Saturday, August 31, 2013

Color The Skies 5K!

Scott and I learned a good lesson today. You know those little rip off things on your running bibs? DON'T RIP THEM OFF.

Today we ripped them off. Then 5 minutes before the race started the gal talking says "don't rip them off you need them when you finish the race". F ME are you kidding? I looked at Scott and was like um yeah well oh well. He's like give me the car key! And runs the probably one mile round trip out to the car and back. He gets back JUST before we take off. Poor guy.

I shoved mine in my cleavage and took off. Here you go, boob sweat waaahhlaaa!

So my plan going into this race was sub 30. Yeah yeah I'm going to get that fing thing one of these days. Just not today sadly. When I finished my runkeeper said 30:53. My "unofficial time is 31:01. Still a race PR so I'll take it!

If I could just learn how to run fast AND be able to breathe I'd be awesome ;) Sadly I had to walk a few steps here and there so I could catch my breath.

Poor Scott was winded from running to the car and back so didn't do too hot for the race. Whoopsie.

Here's a couple pictures from the race


Then someone offered to take a pic for us. 

Looking all muscular booyaaa so much better than looking fat! Makes those late night gym sessions totally worth it.

Scott coming in

When the race was over we sat around for a few minutes and then came home. I didn't get anything from their food table afterwards (other than water). I so don't understand why they only have cookies and crap after races. HELLO how about some oranges and protein? Most of us are out there running to try and lose weight and or be athletic.If you're going to put crap out at least get donuts. THAT I would eat ;)

Oh and got a pic with the Kat Country balloon!

My calves are so tight now. Going to be stretching all day! I put some biofreeze on them but that didn't seem to help. I haven't had that happen in a long time. Hopefully they can recover because I think we are going to try and do our long run tonight so we can take our bikes out tomorrow.

Yes I know we are crazy.
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Friday, August 30, 2013


Today I ate a donut. I'm proud of myself though because I only ate ONE donut. Two boxes at work and I only ate one. Old Julie would have had three at least!

It's all about balance right?

So I got off work early today for the holiday weekend. I went to two thrift stores. I was mostly looking for some audio books but I didn't find any (just some on cassette tapes but those won't work). I actually went to two stores and didn't buy a thing! Go me haha.

Probably helps that I have a ton of crap I need to clean up and go through in my room so I don't want to bring anything else in there. I'm not in the resale mode so even though I saw a few things I probably could have bought to resell I resisted.

I have almost half an hour before the school bus comes. Ahhh the house is so nice and quiet! Scott and I are planning on doing a date night to sushi.  Which means I'll probably just have him pick something up for the kids for dinner on the way home.

Tomorrow we are running a 5k. I was thinking about it and this will be my first 5k since last December. After that I started running 10k's. I signed up for this one to run with my friend Dee. She's still in the hospital but is supposed to get out tonight. Sadly she won't be running with me, but we'll find another one for her to run when she's better. Scott is running the 5k also.

And next weekend we are running ANOTHER 5k. Funny how that worked out without really planning it, but that's the Bean Run, which will be the first time I've ran a race AGAIN. Man I remember how nervous I was for that race. I even cried a little. Now I'm like eh, only running a 5k tomorrow. Funny how perspective changes!

Scott was talking the other day about how hard it is for him to do four miles. I told him, heck remember when it was so hard to run for twenty minutes? He said he remembered when it was so hard to run five, and I do too! That my friends, is where training gets you. Those little distances are now just that. Little. Not that they are always easy, some days making it through that first mile takes a lot of talking through in my head. But I tell myself it's only __ distance, you've ran so much farther, you can do it!!

Today at work I found out someone else that works in the office is a runner. Um dull girl=my new best friend! Haha! Maybe not really but I was pretty happy to talk running with her. She's going to do the Tinkerbell half in January. I know my friend Sarah is very jealous of that! We'll get there some day Sarah!

