Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Alll byyy myyyy selllff

Happy Tuesday!

Anyone else sing that song when they are home alone? I'm home all by myself except for the animals, who are all reminding me that I'm not home alone haha.

This morning Melissa came and picked Trevor up to go to his last school registration day. He could have went himself but she has went with him to all of them so he called her up. So sweet. I signed him up that he needs his a laptop and a hot spot for school at home since he uses my laptop and hogs it and sometimes our internet sucks. Figured it wouldn't hurt for him to have his own school device.

 Anyone else like this working at home?

Beginning of stay at home for the pandemic,
Get up at normal before work time, take a shower, get dressed, sit to work

Couple months in
Get up at time I start work, run in and get the computer started up
Take a shower or wash my hair and get dressed
Start work

Get up and get work lap top, bring back to bed
Check emails until something important comes along that I really have to concentrate on
Go back and sit at the desk and work
Shower? Maybe.
Dressed? Usually change into something comfy by noon.

Yesterday I finished my last blue block, I think they look nice together. The upper corner one stands out a bit with the brighter blue and yellow

I thought I'd make 4 yellows with some blues next. This one seems a bit funky lol

That odd ball blue one with the yellow next to it.

If I make a bunch of colors I can mix them all up maybe...

We'll see what I end up doing! I pulled out a bunch more yellow fabrics to work with todayPin It

Monday, August 3, 2020

Living Room Remodeling and Scrappy Quilt Squares

Well we had a productive weekend here!

Friday I cleaned the fridge since it was pretty much empty. Yes that really is all the food that was in there.

So here is our before picture for the living room windows (just noticed that picture on the TV)

This is how it is now! Scott got a lot done this weekend. Now he's decided that we should take the sheetrock off those 2 walls (I've been saying that all along) because there is for sure no insulation in them.  He needs to fix some wiring while he's at it (like hard wire the AC in, move the internet line and cable line). He keeps talking about moving the air conditioner but I'm like I think it's good where it is. All I know is I scraped off that damn border off those walls for nothing LMAO.

We went to Home Depot on Saturday and got trim for around the windows for inside and out but that was before he decided that the sheetrock should come down so maybe he'll just get it put up on the outside windows.

So that is what Scott did all weekend. I of course did some sewing!

I sewed up 5 masks, 4 for an order but it was the sunflower fabric I used in another post so they all look the same. Then I fixed one mask for a friend.

Did a little work for my secret project that just needs 2 more steps done now (waiting on someone else for that)

I had been looking for some ideas for doing some scrap quilting and decided I liked this idea since it was simple and free haha

So I made up a bunch with blue fabrics (after cutting all my scraps I had in a pile into the correct size pieces, that was dumb and a waste of time really) and then decided that I didn't like the big piece of color in the middle so cut it in half on the diagonal and mixed them up.

I got 2 bigger blocks finished, I kind of like them (you fancy quilters don't look at my seams lining up too closely!)

I made up enough to make 2 more blue blocks but then one of the smaller squares doesn't quite match so I need to make up one more and then sew them together. Debating on doing my other colors or just making a bunch of blue ones. I'm kind of leaning towards just doing blues now. 

Well my boss worked over the weekend so I have like 20 emails of stuff to do today. I guess I should get to it. I've already had to close the window in here since the neighbor is using a jack hammer. I guess he wanted to get done before it got too hot. 

Here is my Tubby in a tub being carried around the house, she's so cute :)

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Cat Dairy Chronicles 10/4

Cat Diary Chronicles
What are the cat diary chronicles? These are two diaries found in a storage locker by storage locker pickers. The author of the diaries is now deceased. I thought it would be fun to share them. All traceable names will be changed.

We will be starting with the Siamese Diary. The beginning of the diary does not have the year but it is added a few pages later so I'm assuming we are starting in 1987.

10/4 Skipped several months

This last months have been most traumatic. 

Got a job and started on March 31-just in time for a year end audit that lasted forever. 

