Friday, March 3, 2023


Hello happy Friday! I spent my morning writing letters so that is done now. I am going to take Rusty to the vet later for the big open sore on his behind. Hopefully he comes back home. They'll probably have to put him asleep to even look at it. He's a feisty old man.

Yesterday I changed my mind again and made up this patchwork cross body bag. I like the way the design came out.

Here is the other side that I used 1.5" scraps for. Some day I'll run out of green scraps but probably not haha.

I actually cooked dinner last night. This was pretty good but I ruined the low carb part by eating over rice haha.

I pulled out some chicken thighs for dinner tonight.

My mom's little bunny passed away yesterday. She loved that little bunny. She rescued it from my brother's house. My sister in law had put it outside where you'd put a plant you didn't want anymore so you didn't have to watch it die.  My mom had him for a couple years. 

I need to figure out what my next little sewing project will be. Time to dig in my basket with some unfinished projects in it :)
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