Do you have big holiday weekend plans? Mine are to run and run some more. I should probably go ride my bike too since we have that 60 something bike ride in a couple weeks and um yeah, I've hardly rode my bike at all? I'm thinking that's going to be a major suck fest bike ride. Thank God it's flat so if I stop to cry at least I don't have to worry about falling down the hill.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Take On Miley

Today I was eating lunch at Carl's Jr. There were two men eating at the table next to me. The one guy was a pretty loud talker so while I was sitting there I learned that his daughter is in high school and has changed her schedule about five times and now she has a guitar class. She was going to drop out of that one but he has a friend who plays guitar so she's staying in it because it will be an easy A. Then he was talking about how his daughter had been on Twitter and that she told him they had to turn on the VMA awards so that they could see Miley Cyrus.

He said they were in shock while they watched it. How if that was his daughter he would have wanted to pull her off the stage by her hair and whip her butt.

I thought that was kind of funny.

Then he tells his friend how on the flip side, he can see how she's doing this to get more attention to sell more albums.

WHICH is exactly how I feel and I was like FINALLY I hear someone that thinks of it the same way as I do.

Do I think Miley was "appropriate"? No.
Would I want my kids to watch that? No
Would I want my kids to DO THAT? Hell no.

But I think what people forget about is that this is a PERFORMANCE.
Maybe not a tasteful one but it's still a performance.
A show.

Do we judge everyone that plays a part in a movie? No because we know that that is just a part they are playing. Now of course I could be wrong and she really could be playing her true self but maybe just maybe it's all for show?

If she was truly a mess I think she'd be in the news more for going off the deep end other than just things related to her shows and appearances in her short shorts.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well Looky There!

Nothing too terribly exciting happened today but LOOK at what Scott found outside under my car when he got home from work today.

Is that not the cutest baby opossum ever? We thought it must be a little sick to be out during the day and all by itself so we relocated it to some tall grass by the neighbor's house (no one lives there). I've seen opossums over there quite a few times so maybe it's mom will find it. If they weren't so scary and possibly carrying rabies I'd so snuggle with it. 

Every time I see something cute and furry like that I think of my Grandma Marilyn. She just loved the baby critters! One of my favorite memories of her is when we went to go see my Uncle Don (her brother) in Nevada. We stopped in Reno at this mall on the way home and they had a pet store. A pet store FULL of ferrets. Ferrets are illegal in California but oh did she think about smuggling one home. I can totally remember her face and how much joy she got out of playing with them.

When she was dying from cancer my aunt's sister in law brought over a baby goat. Like a super baby one. Even though she was so sick she still smiled and laughed with that baby goat. 

Grandma always had a minimum of 3 dogs. MINIMUM. It was quite chaotic over there when ever anyone rang the door bell. There was always one dog that wanted to kill another dog so they had to be in separate rooms and then one would get out and they'd start fighting and next thing you know Grandma was bleeding. Ah fun times ;)

My mom's talked about having cats as a kid but I don't really remember any cats over there. 
I do remember the raccoon.  (that's me)

She also had a skunk when my mom was a baby. 

Dogs I remember: 


Danny (or Dandy I can't remember which one was right)-that's the chihuahua that used to scare the crap out of me that he was going to bite me and then he'd lay on my back while I watched TV on the floor. 

Jenny & Molly were the miniature schnauzers she had. 

Rascal & Tiffy the wired hair terriers. They had a litter and my aunt kept Muffin (but she ended up back at Grandma's). Little Bits was the runt and I remember he'd hump my grandpa's leg and he'd LET HIM and just walk around with the dog wrapped around his leg. SO GROSS. Muffin and Little Bits had eye issues and they were all icky dogs. They had something genetically wrong with them I think. Their hair was just ick. 

Trouble was a Queensland Heller someone found somewhere as a pup and she ended up with him.

Mr. Wiggins the West Highland Terrier  (mom ended up with him when Grandma passed). 

I might be missing a couple. 

Funny how one little furry thing makes you think of someone and little things about them. 

Hopefully that little thing makes it!

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If only I knew back then...

Someone posted this picture on Facebook the other day. I don't know the poster, but it came up because I'm "friends" with someone else in the picture that was tagged.

Can you find me?

Here's a hint "resting bitchy face".

