Tuesday, March 14, 2023



Good morning happy Tuesday (had to check what day it was lol). We are on maximum telework for this crazy weather again so I'll gladly stay home haha. Not like I have any work to do anyways. So far today I did one thing wooooweee so busy.

Trevor wanted me to go with him to town yesterday and try another motor for his windshield wipers. He tried it in the parking lot and it didn't work so he took it back in and said he was going to try some place else. They can only order refurbished ones I guess.  This store used to be a Safeway when I was little. I vaguely remember going in but we used to drive by it all the time. 


We went to Nations for dinner. Man it was $20 just for my food. I got a bacon cheeseburger and Trevor got 2 chili dogs. He didn't like that he could not pick them up lol. We got pie to go too. I got coconut cream but then scraped off the whipped cream since it over powered it. 

The other day this girl messaged me on Instagram about making me a logo. I was like sure. Then she kept nickel and diming me. It was very scammy feeling. I finally told her after the last one where she wanted another $10 just to email me a copy I wasn't going to do that. I told her maybe she should do a price list and be more up front with a package instead of being like a scammer lol. She took it well ;)

This is the first one she made and then I was like well I don't really sew clothes. I told her she could just take the dress off.

So she made this one which I like but I'm going to play with it and see if I can take off the black circle and maybe wrap the name on the to around. I know how to do some stuff just not draw myself as a cartoon lol.

Today's goal is to FINISH these bags! They are almost done. Just have to sew the edges together and flip! Then I need to clean up my scrap can again since it is over flowing. And my room is a mess so need to clean that up a bit.

I think I'll finish these up first then list a few things on eBay. 

The weather is horrible here it is super windy and the river is high. AND it's raining again. Stupid. Just stop already weather!

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