Friday, March 10, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! Wednesday night Trevor and I went to Chinese food before we went to the grocery store. It was delicious! We got a slightly spicy meal that we don't usually get. 

Got the grocery shopping done so that is good. Snacks and food for a little bit.

Yesterday I went into the office to do letters. Blah. Got that done, hopefully they don't get returned for incorrect postage because our postage machine wasn't working right. I ended up just making it all 3 oz and running them through.

On my lunch and after work I hit the thrift stores. I got a bunch of patterns and some books to sell along with some fabric and misc items. Currently working on this basket of patterns and putting them on eBay. I applied to be a seller on What Not. I have watched a ton of auctions now so I think I can do it. Just waiting to be approved. 

Simon was so happy when I came home yesterday. She was a blur lol. She was outside this morning and she was digging in the mud so she's a mess and so is the floor now. That's all she gets for today. We are down to 5 days of rain and monitoring the river again. Such fun. I hate when it's like this. Oh last night we had some thunder and lightening. I was sleeping and there was the loudest bang! It woke me up and I went and looked out the window but didn't see anything. Totally scared the crap out of me. It took me like 3 hours to fall back to sleep so I was nice and grouchy this morning.

I have a bunch of bags in various stages. I had to put them in baskets for a bit to clean up my desk. Of course Tina immediately goes and takes a nap on them. 

ok back to doing some more eBay listings. I have 4 packages of needles going out today. Nice that they are still selling.

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