Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Take On Miley

Today I was eating lunch at Carl's Jr. There were two men eating at the table next to me. The one guy was a pretty loud talker so while I was sitting there I learned that his daughter is in high school and has changed her schedule about five times and now she has a guitar class. She was going to drop out of that one but he has a friend who plays guitar so she's staying in it because it will be an easy A. Then he was talking about how his daughter had been on Twitter and that she told him they had to turn on the VMA awards so that they could see Miley Cyrus.

He said they were in shock while they watched it. How if that was his daughter he would have wanted to pull her off the stage by her hair and whip her butt.

I thought that was kind of funny.

Then he tells his friend how on the flip side, he can see how she's doing this to get more attention to sell more albums.

WHICH is exactly how I feel and I was like FINALLY I hear someone that thinks of it the same way as I do.

Do I think Miley was "appropriate"? No.
Would I want my kids to watch that? No
Would I want my kids to DO THAT? Hell no.

But I think what people forget about is that this is a PERFORMANCE.
Maybe not a tasteful one but it's still a performance.
A show.

Do we judge everyone that plays a part in a movie? No because we know that that is just a part they are playing. Now of course I could be wrong and she really could be playing her true self but maybe just maybe it's all for show?

If she was truly a mess I think she'd be in the news more for going off the deep end other than just things related to her shows and appearances in her short shorts.

And sticking her tongue out.Pin It

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Chris H said...

I disagree, Miley seems to have lost the plot.
To act like that in front of millions of people?

I hope she stops that sort of behaviour cos it's doing her no favours.

Her albums should sell due to her singing ... NOT how she acts and displays her body.

Sorry to disagree with you Chick.

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