Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Hitting The Road

 Just a quick post this morning before I drive to Sacramento. Hopefully the place is actually open. I got a reminder email so I think it should be good.

Yesterday after work I cleaned up my bedroom a bit and took out extra stuff that had ended up in there. A lot of it got relocated to the living room and I plan on working on that this evening if I have the energy lol. Sitting on my ass so much has killed me. I was hobbling around with a sore hip from vacuuming. Ridiculous. Maybe I should buy a treadmill. If only there was somewhere to put it. I guess I could go outside like I used to! 

Anyhow after I got done in there I did a little bit of sewing. I made my friend some keychains for a surprise. She had me make the masks for her work friends so I thought it would be fun to make some keychains for her to give them too (and one for herself of course). These are their school colors.

It's amazing how much nicer things look sewn on my new sewing machine. My stitches are so much nicer.

Stole this picture from Jess, look at him! Just look at him! So freaking cute. 

Today is my father in law's birthday. I think he would have been 92. Miss him and how much brighter their house was when he was alive. Even if he was a bit "not pc" lol. He learned real quick not to say stupid shit to me.  My favorite was the time he told me I should model for the fat girls stuff. I was like OMG are you kidding me? I didn't even wear plus size clothes. I told him he should model for the old fat guys lol. He still loved me ;)

Ok getting off here so I can go do the drive. Excited to get out of the house. Might stop at the bigger Joann's by my mom's house on the way back. 

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Annsterw said...

Safe travels! It’s wonderful One family is so close we can joke and be honest and no one gets insulted! Sounds like he definitely made an impact since he is so missed. That child is absolutely adorable… He could make anyone smile every day!Stay safe… Hugs!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

OH my goodness that is a hoot about your father in law. I used to hear oh you are so pretty if you would just lose some weight. I hated that shit.
Safe Travels!!

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