Tom and Diana's marriage hit the rocks on June 20 and Tom moved home. He was so depressed-and on July 11th he died. At first we accepted that he killed himself-the Lord only knows he took enough pills and booze to sink a ship. I found an expired vial of Valium that he appeared to have injected. But the coroner's report said there were no drugs in his system.-his heart simply gave out.  It all seems such a waste- and now we struggle to put our lives back into place. He walked out of life leaving me holding the bag-as usual. The roof will still leak, the bank will still slide and now I don't have his muscle to help.  I don't know what I'll do-I sure can't do it alone and I don't know where to turn. I'm angry and I feel such a loss. He was still my brother-with all his faults-and I still loved him-but never told him. Damned dummy-the ultimate rank-but this isn't funny.  I don't think I'll ever be able to erase the memory of him sprawled in the hallway-he looked just like he was asleep. But so cold. Maybe if I had been patient-as in bit more caring-it would have made a difference, but I'll never know. All I know is that I keep hoping I'll wake up from this very bad dream and his smart-assed remarks and jokes will return.  

If its been hard for me, its been worse for mom-she was with him when he died. In a way, his going brought us closer together. Not unselfishly. I am much more aware that her life will not be forever and cannot deal with losing her. I want to spend as much time as possible making it easier for her. She's been hurt so much-and I can't deal with her being hurt by anyone anymore. 

It's been hard on Jim-I've withdrawn from him and he doesn't understand. I still love him, but my feelings for Mom are stronger. I could use his help, but I will not ask for it. He doesn't like her, nor she him. This is my problem to resolve.  He can stand on his own, she can't now.  But how can I get him to understand? I feel like I'm in a loop-between and betwixt and don't know up from down.  I don't even know if I care which is which. I do know that here is a security here that I need-and want-but I cannot divorce myself from other's needs. I don't know how long I can hang-loose without grasping for help. I know I can't do the house alone, nor can Mom stay there once the weather turns foul. Tom won't be there to help with buckets this year and I'm just tired of trying. I want to fold up in a cocoon and wait for a better time. 

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Friday, July 31, 2020

Cake For Breakfast

Woohoo you know what day it is I hope?

Along with being Friday it's time card day at work. I haven't taken any time off in forever and next pay period I will have almost 80 hours of vacation time available. That's a first for me. By the time the pandemic is over I'll probably have 1000, although you can't really have 1000. After like 240 you go into use or lose status which means like a forced vacation or you are just giving it up. Yeah I'm not going to be one of those.

Yesterday Trevor and I went for a ride to Panda Express for lunch, we have one that has a drive thru in Manteca. It's 12 miles to anything from our house so it was like a little field trip haha. Yes I hardly ever leave the house anymore.

I went to my friend Cassi's house for dinner last night. We had spaghetti and garlic bread yum! I brought a cinnamon roll cake, which I may or may not be having a piece for breakfast..

My animals were off the hook this morning. I have a large bag of yarn my friend gave me and I am going to try and sell some but Tina keeps stealing it. By the time the bags I ordered get here or my kid brings back one of my empty plastic totes I might have to keep it all.

Awww Buster jumped in the box and is now taking a nap. He's so old now he just sleeps almost all the time.

I asked my brother to order some more nose pieces for my masks. I started off with 1000 and this is what I have left. Hopefully he can get them for me or I'll be taking another mask break!

I didn't sew at all yesterday, just worked on cleaning stuff up a little bit and then of course I was busy later in the evening.

Hopefully Scott works on the new windows this weekend! 

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Lazy Bones

Good morning, I found a picture of myself 

Being a lazy bum this morning and working on my bed lol. Gotta love laptops. I am all caught up for the moment ~ Just waiting for another email with something to do.

Finished these last night, isn't the fabric gorgeous? They were for an order. I shared them and someone else asked for 4 so now I have that to do later.

I did this big order for my neighbor who had started making her own masks. She brought over a huge bag of fabric. We traded the masks for the fabric that was left over. Works for me!

I finally got my thread I bought off eBay yesterday. It sat in San Francisco for about a week before it got the rest of the way here. Already all organized. I also got 3 big spools of white from Amazon. I thought I ordered black too but I guess I didn't. I need to get some of that now.

Nothing too exciting to do today. I have an order for a bunch of gingham masks to do and then some more sunflowers. Should probably like get up and put a bra on and brush my teeth.