This was our school's Track and Field team. My freshman year. I have no idea what inspired me to go out for track. I was NOT a runner. I had to struggle in junior high to run the mile in time so that I didn't have to be in the "fat kid's group" and run the track the entire class period.  (I often try to remember, what that mile time was supposed to be. Under 10 minutes? I think that is what it was)

I know when I went out I wanted to do sprints. I always liked sprinting. Just a short run across the track, anyone could do it right?

I remember we had try-outs of sorts where we had to sign up for what we wanted to do, and try that, and probably a few other things for the coaches. No one gets cut in track.

So imagine my surprise when I made it on the shot put and discus team. YEahhh.

No idea what those things are. You want me to toss this heavy ball thing? and this frisbee thing? Ok whatever, I'll give it a go. So that's what I did for the season. I never won anything or placed in anything but I got to travel with the track team and go to meets. That part was fun.

I remember one time they had us all go run down the street and do a large loop and back to the school. I remember running that and thinking "I kind of like this". I often wonder if I would have done well in cross country. But I didn't know I liked to run back then.

Did you find me in the picture yet? 2nd row from the bottom, 3rd from the right.Pin It

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This morning I found out that my good friend was in the hospital. That's about all I knew for quite awhile. I spent all day just worried sick about her. I was finally able to go see her after work (and helping with homework) and she was feeling so much better than she had just a few hours before. I'm so glad that I was able to see her like that and not when she was in so much pain.

As I sat there with her the tears started coming. We've been friends for a really long time. I just can't imagine my life without her. Every morning and through out the day while we are at work we email (along with another friend). We talk about stupid stuff like what we had for dinner and what we're having for lunch and then other stuff like our families or whatever is on our minds that day. It's a daily ritual and now we even do it a bit on the weekends.

I first met these two friend when our oldest girls were only 5 years old. They were in Daisy Girl Scouts together. I had signed up to be an assistant leader. One of them was also an assistant leader and the other one was the cookie mom. Who would have known that we'd be such good friends 14 years later?

To think that one of us is so sick and we can't fix it? Feels HORRIBLE. She might have to have surgery. They will decide tomorrow if it has to be done now or later. I'm hoping she can wait so that she can have it done laparoscopically instead of cut so that the healing time will be much faster. Not having to have surgery at all would be even better but that might not be an option.

I'm just so glad to know that she's ok. The fact that we were supposed to run her first 5k this Saturday together kind of bites the big one. She was totally ready! All day today I kept thinking she's got to be so pissed that she's not going to be able to run on Saturday haha. Sure enough we talked about that quite a bit while I was there visiting. Good thing there are a lot of races! We'll just have to find another one as soon as she's ready to run.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Blog Status & Missed Bus

I've typed about 12 rants but everyone reads my blog (but no one comments) so yeah, I can't post any of that stuff. I'm kind of thinking about making my blog private. Or making a new secret blog. Where I can let it all out like the good old days. But I really do like my little blog here. But I feel like I have to be all PC and not hurt anyone's feelings or you know, get fired (or divorced). Hmm what a dilemma. Maybe I'll be like Chris and have a secret on the side blog for the juicy stuff...

I feel like I've gotten boring (by the lack of comments) and I'm just a diary of the nice stuff. What do you think I should do?

So in today's fun we missed the bus. I have been taking Melissa down to the bus stop (high school bus comes at 6:53 ish and then going home real quick to finish getting mine and Trevor's shit together and then we hop in the car about 7:05 and head back down to the bus stop (it's amazing how much can get done in 10 minutes).

Today we get around the bend where I can see the bus situation and the bus is already on it's way out. WHAT THE HELL! The official bus time is 7:15 and it's only 7:07. Trevor says maybe we can just go to the next bus stop? So instead of trying to flag the bus down I said ok, lets do that. So we follow the bus down to the next stop and when it stops he hops out and goes up the bus and gets on (but no kids at that stop, maybe because they are early?) So he's on the bus and I just go to work.

