Thursday, December 3, 2020

Last of the Turkey

My brain had another 2am-4am meeting again last night. Mostly it was because of my old cat. It just breaks my heart that I am going to have to put him down soon. I just start crying every time I think about it.

More crying ugh.

Last night I made turkey dumpling soup. I made it like the recipe said but it wasn't really cooked enough when I ate my first bowl. I ended up turning it back on to cook longer so at least Scott got a better cooked bowl. Of course this one has left overs. Might have some for lunch then toss the rest. That's enough turkey for awhile. Tonight I'm making steak!

I made 4 more squares last night. I think I have enough scraps for at least 4 more.

Last night I was going through my Christmas fabrics again to tell someone what I have left for possible masks and I have a bunch of Christmas panels so I think my next project will be to make something up with some of those. Not sure what yet lol.

That's about all the excitement here. No excitement is a good day :)
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