Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Just another crazy day

Anyone else start their morning around 4am when their husband said he didn't feel right? Googling dizziness plus ear and head pressure, yep just what I thought probably vertigo. Did said husband fall back asleep and snore for an hour and then get up and go to work? Why yes, yes he did. I really wish we would have bought more life insurance back when we did that in our early 20's. Kidding! Kind of. Hopefully my last words to him weren't don't kill yourself or anyone else on your way to work..

Every morning at around 7:45 the sun shines through the living room windows onto my oven door where I can see all the dust sitting on it. It is really gross. I already gave it it's Windex wipe down.

So yesterday I pretty much spent all day trying to get onto the work system and then not really doing anything once I got on because everything was loading so freaking slow. This morning I finally got my email to load right so I can actually do something. I may have already called my internet to complain at 8am because it was being so slow. I don't know if it is just coincidence that now it is working a bit better or not. Thinking I'm going to need to upgrade to one of the higher plans but it better work if I do! Definitely can write that off as a work expense this year.

Yesterday I did an Instacart order for some stuff to use up all this left over turkey! Last night I made this left over turkey pot pie recipe but added a few more veggies and used pie crust. Don't look at my ugly pie crust I didn't know what I was doing even though I've watched all the British Baking Show competitions. You'd think I would have absorbed something from that.

Tonight I'm going to make some soup and maybe cornbread if I have any corn meal.

Look at this adorable baby. His aunty bought him that onsie. The yellow blanket under him is Jessica's Big Bird blankie lol. Funny how kids have one thing they hold onto.

Last night I started using up the pink strips I had made. I did 8" blocks so I wouldn't have to make as many lol. I think after these pink I've went through all my "strips" I had cut for keychains. You'd think I'd be about out of scraps by now ;)

Oh and my friend came by yesterday to pick up her mask order for herself and her school office she works in. $175 bag of masks and two mug rugs. I hope they like them! They will be cute in all their Christmas masks in the school office.

I'm glad I can still make side money even though I'm not doing craft shows. Ok looks like stuff is actually working now and I can do some work! Hope you all have a great day!
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hey Rick made a beef pot pie last night. You guys are on the same wavelength.
Because we only had a turkey breast this year He ate what he wanted and then made sandwiches and it gone.It works out perfectly for 1 person who will eat the damn turkey. :-)
Glad your side gig is making you money while not working as much.
And to Scott - aren't they stubborn and nuts? Men! I hope he feels better though soon because I know as the spouse it is worse on you. ...tee hee

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