Once I'm done with mask orders I'm going to work on my secret project a bit (won't take too long). 

I need to clean up my sewing room it's a mess. I got a big bag of yarn from my friend and I was going to try and sell some but I have to keep taking it away from Tina (kitten). She keeps ripping the bag open and trying to steal the yarn. I ordered some big zip lock bags from Amazon so waiting for those to get here so I can organize them by type and put them up on eBay. If the darn cat doesn't ruin them all before hand!

Oh and just remembered my friend invited me over for dinner tonight. Need to see if I have the ingredients to make some corn bread to take over. She is going to make spaghetti I think. If not I'll have to come up with something else lol.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Snack Time!

Hump Day!

It's 10 am and I'm all caught up on my work until someone sends me an email lol. My boss called this morning to go over the plan for contract signing. Basically I just need to organize her emailed files and then send them to the planner for them to print and take to the customers for signature. Easy Peasy if people are smart, which they aren't, so they will probably need help.

I think Trevor needs to get out more, he's been arguing with the cats like they are siblings.

Yesterday I finished up my pile of masks I had been working on. I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing them but when I post them on my FB they sell so I'd be dumb not to post them right?

I'm pretty stocked up on Kids masks now unless I get a good boys print to make up.

Sold the fox and bunnies already

Once I got those done I started on the neighbor's order. She brought me a huge bag of fabric and said I could keep what is left. I'm about 1/2 way or more done with her order. I have two more small orders to do also. Just when you think people are going to stop asking for them everyone wants an order.

I saw this on FB and was like I don't ever remember my mom bringing me out a snack as a kid. If you wanted a snack you went in the house and got it yourself. Mom would have killed me if I left any part of the wrapper laying around too. Better wash off the scissors after you cut it also.

Love this, if you're sick why not have a hot doctor ;)

People have lost their minds on FB Covid stats. The Lodi City Hall is posting stats for the area and people are like "are they really dying from that?" and on and on. I told one guy I think he needs to look at the website he's asking all these detailed questions to and maybe go take a break. Sheesh.

Well there is one of those emails I was talking about. Off to figure that out. Sadly it's for one of the "not smart" planners so we'll see how that goes..
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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Giddy Up

Oh my gosh I'm exhausted this morning. Definitely stayed up too late. I was sewing last night and watching a live auction on You Tube (Locker Nuts). Then when I went to bed I was like blink blink blink can't sleep for awhile.

I poured my coffee and accidentally used Scott's creamer. I realized and then put some of mine in there with it. So gross. If I suck it down quick maybe I'll be more awake.

First picture is kids (red one sold)

Second picture navy blue horses & Cowboys are sold 

Can you tell I was working my way through my fabric shelf? I didn't realize I had so many horse fabrics. I have one little stack to finish out of my big pile I started with last week. Then I have an order from my neighbor friend to do. She had started off making her own masks but she was having carpel tunnel issues after working on them so she brought me her fabric and a list. She wanted to use some minky fabric for inside the masks so I have to talk her out of that still lol. I don't want to do special stuff I just want to sew them up and be done. I don't think you could breathe through that heavy fabric.

Yesterday my friend Carolyn came over to pick up some masks she had ordered. It is so nice to talk to your friends in person instead of through email and texts. Maybe some day the world will be virus free and we can have a big party.

Jessica has her doctor appointment today FINALLY.  She missed going to the doctor for the whole 2nd trimester because she didn't have insurance and was waiting on someone to push a button from Medi-Cal. She had to keep calling back and every time the woman would be like oh I'll get that done today. Finally her boyfriend called and THEN she pushed the button. Freaking ridiculous that people can't just do their job. I know they are all probably over worked but you have to do things correctly. 

Anyhow, hopefully all goes well today and she gets the right care now. It's like people are all COVID so we can't help you but uh baby is still coming no matter what. 

Ok well off to do some work, I have a bunch of payments to work on today! I had to pick my days for working as office coverage in the actual office and someone picked next Wednesday already so I down for the 12th and 26th. I'll probably have to go in to just work before then though since the people that get paid more don't think they can figure out where to put a sign here sticker on their own.