When I got to work I emailed the principal of the school to ask if he knew that the bus was coming that early and do we have a new time? Which he says he just talked to the bus in charge woman and they are changing the time and will be sending home papers today. I thanked him for responding and told him next time it would be nice to know that the schedule was changing before we missed the bus.

When Trevor got home from school he said the bus driver told him that next time he goes to the next stop she won't let him on and he won't be able to ride the bus anymore and that we were holding up traffic. Hmmm I see another email to the principal. In all the years that my kids have been going to this school and riding the bus we've went to another stop TWO TIMES. In ALL the years, so it's not like it happens all the time and what's the big deal? (both times it was because they came super early) She was already stopped and that one car behind me was totally having to stop anyways. Any why are they telling this all to my kid and not sending a note home for me?

School shit just chaps my hide sometimes. It's like people get a little power and it's BOOM straight to their head.

I guess that's everywhere though eh?

In other news I went out for my 3 mile run tonight by myself because Scott said he's not going to do anymore training for the half marathon and he's just going to "wing it". I'm sad that he feels that way but I do like running by myself. I don't have to try to keep up with anyone, slow down for anyone or worry about if they are mad that I did or didn't do any of those. I can just go out and do my thing. It's kind of nice. But I'm still sad that he isn't going to run anymore. Maybe he'll change his mind after a few days.

So leave me a comment on if you if think I should do a private blog and if you'd read it. Or if I should just stop being PC and put it all out here like the good ole days ;)

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Off To College Round 2

I've been so busy this week. I can't believe it's been six days since my last post!

Yesterday my Mom and I helped Jessica move back to college. We did a little caravan behind her since she had more stuff than what she could fit in her car. Honestly I also just REALLY wanted to go see her off too.

Before we left I went out for a 4 mile run. I turned off all my audio cues but the miles and told myself just to take it nice and easy with the only goal being to NOT WALK any of it. Lately I try to run fast to make a goal pace and then end up doing some walking to catch my breath for a few minutes. BUT I totally ran that 4 miles without walking and felt great AND when I looked at my pace when I was done? Totally a good pace.

After that I took a shower and by the time I was done getting ready and cleaning out my car my Mom was here and we were ready to go.

Buster thought maybe he'd get to go too.

On the way we stopped at Casa de Fruta and went to the Casa de Restaurant for lunch.  I was pretty much starving so I had some clam chowder and then a club sandwich with cole slaw. Delicious! All that sinful bread.

We sat by the window and could see the little fountain outside. There was little birds hanging out in it for most of the time we were there. I forced Jessica to take a pic by it for me. Barely humoring me lol..

and us (someday I'll get cuter sunglasses)

That place is about the half way point for getting to her school. We got to the school around one and everything went so smoothly for her check in. No stress at all. The line to get her key was no existent (unlike last year when it took over an hour). She was saying hi to a lot of people and them to her. Everything felt so comfortable.

This year she is in a double instead of a triple and is friends with her roommate already so hopefully that will make this year so much better.

To the left is the closet and to the right is the bathroom they share with the room next to them.

bathroom (shower on the other side of the toilet wall)

closet, they got the dresser things to come out and moved those out in the room after I left

Ocean view from the room

All set up

with my Mom right before I left.

Pretty trees outside

While we were there we took her stuff up the three flights of stairs (about 5 trips or so), went to Target and hung out while she set everything up.

When we left her I was hungry so we went to find somewhere to eat. I was driving down Fremont and spotted this place off to the side called Nifty 50's Cafe so we decided to try it. 

When we went in there was no other customers and I was like ummm maybe that's not a good sign? Especially since it was dinner time. The food was really good though so I think maybe they are just a tiny bit off the beaten path and need some better signage or something. We've went down that road a ton of times and never even noticed the place before. 

I got the meatloaf dinner (and a cup of clam chowder which was really good!)

While we were there only one other table of people came in. The whole time we were there I kept thinking that this place needs to be on that show Restaurant Impossible. Sad that it probably isn't going to stay in business long with it being that dead in there on a Friday night!

