Wednesday, March 15, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday! I did my little onboarding thing for Whatnot this morning. Now I can sell there! First I need to figure out what I am going to sell for my first show. I think I might do fat quarters, people seem to like those (18x24 pieces of fabric), some buttons, maybe some ribbons and a few misc things.  If you want to sign up for whatnot you can sign up with my link and we both get $10 to spend! 

I finished all my zip bags I had going yesterday . I love how these came out, here is side A & side B

and then a bunch of misc bags 

When I got done with those I cleaned up my room a bit. Getting closer to no tubs on the floor. Some day those will all be gone (maybe haha)

I started cutting out some more cross body bags. These are kind of funky ones from fabric I had actually bought to use for bags. 

This one is as old as me. I think someone used it for a table covering or something since it was hemmed. All chopped up now.

Never fails when I change my blade

Look how crazy the snow is up north. Ski resorts can't even run since there is TOO MUCH SNOW.

I made this for lunch yesterday, so yummy. I think I was supposed to keep 2 of the crescent rolls together but hadn't printed that part of the recipe off. I think it is pretty like this. 

and Trevor made our dinner. Lacking veggies since we don't have any. I guess I should have bought more when I went shopping. It was delicious!

Ok I have 2 emails of work to do I guess I should do them ;)


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