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Remodeling and Rambling Monday

Well here we are, Monday again. Those weekends sure do go fast, don't they?

Friday afternoon and evening Trevor and I scraped off all the wall paper border in the living room. I paid him to help by the hour. That was a rookie move, next time it will be for the job lol. I had to start helping because I could see my bank account all being transferred over to his haha.

By the time I was done I could barely move my neck. It's still a little sore today. I still have to finish scraping it off in the kitchen. Maybe in a day or two lol. My kitchen and living room are all open to each other and share this really long wall so I have to do everything as one when I paint and decorate.

Saturday Scott and I went to Home Depot then Lowes then Home Depot again to look at windows and doors and flooring for the entry way/kitchen. We got 2 windows but didn't get a door yet since they didn't the one we think we want. They had the door but it opened to the wrong direction.  I think we will get this one, but we are also debating on 2 others.

This door will replace the big window we have in the living room. Once we have this in then I think we are going to take out the door in our bedroom. We have an old slider that won't stay closed on its own so I have to put a board in the track so the animals don't open it and let themselves out. So then we never use it lol. Plus its so incredibly hot in there when the sun is beating on that huge door. 

I know it is kind of an odd door for a back door but we don't want the window down low because the dog likes to sit and BARK at everything he sees outside. I told my friend if some day I don't have a dog I could always change it out and she just laughed at me. I guess me without a dog is just a funny thought haha. 

Hey I made it like 2 months without a dog once. It would be kind of nice to be dogless though, so much less hair and no barking. But then who would save me from all the wild kitties in the yard and the loud vehicles driving past.

We took Scott's truck to the stores and it has no air conditioner. Good God why do we posses a vehicle with no AC? Obviously I'm not the one driving that every day. No way I'd be doing that. I'd be driving into the car dealership and driving out with something else. It's 100 degrees for 1/3 of the year here. He's been commuting in this truck too, for like 3-4 hours a day. I don't understand men at all.

Saturday before and after the store and all day yesterday I worked on a big pile of masks. I have now made over 1000 masks. Crazy. It's funny how when I say I've made 1000 masks people automatically say you've made $5000. I did not SELL 1000 masks but I did sell most of them lol. 

Also I am using my fabric I paid money for and have bought more fabric for cute prints. Thread (LOTS OF THREAD), needles, rotary cutters, elastic and nose pieces. The cost of doing business. I used to do craft shows almost every weekend in the spring, fall and winter and lets face it, that's not going to happen this year. Even if they did I wouldn't feel safe being around that many people. 

I got 2 batches done (usually sew by color of thread) and probably sold half of them already. I think people are starting to coordinate them with their outfits (I've done that a little when I go to work). I have my own all over the place I need to gather them up and wash them all. I saw someone was sewing little bags to put the masks in, that's kind of a good idea too. 

Yesterday Scott woke up with palpitations again. He's on all the meds they give you for those so he just had to wait it out. I'm still 98% sure those are anxiety triggered since they only happen on the weekends (so weird). They definitely DO happen since I've seen him hooked up the machines in the ER. Probably all this house work and then having to take care of his mom and thinking about work. Weird how your body can have a mind of its own.

Well back to it I guess! Have a great day and a great week everyone!
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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Cat Diary Chronicles Three Little Kittens

Cat Diary Chronicles
What are the cat diary chronicles? These are two diaries found in a storage locker by storage locker pickers. The author of the diaries is now deceased. I thought it would be fun to share them. All traceable names will be changed. We will be starting with the Siamese Diary. 

This entry is not dated but titled

Three Little Kittens (aka Tina's Kittens)

Once upon a time there were three little kittens (actually, there were four, but one was adopted prior to the others at +6 weeks, but that would ruin the title...) who came to a foster home in Lafayette. They had first separated form their momma, Tina, when she was hit by a car and her pelvis was broken, and fostered by Barbara (bottle-fed and the whole works). They would have been quite happy staying with Barbara but her landlord made rather nasty noises about $250 per cat deposit or eviction. Needless to say, they needed a new foster home which is how they came to Lafayette. 
Three little hungry bundles with mews so small you really wondered if they were really there. One blue/cream calico, a tortie and a black male-very hungry and covered with biting beasties. 
Their first experience as new fosters was the traditional flea bath. After what seemed 1000 fleas met their demise each kitten was dried and tucked into the new containment area-the bath tub. Food, litter and water and a nice cuddly blanket and three sleepy kittens drifted off to sleep. 

