Monday, March 20, 2023


Good morning happy Monday. As happy as a Monday can be eh?
My dart partner Lana just called and said something happened at the bar with one of our team mates and now she will not be playing so we have to get someone to take her place. Fun. Wonder what the rumor mill will dig up on that one. 

Yesterday I worked on my whatnot auction stuff a bit more and sewed up one more bag. I have 3 more to sew up in my ready to sew pile.  I want to get one of those ham ironing things to help iron the edges. Next time I go to Manteca I'll stop in Joanns and see if they have one. Might be faster to just order one off Amazon though. 

After I was done with my bag I cleaned up the living room and the kitchen. It is amazing how much stuff ends up on the kitchen table in a week. Definitely a dumping grounds. 

Look at Tubby she is so funny. She climbs in the bouncer chair all by herself. 

The kids got here around 2:30. Rosie is almost crawling. She'll probably be zooming by next weekend. She will go about one crawl step and then lay down. She will roll if she wants to get somewhere faster lol. Look at her nanny dogs. They take their job seriously!

Trevor was getting her to crawl to the ball.

She took a nap and woke up fussy and rubbing her ears so hopefully she doesn't have an ear infection. She stopped after a bit but she seemed like they were bothering her. 

I made this for dinner thinking Daniel would like it but he didn't even touch it. He buried it with his top ramen noodles from earlier. I just used ground beef so it wouldn't be too spicy for him. Oh well we all ate it besides him lol.

Jess ran to the store after work so they got picked up around 10. I cleaned up the toys and went to bed lol.

Today is staff meeting day for work. One down one to go in 5 minutes. They ae so blah since I'm just this annoying background girl now that no one cares about. I miss being important. Oh well so is life.


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