On the way home there was a bunch of traffic on 152. There weren't any accidents and all of a sudden it just broke up (after like half an hour of just crawling and breaking). That's the first time I've come across traffic in that area. I guess it was just Friday night commuter type traffic even though it was after normal commute hours. 

School starts Monday for her. I hope it all goes well! It's a good thing I don't have more kids all this back to school shopping is killing me!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Say It's Not Over Already!

Well this was a pretty nice mellow weekend. I was too poor to go anywhere after paying for the bus and school stuff so I couldn't afford to do anything ha!

So Saturday I spent the day cleaning. I know! No one was even coming over. I must be sick. I put my last audio book on my phone and listened to it while I cleaned.

We got up this morning and went out and did our 6 mile long run. For something different we left the "compound' as my neighbor's like to refer to our neighborhood haha and headed down the country road towards the school. It's about 4 miles to the school so we were within sight of it when we did the turn around to come back home.

I have to say that was the hottest 6 mile run I've done in a long time. I didn't take any water because it was "only 6 miles" and I didn't realize that it was that hot out. I won't be making that mistake again.
Scott and I started off together but I ended up ahead of him a bit. After I got to the turn around point I waited  for him in the shade (pretty much the only shade of the whole run) and we took a little break. He was saying that he was feeling light headed so all the way back I kept looking back to make sure he was still upright. When I got done with my six I ran to the house and grabbed some waters and ran back to him. He was walking the last part in because he was feeling too much like he was going to pass out. Scary!

So he decided maybe next time he shouldn't drink three cups of coffee before running. And  he needs to carry water ha.

Live and learn right?

We we came in the house I couldn't believe how sweaty I was. I never ever used to sweat. I would just turn red and get a migraine. Since I've lost weight and started running my body has apparently learned how to cool itself off.

Don't mind my bitchy face. I can't smile when I'm exhausted it just doesn't work.

In other news my kids have hardly been home all weekend. There is a new family out here and they have a daughter a year older than Melissa and son the same age as Trevor. Melissa went over there after school on Friday and ended up spending the night. Trevor and the boy have taken turns going back and forth between our houses. Melissa also spent the night at another neighbor's house last night. It's weird when all the kids are gone!

And now, the weekend is already over. Back to the grind tomorrow. :sigh:

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Recipe Round Up

So I went about a week without going grocery shopping and meal planning. Results? Gained 3 pounds lol. I went shopping the other day and I'm all set up for the next week. It's so much easier for me to stay on task if I cook dinner and have left overs for lunch. Here's a few things I made before I ran out of food ;)

Well except for this one I made last night. We had the not so healthy Taco Pizza. (I used ground turkey instead of ground beef) I made it 8 servings with came out to a large slice for 424 calories. I had a little salad to go with it.

This is my mom's casserole we had growing up, slightly revised to what I had left in the fridge.  Mom's recipe is ground beef but I used ground turkey, rice (I used brown rice), corn, some tomato sauce (used left over spaghetti sauce), cheese and usually topped with olives but I didn't have any. The great thing about casserole is that you can change it up lol. I loosely figured out the calories to be about 253 a serving.

French Dip Cupcakes

This is a crappy picture but oh well. Super yummy! Easy to make too. I didn't need the extra au ju sauce I had on the side. Mine came out to 128 calories each.

Parmesan Meatloaf (Peggy this one is gluten free if you use the right crumbs)

I've never made meatloaf in a loaf pan. DUH great idea lol. I used all ground turkey. Scott liked it better than my own meatloaf I make. 337 calories a serving.


These were so good! They would be great for a party. Mine came out to 108 calories each.

Super easy to make. I used jarred Alfredo sauce. 300 Calories each. 

That's all the new recipes I've tried since my last post. I'll have a few more next week! Have you tried a new recipe lately? 
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Books Books Books

Singing that to the SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS beat. Eh not quite the same effect. But if I can't be on a dance floor in Vegas where they ware shooting "shots" out of super soakers (which ew no thanks) I guess I can read something equally exciting. Or not.

Chill Factor by Sandra Brown (I listened to the audio book)

There's a couple different stories going on in this book.

