Sunday, March 19, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! Why does the weekend have to go so fast? 

Yesterday we went to my niece and nephew's 9th birthday! So crazy they are 9 already. There wasn't very many people there so I am glad we went. My other brother had company so wasn't able to go I guess. 

Big sister Ava, Emma & Vincent

We took Daniel with us. Sadly there weren't any little kids to play with but Vincent & Emma played with him a bit. 

They both got a skateboard for their birthday, I hope that doesn't lead to broken bones lol

Crashed out on the way home

We checked out the river real quick, still not up on the levee so that is good. 

Then we went to the St Patty's party. Yum! Gave half that cabbage to my friend Traci lol

I look like crap. What's up with my bangs? I just trimmed them too but they still look too long. I need to go get my hair cut I think. Scott got his cut yesterday and they trimmed his eyebrows too lol.

My friends Traci and Ginny

Little Miss Rosie. Her mom sent me these pictures, so cute. She is 9 months old now.

The kids will be coming over later while their mom goes to work so I have a little bit of time before I have to clean the house lol. 

I am working on getting fabrics ready for my whatnot sale on Friday. I have 20 Christmas fabrics & panels ready to go. That was one bin's worth on my shelf.  Just need to finish adding those to the site for a preview. Trying to decide what else to add to it. 

Ok going to work on that some more!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You look fine! We are all so hard on ourselves. Glad to see you aren't flooded. My sister in law who lives in Crestline in the San Bernadino mountains and has been in snow hell. We kept seeing her town shown on the nightly news. You guys are really getting it. I hope you stay high and dry!!

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