Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Lets Get This Party Started

Ok today is the day! Yesterday I decided to take today off too since the agency decided to give us Christmas Eve as a holiday (weird but I'll take it). So I'm off work until next Monday. TODAY I am going out into the world and getting all the shit done.

And maybe get new tires on my car since now it has a donut on it. Scott got a flat on the way home yesterday.

So trying to decide what stores and order I'm going with. Big Lots to see if they have any actual nice couches they can deliver to my house and I can maybe get some toys for the little kids while I'm there and some stocking stuffers.

If I go to the tire place (Kind of thinking I'll just drive slow instead) I can walk to a couple stores but eh.

Wal Mart maybe and then last I will do the grocery store. 

If Big Lots doesn't have any furniture maybe I'll try another furniture place. Way to wait til the last minute Julie! 

In other news yesterday was my parents anniversary! 41 years. My mom said she made her own party and then sends me pictures at my brother's house. Ok hope you had fun with the only part of your family that you don't think has germs. 

They do look cute though 

I got all the gifts I had wrapped but one big one. I am sure I have more wrapping paper some where but who knows where. Jess picked me some up from the dollar store while she was there so I can finish them off.

Tina fits in ALL the boxes ;)

After wrapping I was a total sloth and laid on my bed until 9 this morning. Scott brought home some soggy Taco Bell (he got the flat after he went through the drive thru) for an exciting dinner.

Ok off to read a couple more blogs than find some "real shoes" since it is all cold and not sandal weather lol. I need to get some cute winter shoes. It has been foggy here all week. Probably why I just wanted to lay down and check out last night. Plus I was exhausted from the weekend of painting and cookie making.

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