Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! Long gone are the days of running all over to go to everyone's houses on Christmas Eve. Last year we went to the movies and we can't even do that this year. 

This morning Scott made breakfast and I washed the dishes and then went into my sewing room to find something to do. I forgot I still needed to sew the baby's name on the stocking I got him so I did that. I bought the stocking on eBay before the prices sky rocketed

Yesterday I got all the presents wrapped. Well except one that is supposed to get here by "10pm". We shall see. All the ones on the left are for my nieces and nephews. My mom came by and picked them up and dropped off gifts for my kids.

After I got done with that I cleaned up the construction stuff and the extra Christmas box stuff and Trevor helped me get that all out to the shed and the garage. I had just started to clean the floor when the furniture delivery people called. It was 3 and they were going to come in 45 minutes instead of the previous between 5 and 7.  So I had to speed clean the floor.

Here is the new love seat and couch, I had already covered up the seat parts in case the dogs jumped up on there (not letting them do that but already had to kick Rusty off twice).  The pillows came with it but there are too many. I think I'll make some overs for a couple of them since they are a bit too mod fabric for my tastes.

Still need to clean off the game crap there. I need to get new fans, new entertainment table and some coffee tables. I wanted built in book cases but I'm going to have to hire someone to do that I think. I'm so sick of construction stuff it is good for now.

Here is a pic of the love seat uncovered. The couch is huge compared to what it seemed like in the store

Last night my friend and I drove around the neighborhood looking at the lights so I could give my 3 favorites over to the committee head. We have a little competition going on (I did not do lights I don't have that much energy or storage)

This was one of my favorites even though it is simple. IDK why but I liked it.

and the back of this house is on the lake so it is reflecting. So pretty!

The other one I don't have a good picture of  but it was the basic blow ups and lights.

We are going to go over to Scott's mom's house with the kids at 3. Just a quick visit so the kids can see her. I haven't been over there in a bit so hopefully she is doing ok.  We'll find out! 

I feel like I should be doing stuff for tomorrow but if I do it all today what will I do tomorrow? lol. Maybe when we get back I will make deviled eggs and the peanut butter pie. Tomorrow we are going to have steak and lasagna for dinner. If I'm bored maybe I'll put the lasagna together. I cleaned the house last weekend so just need to run the vacuum and do a little dusting.
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