Sent that back and got a fresh plate. I think that is the first time I've ever sent my food back.

After we went and got a coffee and walked around my work building a couple times since Joanne wanted to stretch her legs. This way we had a bathroom close by and knew it was a little safer place to walk. We forgot to take a picture, which is sad! 

After I went to a Goodwill and found nothing and then I went to Michaels and got a skein of yarn and a t shirt to iron on a Jungle Book transfer I bought for Daniel. I would have done more thrifting but all the stores were going to close and the Hope Chest ones aren't open on Sundays now. 

I sold a few more needles on eBay yesterday. I've sold about $400 in needles now. And you all thought I was crazy when I got them right?

I have Bunco tonight. Need to make some food to take with me. I think I am going to make this crock pot chili with me for my food contribution.

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