After a few hours of sleep, the kittens wakened scarfing down their food and started exploring. In the safety of the enclosed tub shower shapes darted about, much to the frustration of Laura Scudder and her brood. Then the "Let us out" cries were sounded. Laura's brood left for the bedroom and the kids came out. 

First came Angel Face-fluffy little tortie with a silent meow. Pick her up and such a purr! Next popped up Tommy, gangley legs bed(?) ears and a purr that would drown out the largest motorboat. Finally out come Patches-blue/cream and white and shy as all get out. When you reached down, unlike her siblings, she hissed. So naturally she was the one you had to win over. 

Tucking Patches in to my shirt I went downstairs and watched TV while petting softly. Finally after 1 hr. of intense stroking Patches began to purr & cuddle. This process continued for three days until when picked up she purred.

Finally the dreaded adoption day arrived. Five fosters were in tow. We headed for Petco. Everyone "ooded" and "aahhed" and "isn't' she sweet" one family wanted Patches but the kids were like wild Indians and there was simply no way! She had a drippy eye, I said. In an ophthalmologist. Pin It

Friday, July 24, 2020

Pandemic Blues

We finally made it! Woohoo

Looking forward to not having to log into the work computer for the weekend. Although I don't really have much to work on today. Just waiting for all the contracts to be ready to be signed and then I'll be busy again. It's like the lame duck period for applications, too late for this year, too early for next.

I was totally lazy yesterday and didn't do anything but work, lay around, make dinner and wash dishes. I even took my temperature at one point to make sure I wasn't running a fever but I was fine. Just super tired and crampy.

I was cracking up at Lucy yesterday. She doesn't really like the other cats and she was totally defending her spot in the sunbeam yesterday morning. She's like a sea lion laying around on the pier. She's actually a small cat, just really round in the middle. After she got fixed she just blew up. I feel ya girl.

Not much else exciting around here. A bunch of people want masks and I'm like yeah I'll work on that for you...later... Probably do that this weekend. Finally got some black and dark blue fabrics for guys. I'm about out of any kind of men prints so that's the fall back that I can get here and there without spending a fortune. People are doing highway robbery on selling cute prints online. Supply and demand I guess. No way I'm paying $30 a yard for some sports team fabric. 

I'm waiting for them to decide to just close down our whole area all the way again. The numbers are exploding and still people think its all made up and going to go away "November 4th". Stupid. Now you can get your hair cut "outside" which sounds so stupid. Yes lets let your hair fly away down the street after it is cut off.

I should really go stock up on groceries (I know I keep saying that).

I asked Trevor yesterday if he'd like to do some work for money. I was thinking I could have him get the living room ready for some paint. Figured that might get a fire under Scott's ass to do something too. I'd like to get the windows changed out and paint and then we can get some new furniture so when all my kids are here there is somewhere for everyone to sit and hang out. The whole living room is thrashed from the guys treating it like a dorm room.

Well that's all I've got for today! I hope everyone has a fun & safe weekend!

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Farm Stand Dinner

Oh my gosh I'm so exhausted this morning. Is it Friday yet? Just a little farther..

I went to work yesterday and of course when I got there the two websites I do all my work on were down. They didn't come back up until about an hour before I went home. Luckily I could do most of what I came in to work for still. I had to print off letters after my boss signed them and get them mailed. Then while I was there I went through the actual folders to make sure all the stuff I've been saving on my computer was actually in the files. Such a weird way of doing things and I can see at some point everything is just paperless. That won't happen until they make all the signatures electronic though. There are a some farmers and ranchers that don't even have email so that won't be over night.

I only talked to one other girl in the office yesterday and that was like 3 sentences. So weird.