You have a husband and wife that have just got divorced. They've just cleaned out their cabin, the last thing they shared.

There is the serial killer, who we think we know who it is by the beginning of the book. Is it him? Is it someone else?

You have the older brother and sister who live together. He's a pharmacist and she's a teacher.

The "star" athlete being over coached by his father who is pretty crazy.

And you have Ben who may or may not be that serial killer.

They all come together to make this great story that happens during a snow storm. Several times through out the story I thought I knew who the killer was and then wait, no? Maybe not? Towards the end I was pretty sure I had it figured out though! I listened to this book while I cleaned house. Almost the entire book in one day, it was so good I didn't want to stop cleaning so I could find out what was going to happen next!

Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown

This book was long. REALLY long. 12 discs long. I kind of got to the point where I almost thought about not finishing it because I was just tired of it. Skip some detail, condense, get to the point already.

The story is about Britt who has just woke up at her friend Jay's house. She wakes up buck naked and can't remember a thing. She's feeling a bit mortified so she goes in and takes a shower and when she comes out she realizes that her good friend Jay is DEAD!

She calls the cops and is surprised that she is a suspect. Why would she want to kill her friend? And why can't she remember anything.

Lucky for her she gets kidnapped! Lucky? What's lucky about that? Well the guy that kidnaps her (Raley) was friends with Jay and he too woke up next to a dead woman and didn't remember a thing. And it happened at his good friend Jay's house.


So the story which is LONG but still interesting is all about them figuring it all out and who the bad guy(s) are. If it wasn't so slow it would have totally kept me on my seat. Good for a REALLY LONG car ride. With Coffee.

I had this book on my Kindle. Melissa had read it for a book report (we are on the same Amazon account so all our books show up on each other's devices)

Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor by Icek Kuperberg

This is obviously a book about the Holocaust. It starts when Irving is young boy of 15 and follows him through about 4 years I think it was of being in concentration camps. Icek was lucky in that he was very skilled at making things so was used as work labor. He was also very smart.

Those things saved his life on more than one account. This was a pretty short book and had a few pictures so you could get a bit of a visual of some people and how things were. It was a good history lesson. It always amazes me just how many people were killed. Seeing a picture of a pile of shoes really brings that to life. Scary scary times.

Goodbye Junie Moon is our book club book for this month. When I first saw this book selection I was kind of like "eh, that books is going to suck". But then I started reading it and OH MAN is it a good book!!

June Collins started off life in Australia with her family. She was pretty much mid class from how it seemed but then her father took a hike. She ended up living with her rich grandparents while her mother and siblings went to a dairy farm. She got a bit spoiled with Grandma and Grandpa. Then her Mom came and got her and took her off to a dump. Mom was also pregnant and the other guy's kids were there too so it was a big poor family.

So from that June learns a bit of both sides of the tracks. Eventually she finds herself in Vietnam in the entertainment industry and realizes that there is some dirty money going on.

This whole book was so good I ended up spending the whole day on it. I'm actually reading the sequel now and it's just as good. I don't know if she actually wrote the book herself or if someone else writes for her but she's quite the story teller!

Sea Glass by Anita Shreve

In the beginning of this book Anita tells us that she has used the house in this book for three different books now. Each book was set in a different time period, so really it could be like learning the story of the house. It's like "if these walls could talk". Right up my alley on that front. But I haven't read the other two books! So now I will have to.

In this story Honora has just married Sexton. It's right before the big stock market crash. Life is good. They move into this dump of a house that is right on the water and start fixing it up. Sexton is a salesman, so he's good at telling a story. Apparently to everyone.

Which all kind of bites him in the ass when the stock market crashes and slowly he loses everything. He ends up having to work in a factory along with several other characters in the book. Eventually they all come together and WHAM what a story!

Have you read a good book lately?

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5th Grader In The House

From Wednesday, the first day of 5th grade!

He rode his bike to and from the bus stop for the first two days. Yesterday he had trouble getting his bike unlocked (for some reason it can change it's combination really easily), so today he opted for the mom ride. I'm going to get him a better lock next week. 