After work I stopped at the little kids farm stand again. They have a shepherd teenage puppy dog that sounds ferocious while you're shopping. Good thing I'm not afraid of dogs. I got a huge zucchini and a slightly smaller one and some more tomatoes. I still had a cucumber from last time I went so I made up a little cucumber tomato salad with a little bit of red onion and some balsamic vinegar. So good! I ate a lot more of that than what I put on my plate here haha. I made a little casserole type thing in the skillet for dinner with the smaller zucchini, some rice, ground turkey and a can of diced tomatoes (and some spices I threw in). Turned out pretty good. I'm trying to use up some of the random stuff I have. I don't have a pantry and not a lot of cabinets so stuff that's not being used takes up valuable space.

My friend Cassi came by after work to bring some clothes for Jess and I to go through so we took them over to Jess and let her go through them. It was nice to talk to a friend in person! We ended up going for a ride to Dairy Queen. I haven't had a blizzard in forever. They had a Drumstick one and OMG it was delicious. Just a bit over my calories yesterday! Darn Aunt Flo making me eat bad things.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Plunking Along

Happy Tuesday! Or is it? I guess we'll find out haha.

No sewing for me yesterday. I decided to work on clearing out the books on my bookcase that I have on Etsy. I listed all the crochet and knitting ones I have on a FB group for sale and also worked on cleaning up the listings on Etsy. Of course I have to keep going back and fixing the Etsy listings if I sell stuff. I should have just deactivated them all, hindsight! I still have a lot left so I might try another group. These are all the books I mostly bought for .10 each from the thrift store and then some flea market stuff too. So far I've sold about $45 worth of books so that's always nice.

Oh my mom just said she wants to come over for lunch. My house is a wreck. I just hang out in my little office/sewing area all the time except to cook dinner and go to bed lol.

Anyhow I was looking for some pictures to share today since all mine are just of crochet and knitting books.

Isn't this cool looking? I might have to try it.

Ok that's all I've got for today! Hope it's a good one.

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Monday, July 20, 2020

Crumb Quilt Blocks

Why are the weekends always so short?

I'm officially old my back hurts from sitting too long. I spent all weekend organizing and playing with scraps. Not that you can tell by my still full tub of scraps! Although going through the box I had a lot of larger pieces that I've been rolling on my smaller boards and organizing.

I ended up with 63 squares before I got sick of making them, which happened yesterday afternoon.

For now I've just put them away and figure some day I'll make some more and add to them until I have enough to make a nice sized quilt (might have enough for a lap quilt already though)

Before I worked on the "crumbs" I trimmed up the scrap pieces so when I was done I had to put all that away too. 

My desk is all clean now it feels so weird.

Now what to work on next? People are asking about masks a bit but not really any definite orders except a gal that ordered before and then never picked them up so I'm not in a big hurry to make anything for her.  

Looks like the kids won't actually be going to school yet since our numbers are so high the health department was like yeah that's a NO on going to school. 

People are still arguing about kids wearing masks to school and I'm like do you people understand that no one is going to go to school this year? I will be shocked when the numbers actually go down 14 days in a row. That's the rule for me going back to work too. Sucks for Trevor's last year of school. He was supposed to have a few elective classes like auto shop and being a TA so not sure how that will work for distance learning.

Hope you all have a great day!

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Cat Diary Chronicles Minnie

Cat Diary Chronicles

What are the cat diary chronicles? These are two diaries found in a storage locker by storage locker pickers. The author of the diaries is now deceased. I thought it would be fun to share them. All traceable names will be changed. We will be starting with the Siamese Diary. 

This entry is not dated but titled


Sometimes in life you get a little respite-a skinny tabby cat with smarmy eyes arrives on the back patio begging for a morsel of food and like a real dope you feed her-and your life changes forever. She winds her way into your heart by meeting you when your car pulls in-jumping up on the hood and tapping at the window to be let in to cuddle and purr. This was Minnie-my ever faithful friend. S

She used to be such a hunger an bring me offerings of love in the form of field mice and as I trimmed back the wild berries. After praising her for her presents I gave her back her prize which she would play, then eat.