So far the kids are both enjoying school. Today Melissa was actually hoarse when I picked her up from the bus stop from talking so much. I guess that's a good sign!

No exciting plans for the weekend. Maybe we'll get in a bike ride. We have a long run of six miles to do this weekend also. It's supposed to be about 100 out so whatever we do it will have to be early!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back To School Round 1

ugh I'm sooo full.

Totally just stuffed myself with a big ol' hamburger and french fries. It had avocado on it so it was totally healthy though. And ketchup on the fries. That's like another serving of vegetables right?

In my defense I just went school shopping again. This time for Trevor. We got him some new clothes and shoes and then school supplies for all three of them. CHA CHING! Don't have to worry about having any extra money. Yeah that was a fluke for sure (and like 10 things broke after I said I had extra money even though I knocked on wood WTH).

UGH Scott's yelling at the tv coaching the baseball game. Too bad they CAN'T HEAR YOU!! Totally making me lose my train of thought. Where was I?

Oh yes, so now we are poor and Target has all my money.

Melissa started school on Monday.

I took her down to the bus stop in the morning and after the bus picked her up my battery in my car wouldn't start. NICE! At least it was after she drove off so I didn't embarrass her. One of my neighbor's came over and gave me a jump so I wasn't stranded too long. Nice you can put out a distress call on Facebook and someone will come save you haha. So note to self, don't listen to the radio without the car on because my car has something wrong with it and then I won't be able to start my car. (I had the battery tested before and it was fine, go figure)

She came home from school. pretty happy and said that she made some new friends. She also ate lunch with BOYS! But she said they were short and nerdy so I guess that means they are ok? Not so sure about that.

Today I offered to pick her up from school and she said that it was ok, she wanted to take the bus so I guess she's making some good friends. YEAH!

Yesterday I took Trevor to get a hair cut. His hair is kind of long right now and he likes it like that so we just got it trimmed up a bit.

This is before. He's so funny, acting all serious. He's such a cutie if I do say so myself. Those big ol' eyes!

So tomorrow is his first day of 5th grade. I hope he does well this year. Last year was a little rough. Lots of mom helping with homework. Gone is my summer off! Tonight is all about getting ready for school and then it will be back to a schedule.

Here's a parting gift of me in 5th grade. yes my mom totally did my hair.Pin It

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baby Shower Saturday

Saturday was a pretty nice day!

I got up nice and early to go with my step mom to run some hills. She's been going over to Livermore to do some hill training on the weekends at Brushy Peak and let me tag along this time.

We parked and then hit the trail. The beginning is a lot of up. I mostly walked fast with a little bit of running because I was breathing so hard.

When we got to the top my step mom said that usually you can see all the way to Pleasanton. Not today!

The rest of the run was all down hill and flat so I actually ran all that. We finished in just under an hour and ran 4 1/2 miles. Definitely a good place to run and way more fun than running in circles.

When I got home I had just a little bit of time to veg out and then I had to get ready to go to my cousin's baby shower. Jess came over and all us girls went together.

My cousin is having her second baby in September. Her first baby just turned one in July so she's going to be busy busy busy!

We got her some diapers, wipes and a couple of cute onsies. The shower was small but all the girls in my family showed up (well except for my niece Adrian who was having a date with her dad!)

My cousin's mother in law made the cake, I don't know what she uses for icing but it's the bomb! Fresh strawberries inside too.

The clothes pins are for the "don't say baby game"

Me & Michele

My mom with her great nice Staci and granddaughter Ava

I'm so not an artist. Cannot make a cute play dough baby. How about a burrito baby instead?

Michele did much better haha

Staci soon to be big sister and me. She's such a happy baby. She doesn't even know me and wanted to sit on my lap for a really long time.

After the shower we went to the mall and did some back to school shopping for Melissa. She got about 6 new tops or so and a new pair of Converse to add to her collection. Then we stopped at Cancun to eat dinner. My phone was pretty much dead so no pictures.

As soon as we got home Jess and I went and hung out on my friend Traci's dock and then her porch.  I was so tired when we got home I went straight to bed!Pin It
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