And then that day in February 1988-February 21st to be exact, Mom and I were raking leaves and planting plants and the world took its next turn. Minnie ran up to the tree then down and never heard or saw that Orange VW. We rushed to her to the emergency vet and prayed and cried. "She may never walk again. Put her down." If she had even a slight chance, I wanted her to have it. And much to everyone's surprise, after three weeks of care she stood on her own. Truly a miracle baby.

The years passed so quickly, my gimpy cat, and through all your pain you till loved the nuzzles. Many fosters came and went but you remained my stoic and loving friend. Then somehow age caught up . 

In April '93 we diagnosed  hyperthyroidism. Twice a day you took your pill and loved me in spite of it-you would reach up and tap my leg for love and nuzzle.  but I knew you were getting weaker and I fought to keep you going. 

That last day you talked to me when I prepared to leave for work-oh Lord if I could stayed and heard you lecture more. "I'll be back," I said as I left-and you held on 'til I kept my promise. I tried to comfort you and make it easier for you when it was harder for me. I held your paw as you slipped int the last long sleep-and once again ran fee in spirit. 

Almost two months have passed since you left my girl-but I still hear your purr and see you in my dreams-my ever faithful Minnie-Moo. You are gone only on this earth, but never from my heart. 

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Friday, July 17, 2020


TGIF! Looking forward to not having to work for a couple days. I actually have a lot to do for a bit. Gotta stretch it out and make it last!

Yesterday I worked in the office for awhile and I have to say I enjoyed it. So nice to not have any distractions (other than the phone a couple times). There was one other person working in the same room but he pretty much had his head down working hard. I tried to chat him up a bit but he was too busy working to indulge me much.

Anyone else find themselves doing that? I hardly talk to anyone anymore. So nice to just have some chatter.

After work I swung by the little farmer's farm stand across from my work. Just a couple tables with veggies. So cute. I got some zucchini, a couple cucumbers and few tomatoes. I cooked some zucchini in a little bit of butter and it was so yummy. There was actually left overs from the roast I made in the crock pot the night before so I had a little sandwich (sourdough bread loaf slice cut in half). I've been doing pretty good staying within my calories so far this week. I even took snacks to work yesterday so I wouldn't go out and get a big burrito.

Last night I just played around with my secret project and then put some fabric scraps away. My drawer of smaller pieces of fabric is filling up. (Still need to finish wrapping up the blue box of fabric I was supposed to be working on..)

People are starting to ask for some masks again and I'm like ugh ok in a bit lol. Tired of making them but it's a good income source at the same time.

Looks like the kids might not be going back to actual school in August. Still waiting for Trevor's school to say for sure. I just want this school year to be over for him and then we don't have to worry about school ANYMORE! Won't that be nice. Anything after this year is on him.

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Sewing Drinking Shopping

Good morning!

Yesterday I finished up my little pile of scraps! I have over 20 of these little blocks now, I think after I get some more done (someday) I'll put them all together as a quilt.

My friend Dee came over for a bit to pick up some masks. We hung out in the backyard for a bit and had a low calorie drink she brought me. I've been trying to get back on track with eating so I got all tipsy from one little drink lol. 

Last night I made up these 12 masks for a lady that has probably bought 200 masks from me. I guess they are for a bridal shower or bachlorette party or something. Still amazes me people are going out and doing those sorts of things. My daughter is mad at the world that she probably won't be able to have regular baby shower. 

Oh by the way I'm made 976 masks now! Almost to 1000 who would have thought.

My Instacart person got lost yesterday. I don't understand why it is soooo hard to follow directions. She was all flustered and tried to tell me I told her wrong. I'm like it was wrong to you because you missed the first turn... 

Guess my streak of 3 good drivers in a row had to end lol.

Well need to go jump in the shower, they finally made selections for our next round of funding so I need to go to the office and scan the files for a few hours.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Hump Day Not That It Matters

Hey it's Wednesday! Not like there is anything exciting to look forward to this weekend lol. Same old same old just won't have to log into the work computer.

I have almost nothing to work on for work today. Still waiting for someone to push some buttons and tell us the next applications that are selected. Then I will be busy again.

I almost finished sewing up all the little scraps I had. Probably have enough for one or two more blocks but I was starting to feel crossed eyed working on them last night so had to quit. I think I'll just keep collecting a bunch of sewn squares (I have a bit tote of scraps still lol) and then sew them all together for a quilt. Seems like that would be fun. Well, my kind of fun haha

I'm out of food again so I guess I'll do an Instacart order. Trying to be good and not eat junk but we don't have much to eat right now, good or junk haha.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Good morning! Happy Tuesday! 

Here are my crumb squares I got finished so far (few repeats from previous post). They are fun to make and use up little scrap fabric pieces. Not sure what I'll do with them yet lol.

Today I need to find where I put the slip of paper to send in with my Federal Tax Payment and hopefully find a stamp somewhere around here. I only ever mail packages with labels. 

Talked to the septic guy he was waiting on me he said. Yeah sure. Now he's going to Idaho next week so he'll get my stuff done the week after. Called the lady with the lot next to mine and left a message. Why can't we just text so much easier than playing phone tag. Might just do that.

Ate a serving of apple crisp with ice cream yesterday, great way to start of my diet haha. But that's gone now and I'm not going to make anymore (for now). 

I have minimal real work to do today. I'm missing having the girls in the office to scan stuff for me. The "office person of the day" is supposed to be able to do that but I don't want to bother people for stuff that isn't urgent since I know the planners are pretty maxed out on work right now. 

Yesterday my county and the one where I work went back to the previous stage of things being closed up. So many people think it's all made up and the Government keeping us down. Pretty sure the Government would rather have your money on taxes then giving all these hand outs to the unemployed. My sister in law is a hair dresser and I think she's back to not working. Thank God for internet and being able to work from home.

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Apple Crisp and Fabric Scraps

Well this last weekend was nice and mellow. No more ceilings falling in or appliances breaking.  I got the phone call that my new oven was on its way to being delivered at 6:30 am Saturday morning so no sleeping in for us.

When the old oven was pulled out it was so disgusting behind it and under it. I scrubbed the wall out the best I could but it needs some more soaking to get everything off (there is about a 2" gap from the stove to the side wall).

The new oven was put in (ended up using the same cord from the old one since I realized they were all the same and $20) and then Scott fired it up to make some breakfast. He put in some biscuits and then made some eggs and the timer kept beeping every minute. Then he was like the oven isn't even hot and the biscuits aren't even done. I had to get out the instruction manual and found that he had put it on timed bake and it was beeping because it was finished. So then he pulled out the biscuits and they were actually OVER done lol.

I was able to get it to work just fine for dinner and made some apple crisp for dessert. My friend brought me a ton of apples so I ended up making it a second time to use them all up. We didn't have any vanilla ice cream but it was still good. I made a little one up and sent it over to Scott's mom's too.

Saturday I worked on masks all day and finished making up all the kids Disney ones I had cut out. Then my friend bought 11 of them. I need to get those mailed out for her today. She was trying to do "practice mask wearing" with her 5 year old and she was NOT having it. She might be homeschooling her for Kindergarten this year but she isn't totally sure yet.

Trevor's school district is now talking about only having the kids go in 2 days a week and do the rest from home. I like that idea a lot better than going back as usual all week. With the 2 days they will split the school up by last name and so H would go like Monday and Thursday and K would go Tuesday and Friday. The rest of the time would be school from home. We'll see how it works out. They are supposed to go back August 11th.

Sunday I sewed something new! I can't show you yet since it's a present and someone sometimes looks at my blog. It was a lot of fun, not quite finished but the main part is.

Then I played with some scraps. I've been throwing them in a basket as I cut stuff out for masks and it was over flowing. I used to give all my little scraps to someone but she doesn't want anymore so after playing around with them I started making some crumb/crazy quilt type pieces. Fun to make something from stuff you'd just throw away usually.

I guess they aren't too crazy since they look pretty linear. Might have to cut them apart and reassemble in different directions ;)

This morning I dusted off my scale and weighed myself to log back into Lose it. I wasn't as fat as I thought I was so that was nice haha. Now to work on losing some weight so I'm not so uncomfortable all the time and look a bit better in pictures..Pin It
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